How Will School Of The Future Look Like


It is interesting to imagine how the school of the future will look like. We can not say that today school is absolutely bad. No. But in many years or maybe even centuries studying process at school will change completely. It is hard to imagine what our future will look like in general. So the only thing we can do is to dream about what future school will be when humanity discovers new unknown secrets of the science, secrets of the world.

In future, I believe, pupils will spend less time in the classrooms reading information in their books. Everything will be different. For example, they will study biology in close connection with the nature, in woods and fields. You will have possibility to see live each animal or plant species and at the same time you will listen to the theoretical material about them.

Foreign languages will be studied in the countries where people speak these languages. Pupils under the guidance of their teacher will visit England, for example, and during six months communicating with the British, they will learn English faster and easier. It would be great if geography studied in the same way! If we imagine that super high-speed transport is already created, so during even one lesson we could visit a couple of continents.

In addition at the school of the future it will be possible to choose your own studying course. If you tend to languages and literature, you choose humanities, if you like math and physics more you choose mathematics and so on. It will help pupils to develop their abilities and choose their future profession.

Marks, I guess, will be canceled at all, and evaluation system will have other form. Pupils will not just learn studying material and solve the same tasks, they will also do scientific and creative tasks, and then they will share their results on special conferences. Teachers will help and support them, but in the main there will be more individual work.

Everyone, I believe, will like such a school. It will be interesting to study, there will not be need to persuade or make someone want to study. No one will miss the classes, because they are boring, pupils will go to school with a huge desire to learn something new. I hope that real school of the future will be even better than we can imagine.

What the school of future will look like

Traditional classes when teacher sits at the table and shares his or hers knowledge with the students will definitely change. What will the school look like in 10 years? Let’s see what Alain Sotto and Varinia Oberto think about this (extracts from the book “Donner l'envie d'apprendre”).

School as it is now has to go through great changes, because there is a huge difference between what school should be according to our mind and what it is today. This school is unfair towards the weakest pupils, whose level constantly decreases, and also good pupils whom school is unable to give more knowledge and more opportunities for self-development. Tradition classes when teacher sits at the table and shares his or hers knowledge with the pupils should disappear or change radically.

Today educational system does no longer responds the demands of the time: there are more cultural and social individuals among the pupils, whose level and expectations differ more and more. But the problem is that the system is “homogeneous” and is not able to stimulate their inner development.

As a result of different pedagogical systems fighting and the spread of computer technologies and Internet, traditional school is deadlocked or is just facing turning point and getting ready to the future changes. The existing innovations and tries to bring new meaning to the educational process now give us an idea what school of the future will be. Such a school will empathize with pupil. Pupils will feel comfortable there. The teachers will appreciate them and tend to develop their talents. “Different” will no longer mean “bad” or “weak”. The base of the pupil groups will be cooperation, care, willingness to listen to others, responsibility.

At such a schools child’s abilities, personal features and his own goals will be recognized. Children will be taught to evaluate themselves correctly, to think and to find ways to success in life.

For a teacher it will be important to find the balance between information transfer to pupils and role of the guider on the way of knowledge searching.

Pupils development will be based on the success concept that will include not only marks. In new school no one will wait fast results. Success will become synonym of personal goals, self-control, abilities to get over yourself.

Since information technology plays a key role, a teacher will tend to direct pupil in such a way that his or hers experience, communication and search in the network and Internet will be not the main goal but means of independent thinking development.

Finally, this school will resist the tendency to give knowledge according to the market demands only. If the school allows to get necessary pack of knowledge and skills, thus it will make the mind free. It will be eager to give real education, real knowledge that forms step by step. New school will take care of the person’s intellectual wealth.

Golden rules

  • Develop independence and aspiration to work.
  • Define what can and what can not be discussed.
  • Develop curiosity and interest for studying.
  • Cultivate culture.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Encourage personal features.
  • Develop critical thought.
  • Create conditions for collective and personal work.
  • Be attentive to child’s life and studying.
  • Suggest the child possible variants of the future.

Some differences between modern and future school

Computers. Of course every school will be computerized and in a very short period of time. But only elder pupils will have computer classes, because if children from the very beginning use computers only, they will not learn how to write.

Grades. Evaluation system will be more extended. Probably, there will be 100-point grade system, because the more grades exist, the easier it is for pupils to study, for teachers to teach and for parents to follow their children success. Plus, computers and Internet will replace paper documents.

Interior. Most of schools do not look attractive at all: grey walls and floor, desks and chairs. Today schools become more and more comfortable and well-equipped. So likely in the nearest future the saying “school is my second home” will be absolutely justified. There will be bright wallpapers instead of grey walls, soft and comfortable couches and armchairs everywhere. So let’s just hope that in the future children will be calmer and stop destroying everything around them.

Teachers and pupils. People without appropriate qualification will never teach at school. All the teachers will pass very thorough interview. What about pupils: as they were always different, they will stay different. Someone will study better, others will study not that well, someone will take part in sport competitions, others in scientific conferences and so on.

Entertainment. Already now many schools organize collective excursions, trips, walking tours etc. The number of such events will increase and they will become a part of school curriculum. In such a way the education quality will get better as well. Schools will also have different interest clubs and workshops, where children will have possibility to develop and master their nature talents and skills.

School of the future in Finland

In the Finnish city of Espoo children go to the most unusual school in the world. This multifunctional complex that looks like museum of modern art more than educational establishment was projected 3 years ago by the architecture company VERSTAS Architects. Except the junior and secondary schools there is theatre hall, library, dining room, youth palace and gym.

Creating the school designers decided to change the traditional division into classes. The educational process takes place in relaxing atmosphere where pupils may choose any place they like and talk to each other during the classes. The main emphasis is made on culture, art and physical abilities.

At this school classes are collective team-project work. There is a laptop connected to local network instead of the traditional blackboard.

All the participants of educational process meet in the dinning room, which during the holidays and concerts turn into big auditorium.

School yard is divided into sections for different age groups.

In the evening everyone who lives the neighborhood may visit activity centre of gym.

Decorating the rooms architectures used environmentally friendly materials. Every class has its room painted in different colour, so that children do not get lost in the halls.

There is no fence or security guards in the school yard. For security reasons there are video cameras only. Besides there are large wide windows facing the street.

According to the designers’ view such a school projection contributes to learning improve of the pupils and to stress reducing. Moreover, it improves the social situation in the neighborhood, because it creates additional space for self-development in different spheres and for participation in interest clubs.

So in this essay about school of the future we tried to imagine what it can be. I am pretty sure that you have your own idea of how the future school will look like. Share your thoughts with us on And remember that we are always ready to give you a hand in essay writing.