Real Life Of Writer In Aldous Huxley essay


Aldous Huxley essayWhat do we know about the people who were born in the nineteenth century and lived in the twentieth century? The one thing which is certainly well-known is that at those times there were many talented people. Those were times when many sciences were at the period of their establishment and a lot of scientists tried to make discoveries. Many writers competed in their proficiency to write in different literature styles.

Short biography of Great Writer

One of such writers was British-born writer who lived part of his life in the USA. You can read about him in Aldous Huxley essays. Our best custom writing service will show you how to write perfect essay on this theme. You can order service which will enable you to get the best essay of others Aldous Huxley essays online on the theme describing biography and literature career of this outstanding man.  He was born on the 26 of July in 1984 in town Godalming, Surrey, England, United Kingdom. His family was not poor and we even can say that it was rather rich family. Relatives from the both families: his father’s and his mother’s family were known in England as scientists or writers or in pedagogic practice. His father was writer too.

Youth of the Aldous had two really tragic periods. His mother died when he was fourteen. Of course he was deeply impressed by this sorrow and since that moment he refused of his early dream to become a doctor. Three years later he got eye disease. As a result he almost lost vision for few years. It was the reason why he was not called to army during Great War though he, together with many other young men, wanted to defense his motherland. Aldous Huxley studied at Eton College and later he taught there French to such future outstanding writers as Eric Blair (George Orwell) and Steven Runciman. Though it was hard for him to maintain order in class, his pupils were excited by his brilliant language skills.   

In 1937 Aldous moves to the United States of America. He moves to California and expects that climate of the region will help him to recover his vision. Here starts the new stage of his career. He meets with Gerald Heard and becomes interested in mysticism.

Aldous Huxley during his life was married two times. First his wife was Maria Nys. In this marriage his son Matthey Huxley was born. Later his son became famous epidemiologist. In 1955 Maria died because of cancer. And in 1956 Aldous married for the second time. His second wife was writer Laura Archera.

In 1960 doctors diagnosed laryngeal cancer to Aldous. He lived three years with this disease. On his deathbed he could not speak so he wrote a note to his wife with the request to make him an injection of 100 ml LSD. Though doctors did not agree to do such injection his wife did it. Aldous Huxley died in his bed after injection of 100 ml LSD on the 22 of November in 1963.

The greatest novels written by Aldous Huxley

He decided to become a writer when he was only seventeen years old and started writing poems, articles and essays. He wrote his first novel in 1921. Those were years of international growth. The Great War was over and people turned to normal life. It was period of fast development of science, literature, technologies and society generally. Those years were earlier described in roaring twenties essay.

Aldous Huxley complete essays include description of all his well-known novels. Let’s talk about them in details.

Crome Yellow – his first novel which was written in 1921. It was the story about country estate Crome and the main character is young poet Denis Stone. Everyday life of people in this estate is described in this novel. This novel is the witty criticism of society.

Antic Hay – was written in 1923. This is the second novel written in the beginning of his writer’s career. It is about the life of London’s bohemia in 1920s post wars years. Here he describes the way of life of actors. This is novel written in tragicomic style.

Brave New World – one of the most well-known novels on Aldous Huxley which made him popular all over the world. It was written in 1932. Story of this novel tells about life in London in future, in 2541. The society in the novel described as one which built on the principles of consumerism. The main idea of that future society is to divide people in five castes by their level of mental development. Women do not born children no more – new members of society grow in the bottles at special plant. People do not have families no more. The words “father” and “mother” become swearwords.  All the people have to be unemotional. Different emotion should be crushed in different entertainment centers with the help of sex and drugs. In this society actually were forbidden science, art and religion. In the novel also was shown the man who didn’t agree with such society’s life. His attitude to life differed from those which were established. He wanted to live real life with real emotions but people did not understand and ignored him. At the end of the story he died committing a suicide. This novel was the beginning of the new genre in literature called dystopia.

After his moving to USA he writes new novels: “After Many a Summer”, “Time must have a Stop”. These writings were inspired by his new experience in mysticism.

Of course these are not all novels which can be described in Aldous Huxley essay, but the most well known are. During his writer’s career he was nominated for Nobel Prize for seven times in different periods but did not win it. Unfortunately a lot of his manuscripts were burnt in the fire at his home few years before his death, but some part of those are in the University of California, Los Angeles and in Stanford University. Aldous Huxley is one of the writers whose talent was recognized before death, he was an outstanding person of his time.