How To Write The Successful Award Winning Essays


Human’s life is full of battles. In some of them we are the winners, in others – losers. Every day we fight for our happiness, for the best work, for high wages, for a place at university etc. There can be different situations during our life. And it is very important to be able to win. The victory can be different and depends on many factors.

Today we want to talk about such types of winnings as scholarships. At first you should read one of the award winning college essays and later you will be able to write the perfect essay by yourself. If it will be still difficult for you, then our custom writing services can help you. We will provide you with the best quality academic paper on time, because our writers graduated from such universities as Oxford, Harvard, Yale etc. Look through the pages of our website and you will find the information about prices and services. We will be happy to see you among our satisfied customers.

So, let us start our essay and at first we are going to tell you what are winning essays in general.  

Winning Essay

To be a student it is always very interesting, funny but not always easy. As a rule, during your studies you have no time to work, but you always need money. That’s why almost every student tries to apply for a collage scholarship. To do this you should write a perfect essay, add the main information from your biography etc.

You know, that essay is the most important part of your application letter. Based on your essay the scholarship committee will decide if you are worth this scholarship or not. Thanks to your essay the jury will find out who you really are, what goals do you have and in what way you are going to achieve them. So, before sending your essay – check everything once more. You must be sure that your text is really best of the best.

How To Write

To write a successful winning essay is not an easy thing. But if you read the main instructions and understand everything, then you will be able to write in a proper way. At the end don’t forget to use the essay editor online to check your work.

First of all think about what you are going to write and organize all your thoughts. It is very important to concentrate absolutely on the main theme. It is better to make a simple plan – it will help you not to forget some aspects. The language of your essay should not be scientific but clear and easy for understanding. After finishing, do not be lazy and check the whole text twice or ask somebody else to read your essay.

We decided to create a special algorithm, which will help you to write the perfect winning text. Be very attentive, try to follow each item and you will do everything.

The Algorithm

1) Read your essay task or statement very attentively. Be sure that you understood every word. If something is not clear for you, them don’t be shy and quickly contact somebody from the funding organization and ask your questions. It will be better than to make serious mistakes due to your lack of understanding.

Remember, that often the organization give you not a simple question or a task. You should read between the lines. If they ask you to describe your favorite book, it does not mean they are only interested in you books preferences. No, but they want to see the manner of your writing, how distinctly you are able to express the thoughts etc. Of course, based on the book you choose, it is not difficult to understand your personality.

First of all you should write about your interests, background and experience, which is related to the funding company.

2) Find the most important points and keywords in the task. Every organization wants to choose the perfect person for their scholarship award. They are interested in people who really care about their activities. Read all information about this organization on the Internet, try to find their main goals. And then use during your essay all the keywords. It will help you to concentrate only on the main topic.

3) Write an outline. I know that almost everybody prefer to ignore this simple rule. But believe me, it is very important. The outline will control your way of writing.

4) Start your essay in an interesting way. You can use a popular statement or a quote which attracted the attention of readers. Remember that everything must comply with the company's business in which you are writing an essay. Try to understand all the criteria, which the committee uses to check different works. People who read your essay should understand that you know who you are, you can manage your time, you have a great experience.

5) Write the main statement which will summarize most of your points. It is not easy, you should think and write briefly and clearly.

6) Read the text you have and if there is some missing parts then you should fill them with the necessary information.

7) Be ready to rewrite your work. None can write the perfect essay from the first time. Read the whole text twice, check if there are some kind of mistakes, check if you have stick to the topic etc.

8) Ask your friend to read the essay. He or she will give you a fresh look on the writing work, maybe help to find the imperceptible errors.

9) Check the structure and grammar. Maybe you will decide to delate or to add some information. When you are really satisfied with your winning essay, then you can send it. Of course, it is not easy to write such a task, but the scholarship is a good award. So it is worth of it.

Believe in yourself and be sure that the best is in the future!