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The only thing, that woman of that time had to do – is to give birth. Also woman had to be good-looking. It is, actually, all  to expect from the average woman of that time. As we can see – total domination from the point of view of men. But in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, Lady Macbeth – is a powerful person, who, in the end, affects on her husband, Macbeth. She does away with all that stereotypes of women. Let’s look closer to this Macbeth analysis essay. We offer you to check up Services of our website.

Her husband has some honor and humanity. But she is cruel or even heartless personality. She can affect her husband. And so, he trusts her entirely. She is an antagonist as well as her husband, Macbeth. The first thing, we see – is how she plans to kill Duncan. It tells us, that she has her own position and aim. She is not that kind of woman, all used to see. But she also a kind of two-sided person. She behaves different, while she with her husband and alone. That means, that she is also crafty person and even sometimes egoistic. However we see, that she is afraid about killing Duncan, but she manfully hides her weaknesses.

She understands that in case of Macbeth becoming king – she will become queen. Lady Macbeth is a kind of «Steel Lady». So she can not even realize that all thing she does are sins. In such way she uses her husband and strongly believes that it will lead her to her dreams. A lot of Macbeth essays on the Internet tell that Lady Macbeth is fictitious person. There is on, practically, any background or facts about her. You can check our essay writing service  for more essays.

Although, Lady Macbeth has a lot of good features. She is good-looking and intelligent enough. It was her plan, that looked like a perfect murder. So, she also has that qualities, that pertain to passionless people. After successful murder  of Duncan she cleanups, but not Macbeth himself. He is scared and feels commotion, as we had already told, that he had had some honor. But lady Macbeth does not help him, but she does exactly opposite thing – she makes fun of husbands weakness. She is much more stronger and shows no emotions. And also she is a careful wife. When Macbeth saw a ghost of Duncan and began to damn it – only lady Macbeth understood, what was happening at that moment and took over all.
She said, that her husband had had an illness, so that is why he behaved in such way. She is an authority for Macbeth. Here you can find useful habits in your life, that will make you better.

So, lady Macbeth is a kind of key for Macbeth to the greatness and ascendance. What would be, if she did not exist ?

Macbeth would not killed Duncan and wound not became king. From such point of view we see lady Macbeth like a person, that takes all Macbeth sins, instead of him. Just because she didn’t understand what she was going to do. And only then, when insanity gets her – she realizes, that she did terrible things, and, actually, she was punished for it. Not her husband, Macbeth.
So, she began to see blood on her hands and tries to clean it off by rubbing her hands. And than she dies. And the only thing, her husband said was, that she had died not in time! But it is not because he was that rude and discourteous, it is because she made him such a bad man.

 So, lady Macbeth is a tragic hero from one point of view and cruel murderer from other point of view. In this lady Macbeth essay we want to show you, that William Shakespeare wanted to break the stereotype of women softness. Lady Macbeth is that type of woman, that is self-confident enough to has it’s influence on other people, even oh her husband. That makes her strong and sometimes stronger than she must be. While other women are soft and kind. Check more information about Lady Macbeth.

Is it her trouble or advantage?

There are two opposite meanings. That it is that kind of women, men need. And that it is wrong kind of women it will lead to trouble. Both have it’s arguments, based on the text of Macbeth play. The main two are:

  • Macbeth would not died, if Lady Macbeth were simple woman;
  • Macbeth would not became king if Lady Macbeth were simple woman;

The main problem of this Macbeth critical essay is that the actions of Lady Macbeth can be understood in different ways. It depends on moral values of people. Someone will agree with statement, that such wife is good for husband. Someone will refuse to have such wife. But the common thing is that it will never do to look at this question from the point of view of wife. Shakespeare breaks the stereotype, that determines the features of women, but he does not break the stereotype, that determines the main duties of women. Lady Macbeth did not want to rule the country, just because she did not want to kill her husband, but, actually, she could. Here you can check up for full Macbeth play.

To sum it up, we can say, that Lady Macbeth has an extraordinary character. First of all, she is cruel person and she has her aim. And there are no such thing, that could stop her. She is self-confident and manful. It is not that features, that ordinary woman has. This makes her quite independent. Lady Macbeth is crafty, she made a perfect murder with hands of her husband. But from the other side, she brought her husband to the greatness and was kind of addition to features, that lack to Macbeth. This essay on Macbeth shows the versatility of the Lady Macbeth character, her features, that can be understood like good as well as features, that can make troubles.

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