Raisin In The Sun Essay. The richness of Negro family


Raisin In The Sun EssayFrom the ancient times money always had the magic power over people.  Even if you are rich, money is always not enough. Sometimes people received richness and at once forgot about their problems and their previous poverty, even about their friends, who is still poor. It is that magic power, what I am speaking about. A Raisin in the sun essays are about the life of one poor black family, who became rich. We are going to tell you how this family received a lot of money and what did they do with their richness. I hope you will be satisfied with this essay on A Raisin In The Sun, so you can have any essay you need.

Reading different essays on a Raisin in the Sun you can better understand the problems which black people had in the society. Even if you are rich and successful your skin color will always remain you are not like the others. Raisin in the sun essays is about how to overcome own ambitions and rejection by white Americans and their desire to live without thinking about race.

About The Author

Lorraine Hansberry was born in Chicago and most part of her works were connected with this city. She is a very talented and famous American playwright. Lorraine is a black woman, but in spite of her skin color, her plays were performed on Broadway. It was a great success for a black woman. Her play “A Raisin In The Sun” was best of the best. One day this play made Hansberry very popular. Lorraine was not an author all the time. Sometimes she had to compare her writing job with such a job as a waitress or a cashier. Lorraine was not a flabby woman – step by step she approached her purpose.

Hansberry believed in transformation of the world, and her creativity has been executed historical optimism. Her great The irreconcilability to racism in all his manifestations is combined with the statement of unity black and white in fight for the real freedom and social justice. And she regularly introduced this idea in all kinds of her writing works.

Hansberry’s plays were very important in the development of Black dramatic art. Lorraine was even called as mother of the modern drama black. Her “A Raisin in the Sun” played a revolution role in the black art.

About The Play

"A Raisin in the Sun” was the first play of the Afro-American author delivered on the Broadway, received the Award of a circle of the New York theatrical critics. The title of the play was borrowed from the poem “Harlem” where was such a phrase: "What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" In the play a family Yangerov most of all wanted to escape from a ghetto that causes the furious resistance of their future white neighbors. Events are developed not in the south, racism citadels, but in the north with which the tradition connects idea of tolerance in a racial problem. The play attracted not only with sharpness, but also with deep development of the characters.  The most interesting character is Walter Li who is breaking off between traditional values of a Black community (ideals of love, unification, and human dignity) and values of the American society which is always connected with a material success. We can also see that the image of his mother is picked up very carefully and this woman realizes the best lines of the Black people.

The Plot

The family of Younger consists of mother (Ruth), father (Walter), son (Travis), granny (Lena) and aunt (Beneatha). They live in Chicago, but in a very small apartment. As we can understand the family is not rich. Walter worked as a driver, but his salary is not enough for such a big family. Ruth is looks like to be satisfied with their life, but Walter wants to invest their money into a liquor store in partnership with Willy and Bobo. When Lena’s husband died she received a check for 10 thousand dollars. Everybody wanted to receive a few thousands of dollars and to use this money for their own purpose. Granny Lena decided to buy a new house for their family, this money belong her and she can do what she wants. Lena bought a nice house but in the district where white people live. She does not like her son’s idea to invest money into alcoholic business but later she changed her mind. When Walter gave the money to Bobo, Bobo suddenly disappeared.  To all their misfortunes, and even their white neighbor wanted to buy them out. Maybe he does not want to see three black women and two men in the area he lives. Racism problems were everywhere.

After a long period of hesitation Walter refused the buyout offer. Walter and his family are proud of themselves, proud of the color of their skin. They are going to be a good friends and neighbors to white people. At the end of the play Younger family moves to their new house, but nobody knows what happen in the near future.

Reading the play, you cannot notice noisy and loud Mrs. Johnson. She has a special place and role in the character’s list. I am sure that Lorraine Hansberry specifically created this character to show us the category of black people who were too afraid to stand up to their rights.  Mrs. Johnson always condemned Younger family. She could not understand how such a stupid idea – to move to the white neighborhood – came to their minds. She looks like a comic contrast to Walter’s family, who was black people and could be proud of themselves.

During all the times black people had difficulties and problems. But Younger family is the shining example how to cope with problems and do not lose human dignity. Afro-American people are not slaves nowadays and it means they can live a full life in our society.