How To Treat A Cold At Home


Everyone is exposed to various childhood diseases. And the cold is probably the most popular of them. Everybody knows what running nose means, nasty sore throat and cough which prevents you from sleeping. It doesn’t take you a lot of time to catch a cold, but how to get rid of this uncomplicated disease - it is another question.

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In essay about cold we are going to talk about home treatment of this disease. We understand that almost everybody is very busy and have no time to go to the doctor. So, if you caught a cold, stop hoping that everything will go by itself and immediately start your home treatment.

To Catch A Cold

Most of us live in our usual way of life, and from time to time we catch a cold (it is usually unexpected), which can disrupt our important plans. Agree, it is not comfortable with a sore throat continue working at office or go on business trips, or conduct important meetings. But what if such a busy person like you, still has a cold?

But there are no hopeless situations. Now we are going to talk about how to cope with illness very quickly and without visiting a doctor. To overcome the disease in 24 hours is still possible, but you should take into account the stage of disease and the treatment conditions.

Stay At Home

Unfortunately, many of us do not consider it necessary to take time off during an ordinary cold. Almost every day we can see the person sneezing on the subway, coughing employee in the office, or a diligent student with a dozen pairs of dry handkerchiefs on the table. We are actively sick, but we don’t want to treat at home, and prefer to endure everything "on feet" and, of course, infect others.

When you decide not to stay at home during the illness, usually you immediately go to the pharmacy and buy a lot of antipyretic. Of course, they improve your mood and health very quickly but for a short period of time. But they do not relieve you of the symptoms of the disease. Remember that fever - this is not a symptom, it's just the body's defense method.

When you continue going for a work while you are ill, then there comes a favorable time for all sorts of complications. And the consequences of some of the complications you can see the rest of his life. The most dangerous - is the load on the heart. When the body is tired, it can prevent getting an infection in the bloodstream, which takes it to heart. Even then, by mistake the immune system will start to attack even healthy cells. The consequences will be very sad – the contraction of the heart muscle. So don’t ignore the advices to take a few days off and to lie in the bed.

An Immediate Reaction

As soon as you feel weakness and your throat began to resemble itself with an unpleasant pain and your loud sneezing is distributed to the entire office –it is the right time to start worrying. Do not think that the symptoms will disappear by themselves. On the contrary, in a day or two you will only get worse and then you should go for the bed rest. But if you begin treatment immediately everything will be okay. Remember, to get rid of nasty disease is possible if you are going to devote to active treatment.

To Have A Rest

It is very dangerous to catch a cold and continue going for a work. The best way is to take a sick and to stay at home for several days. Your body needs a real rest – just stay at warm house and most of the time, try to spend in the bed. Do not rush to drink a lot of antipyretics. If you temperature is less than 38, then your body can cope with the virus without antipyretics.


While you have a cold your body needs vitamins from the group C a lot. During the day, try to eat a lot of fruits (lemons, apples, kiwis, oranges, etc.) and vegetables (garlic, onion). There is nothing better than natural vitamins. At least for one day forget about fat and unhealthy meal. Your body is so busy trying to kill an infection, so do not add also the digesting difficult food. Do not forget about the healing abilities of vitamin tea (the tea of raspberry, lemon, currant, wild rose). Remember, that the tea should be warm, but not hot!


Do not ignore your running nose. If you won’t treat, the cold become only worse. Every hour, rinse your nose with herbal broth or solution with the sea salt. Every an hour and a half, try to gargle the throat with a solution of chamomile or salt with iodine.

Garlic will be your best friend while you are ill. Mix the garlic juice with honey and drink the mixture with glass of water. Those who like to drink milk can make a delicious cocktail. To do this, mix the milk with honey, add fragrant cinnamon, a few peppercorns and one bay leaf. Cocktails should be warm. Another type of home treatment is very popular. As you guessed, we are going to talk about mulled wine. To make this drink at home is very easy, just give it a good brew and drink warm. But do not be obsessed with wine. In the essay on the cask of amontillado you can read what happened to the man, who was fond of a good wine.

Also make sure that you are always in warm. Especially your feet should not freeze. And protect the neck, legs and lower back. Also save yourself from any drafts, but regularly ventilate the room. Having done all the procedures in time, lay in a warm bed. Your weakened body will thank you for the opportunity to lie down and sleep properly.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!