Of Mice and Men Essay. The Theme of Isolation


Of Mice and Men EssayWhile comparing life and books, one should notice a great similarity between them. Of Mice and Men essays will lead you through the valley of a real life which people lived. Different themes that are raised in the novel focus one’s attention on the main problems of humanity. Although this topic may seem difficult, our writing service and this essay can help you to understand it better. Often problems and troubles come out of prejudices, anger, and animus. Despite the huge quantity of books, writings, and scripts, Mice and Men essay is able to supply one with horrid facts of life. To start properly a person should understand what was the time when one of the greatest books was written. The Great Depression that sparked in the U.S. was the most continued, severe, and prevalent depression in its history. It was a time of poverty and despair. The Great Depression deprived people of work, home, hope, and joy, but it became a considerable writing resource, and it became a good platform for plots.

John Steinbeck was an American author widely known for his writings about the Great Depression impact on society. Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902, in California, in the family of German descendants. He lived in a small town and spent summers working on the nearby ranches. Later Steinbeck worked with migrant employees on sugar beet farm. For that reason he had a deep understanding of all factors of migrant life and the psychological side of a human. The life itself provided Steinbeck with the materials which he expressed in greatest works, one of them was Of Mice and Men. The novel was criticized, but John Steinbeck wrote it for one purpose, he wanted people understood one another. " In every bit of honest writing in the world, there is a base theme. Try to understand men, if you understand each other you will be kind to each other", Steinbeck wrote in a 1938 journal entry. It is a novel about natural world “Of Mice” and social world “and Men”. The author illustrates how torturous, demanding, and often challenging the life of migrants could be. The story centers on two migrant workers, George Milton and Lennie Small, who travel together searching for a job in the farms around California’s Salinas Valley. George and Lennie are unusual, they are friends while other migrant workers are loners. They are also unusual because they are so different from each other. George is small and quick, Lennie is big and has a mental disability. They dream about their own land to settle down some place. George desires independence, to become someone, Lennie aspires to stay with George. Although there are several clear themes seen in the novel, the theme of loneliness is the brightest. While reading our essay, one should and must spot the theme of outsiders. Think about it, if you want to write a brilliant academic paper. This novel gives a lesson about human’s nature, it reminds people that there is only one most significant thing in the world, that is friendship. Loneliness is killing, it leads to deprivation. Friendship is cure. George protects and takes care of Lennie. In the novel all the characters, Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s wife have a deep sense of isolation and solitude. Almost every character wants to make a connection with someone. They fail to do so or lose the connection. Each individuality in the novel needs the warmth of a friend, they are curious about George and Lennie’s friendship. One must pay attention to a huge correlation between the Great Depression and loneliness. People felt alone and were distrustful of other, friendship was hard to come by. Thus, Steinbeck emphasizes the consequences of the biggest and the longest depression in American history.

Loneliness is the feeling of separateness at a very deep level. A desolate person wishes to have better social relationships. The theme of loneliness and isolation is clearly placed out in different characters Of Mice and Men. Notice that the ranch itself is a place of isolation. The town Soledad in Spanish means “loneliness”, this fact finely explains it. One more unnoticeable truth: the location in the novel does not change, someone can read how people in the novel are leaving, George goes into a town, but the reader never leaves the ranch. The boss is very suspicious of George, most workers are loners. He thinks that George takes Lennie’s money, when realizes that Lennie is not smart. All the workers of the ranch have no contact. Slim tells that it is so strange and uncommon to see guys traveling together and being friends. The whole idea of the ranch workers helps to build the line of loneliness and isolation. This topic makes the base for this essay. Candy, an old, ranch helper, he does not have family, his dog is his only friend. Candy says that he had that dog since it was a pup.  So, Candy has the connection, but this relation is the only thing he has. The old handyman is physically disabled, for these reasons, Candy has a feeling of emptiness and uselessness. He realizes that his future is nothing but more loneliness and death. The most isolated character in the novel is Crooks. Several aspects prove this view: Crooks lives in time of harsh racial discrimination, and he is physically disabled. Guys use him as an entertainment on Christmas day, they beat Crooks. Nobody wants let him join any of the games. Crooks says that guys do not want play cards with him because he is black. This feature made a big difference between people during the previous century. Crooks has a lone room in the barn, where no one wants to step in. Even though all the people are trying to keep far from his space, Lennie does not understand the racial question with Crooks. Lennie is happy to be Crooks’ friend. Curley’s wife is surrounded by men, but she is all alone. Despite the advantages of being married, Curley’s wife does not have friends. The reader knows that Curley has hot temper, he is very jealous, and controls his wife. In conclusion, Curley’s wife is never given a name, this factor stresses that she is not her own person, she is Curley’s possession.

In conclusion, this essay gives a good platform for writing a lot about friendship. Loneliness and friendship are connected in the novel. George and Lennie have each other like a family. Although they dream about land and house, the main idea is to be together, it is not about property.