My Favorite Book Essay: Mysterious World


My Favorite Book EssayI have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right’ (Markus Zusak, The Book Thief).

The night was cold. The world outside my window seemed to be as dark as the sky. What could a person do when the other human beings were in deep sleep and no thoughts about how to entertain themselves entered their heads? My imagination worked perfectly and I started imagining myself the only awake person on the planet. I turned my head, saw a book and the genial thought stroke me like a thunder. I would dedicate this night to reading! I thought it was a brilliant idea! I rolled myself in a rug, took my favorite cross-legged position and opened the book. It was The Book Thief, written by Markus Zusak, which I had never read before. I turned the page. It was published in 2005, though, frankly speaking, it was the first time, when I noticed this book’s existence. My mom was a fanatic reader, but I wasn’t able to say the same thing about myself. I galloped through the first page, the first chapter; I began the second one and the next thing that I noticed was the first sunbeam, which fell on my knee. The night was over.

The Book Thief essay will tell about the story, which captured my attention and made me stay immovable all night long. I know it sounds a bit hyperbolically, though sometimes such wonders happen.

The Book Thief Essay

Markus Zusak, the author of several bestsellers, which became super popular among teens, is a young Australian writer, who started his career in 1999. Maybe the list of his books is not as large as this of Paolo Coelho and, in fact, he is too young to create so many quality literally products, but his name is known to a wide range of readers all over the world. The awards, which Zusak got for his books, can hardly be counted. His talent of a modern writer can hardly be doubted.

The Book Thief, which was published in 2005, brought the biggest quantity of awards to Zusak and became his masterpiece. I read this book and my words are not just the empty sound. Frankly speaking, I have never had a habit to talk about the topics, with which I am not acquainted well enough. As soon as The Book Thief fell into my hand I swallowed it up in one night.

This book devours you from the first sentence. You start reading it, you get interested in it, and you can’t help thinking about finish it as soon as possible. It intrigues you; it strikes you to the marrow; it captivates your mind. The world around you starts fading away and little by little you feel that the unknown power wraps you with mystery, and you let yourself be transferred behind the pages. You are not a citizen of New-York or Miami anymore; it is not 2016 outside; you are not in America at all. Nazi Germany; strained political situation; the world is ready to sink into the world war.

The story about a nine-year-old girl, who was living in Germany at a time of World War II, is narrated by Death itself. Such a strange and fantastic twist, which seems to be a bit frightening at the beginning, is really a good and innovative idea of Zusak. Liesel Meminger, the main heroine of the book, lived under the ruling of the Nazi party’s regime. No fear, no taboos and no other aspects made her family stop helping people. They hid a Jewish man in their house, with whom Liesel became friends. The small girl recognized the power of written language, started trying herself in writing and sharing the stories. It was not the limit of her active life position: she stole the books, which were banned by the Nazi party. She became a book thief herself.

The novel proposes you a super exciting journey and such a proposition may never happen to you again. Don’t miss your chance!

Composing Book Essays

Modern people are limited. I can even say that our mental horizons are limited by Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other social nets, where we got used to spend a pretty amount of our time. We even don’t spend the time. We kill it and feel no sorrow for such an awful murder. What do people read? What do they get interested in? Showbiz news and gossips from the tabloids, which are the only sources of info for us, make us lose our identity.

We forget that good book reading:

  • stimulates our minds and makes our brains become stronger and firmer;
  • helps to conquer stress by transporting us to the other realities;
  • equips us with knowledge and gives us more food for thought;
  • makes our vocabulary larger, brighter and more  ingenious;
  • improves the memory;
  • develops analytical skills;
  • makes us healthier by lowering blood pressure, bringing the state of tranquility and treating those, who suffer from the symptoms of mental disorders;
  • effecting our writing skills.

Are you still sure that reading is just a thing of the past and modern people should entertain themselves in any other ways? Are you still thinking that a book is not an essential attribute of a modern person and any gadget is able to change it? Hey, hey, hey! Hold your horses! The college essay books may make you change your views! 

You Need This!

Very often I am asked to give any comments about books vs movies and which one wins in this constant rivalry. I won’t start any long explanations. I will just say that no film has ever held me for hours in front of my plasma TV. The Book Thief did this!

Any book analysis essay may tell you: reading helps to improve and develop the writing skills. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you may read several pages and wait for any changes in your mind. You need time to start the ball rolling and if you have none now, is able to spring into action immediately. Do you need to compose a book report essay or you have no idea how to write title of the book in essay? Keep calm and visit our website! We know how to cure all your troubles!