Magic Science In Chemistry In Daily Life Essay


Magic Science In ChemistryChemistry – is one of the natural sciences which studies the molecular and atomic transformation of substances. Chemistry is the constant companion of the people’s life. In the ancient times people met with chemistry in daily life unconsciously and only many years later they started study chemical processes they have observed many years. We all study chemistry at school and our writing service will help you write the best chemistry in daily life essay to get the highest mark you want.

Origin of the science

It is hard to establish the origin of the word “chemistry”. The word “chemistry” sounds almost alike in different languages: “chemie” – in German, “chimie” – in French, “chimica” – in Italian, and even “kimya” – in Turkish. It was considered that this science comes from one of the oldest sciences – alchemy. It was the science which studied many aspects of people’s lives like astrology, philosophy, medicine and even different mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon. Nowadays chemistry is serious science and many people dedicated their lives to its development. They study already well-known facts and make new discoveries to help the progress do not stop. That’s why chemistry essay topics are much diversified. And there are really a lot of things and processes which you can describe in your essay and it will certainly be interesting and entertaining.

Daily life and chemistry

Nowadays we meet with Chemistry every day though we even do not know about it. It is hard to list its achievements, beginning with the Mendeleev's periodic system of elements (which we all so accurately study at school) and continuing with solving the mystery of life (proteins and nucleic acids). At the present times chemicals are used in such serious areas as Electronic, Agriculture, Medicine, discovering of new Sources of Energy and so on. Of course we do not go without Chemistry in daily life. Chemistry in our daily life essay will be interesting for everyone and not only for scientists!

Chemistry in our homes

We spend a lot of time at the kitchen. What chemical miracles do we use there? First of all I want to say about the role of Chemistry in cooking. As it was mentioned above, people used chemical processes in cooking food and drinks long ago before they discovered Chemistry as a science. They made cheeses, wine, beer, bread. The great role in cooking plays the salt (sodium chloride) – it is the chemical element which we use almost in all food we cook whether it must be salty or sweet. Loving moms and grannies like to pamper their children or grandchildren with homemade pancakes, rolls and buns and cooking them they necessarily use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). When it is added to any milk product, such as kefir it begins to decompose when the temperature is growing and your pastries become lush and airy. Housewives widely use acids (acetic, oxalic, citric) and not only in everyday cooking but when they canning fruits and vegetables for winter season.

Except cooking we also use Chemistry to keep our kitchens clean. And it concerns not only kitchens but the entire house too. Currently, household chemicals - is an independent industry. Detergents gained their popularity in modern life. We all want to have clean houses. We want to have nice smell in the rooms where we spend time whether it at home or at work. We widely use Chemistry in various household cleaning: laundry, washing dishes, walls, floors, sinks, windows, cleaning carpets and furniture. Synthetic detergents consist of several components made in certain correlation each of which plays its role. Laundry and cleaning products also contain supplements like sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate, etc. Soap for laundry is a mixture of sodium salts and natural and synthetic fatty acids. Production of modern toilet and laundry soap - is automatic and chemical process. In recent years, become widespread different aromatic additives and disinfection additives.

Usage of knowledge in Chemistry in the garden

It always considered that fruits and vegetables grown in own gardens are tastier and more useful for human health than those which were bought in the shops. So that to make the harvest better, the men add various chemicals - a variety of additives to accelerate the growth of plants, pesticides. In our own gardens we use it in minimal quantities or do not use at all so we can be assured in their usefulness for our organism. Chemicals in the garden are mainly used to protect it from pests and plant diseases; fruits, vegetables, flowers diseases, as well as plant growth regulators, nitrate. Insecticides are used to control pest, rodents and insects and fungus garden and so on.

Chemistry for beauty

Since ancient time people started decorate their bodies. In the Ice Age cave archaeologists found lipstick and sticks for dyeing eyelashes. Of course firstly they did it not for beauty. They made it in accordance with their religion. With the evolution of society women and men started usage of cosmetics to be more attractive for the opposite sex. Ancient Egypt is considered as the birthplace of cosmetics and not always those cosmetics were safe for peoples’ health. Only in an era of progress and science, chemists and doctors seriously got down to analysis of cosmetics. In our everyday life we use many hygiene products made with the usage of chemicals like soaps, shampoos, deodorants, creams. Chemical cosmetics include lipstick, powder, eye shadow, mascara, pencils summing eyes, lips, foundation and many others. Using it we must be very careful and attentively study the information in the manual to become more beautiful and do not spoil our beauty given us by the nature.

We cannot deny very important role of the Chemistry in our life. The development of human society is accompanied by the use of new materials and new chemical processes in all spheres of human activity. We touched only the surface of this aspect in our essay provided by custom writing company, and main idea of it is that knowledge in Chemistry will help you make the right choice of a variety of materials, food, and lifestyle in general and do not blindly trust the advertisement.