Stop Animal Abuse Essay: Feeling No Guilt


Stop Animal Abuse EssayDespite the fact that we live in the super developed era, some really terrible phenomena still happen in our life. In fact, it is impossible to imagine that nowadays there are the places, where the animals are tortured and skinned alive. It is hard to accept the facts of killing the animals just for fun or money and that there are people, who do this with no sense of guilt.

Frankly speaking, I can’t make myself call the killers, who are cruel towards the animals, ‘people’, because those, who are characterized by such an inhuman behavior, are just the sadists and murderers for me. The next animal abuse essay will prove my words and tell you that 70% of those, who let themselves treat the animals badly, committed the crimes towards people in the past. Animal abusers are dangerous for the society and they should be put behind the bars! Don’t think that it is impossible to stop them. The more people get know about their awful crimes, the more levers of influence will be possible to find to make them admit their errors.

What Is Animal Abuse?

 Any persuasive essay about animal abuse should be started with the definition of the term of animal abuse or cruelty, which will be studied later. If you turn to the online dictionary, you will find that ‘cruelty to animals is the crime of inflicting physical pain, suffering or death on an animal, usually a tame one, beyond necessity for normal discipline. It can include neglect that is so monstrous (withholding food and water) that the animal has suffered, died or been put in imminent danger of death’.

I understand well that a lot of people really have no idea about the crimes towards the animals, though it doesn’t mean that if anybody isn’t informed about them, nothing is happening around. Millions of animals suffer from bad treatment and the same amount of them dies annually. Don’t think that only the homeless or wild animals are subjected to poor handling. The next facts, which this animal abuse persuasive essay will give, are really shocking.

Domestic Violence and Pet Abuse

It is not a secret that today there are a lot of families, in which the women are battered severely. The statistics shows that among the women, who are subjected to domestic violence, nearly 70% admit that their abusers victimize their pets too. 32% of these women say that their children abuse or kill the animals.  A lot of women explain why they continue living with the abusive husbands and don’t venture to break the relations. They simply worry about the pets, on which all the abusers’ anger will be vented then.

It has already been proved that a lot of abusers try to control their children or make them have sex under the threat of doing harm to their favorite pets. Later on, these children try to copy their parents’ conduct and abuse the animals themselves. It is really an endless circle and it is very difficult to break it.

It can’t be said that the animal abuse is a problem, which doesn’t concern people. It has been proved that if the animals are abused, soon their abusers will switch their attention to the humans.

Making Money

Of course, not all people treat the animals in such a bad way. The most interesting fact is that while deciding whether to have a kid or not, more often the American families give their preferences to pets. In the United States of America more than 65% of families have the pets. If they have both the pets and the babies, the biggest part of income is spent on the animals’ feeding. Despite this, there are still a lot of people, who put their business’ prosperity and money above the lives of creatures.

Some cases of animal abuse make the heart shrink. Do you know that there are a lot of crocodile farms all over the world, at which the crocodiles are skinned alive, beaten with hammers, axes and other sharp objects? They don’t die at once and continue feeling the terrible pain for two hours or so. The same thing is with the snakes and lizards. People use the cows, which have just born the caves, not for feeding the last, but for producing milk, which is sold then. The calves are fed with the milk replacements. It is hard to count the number of animals, which are killed at the fur farms to make the fur coats and other luxurious items of clothes. Leather bags, belts, clothes and shoes are also made from the deliberately killed animals. Besides, animals are used as the source of meat and people are really unmeasured in their needs and extravagant desires.

Millions of animals die annually from various tests, during which they are killed, burnt, poisoned, starved and infected. Animals die in fights, which are organized by people just for fun and money. They are subjected to tortures, which none of the humans is able to stand. Besides the endless abuses, to which the animals are subjected, they haven’t lost their faith in people yet. They admire us and wait that we will pay them back in their own coin. Unfortunately, we are still too far from being as kind as the animals and there is still a too long way towards our rehabilitation.

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