Secrets Of Successful People


Secrets Of Successful PeopleEveryone dream to become a successful person. But not everyone knows the key to the real success. There are a lot of secrets, advices, which can help us to become lucky and successful.

You are going to read an essay, which include the general information about success and fortune, the difference between these two words and some useful advices. Hope this topic will be interesting and useful for you.

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Let us start our essay and at first we should understand what success is, and what the luck is.

The Success And Good Luck

In my opinion, success and good luck - it is diametrically opposed concepts. They differ from one another as well as the sky and the earth, black and white etc.

We can find the definition in the dictionary, the success is an achievement of an action within a specified period of time or within a specified parameter. Success can also mean completing an objective or reaching a goal. The success it is something nice and pleasant which happens in our life. I think that success almost depends on the person, as he or she is responsible for their own life and achievements. The success is an individual concept because it means something different for each person.

Good luck - it is positively perceived event, which arose as a result of random, unpredictable or not accounted coincidence. In other words it is a happy accident. You can read about the most successful person in our essay on bill gates.

The Secret Of Successful People

Everyone wants to be successful, to have financial independence and stability. A lot of people suggest that they need to have a good capital to start their own business. And it can add success in the eyes of others. And only those people who believe that it is necessary to change themselves, are really succeed. But how can we start and what area needs changing?

Harvard University along with Dale Carnegie Foundation conducted a very interesting research. Their main goal was to find out the secret how people became famous and successful. For that they have studied the biographies of hundreds of people who have achieved something in theirs life. It was famous doctors, lawyers, politicians, engineers etc. The results of this research were unexpected: only 15% of the success of these people depends on their professional abilities. Of course, they were professionals in their field, but it didn’t bring them success. Are you surprised? What about the other 85%? The answer is also unexpected – it was their relationships with other people. In other words, they had a great ability to build sincere and good relations with the outside world. It is one of the secrets how to become a successful person.

A Few Steps To The Great Success

We want to give you some useful advices and following them, you will notice, that your life is changing.

1) At first you should to overcome your fear of public opinion. It is not simple, because we live in a world full of people, and we are depended of the others opinion. Trust only yourself and do not listen to those, who will be discouraged you from new projects and ideas. You and only you know what you really need, and what can help you to become a successful person. You should realize that the opinions of others change nothing and cannot affect you.

2) Always try to cultivate. Every day you should learn something new, watch educational and training films, read different books. Try to be better than you was yesterday, and never stand on the same level. It can be your first steps on the road to success.

3) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Every successful person realize that mistakes usually helped them to become better and better. It is very important how we perceive our mistakes. We can get upset, but also can get the necessary lessons from our mistakes. Take your failures and mistakes as a part of yourself, and try to learn from them all the best.

4) Get rid of bad habits. Usually, they only take a lot of your time and money, and your health as well. You should not waste your time on bad habits, instead of this you can do something useful.

5) Control your money. Any success means also a financial independence. And it is necessary to begin to control their finances today. Independence begins with the fact that you become the master of your money, and they have no power over you. Don’t get into debts, be careful and try not to get into credit. Avoid unnecessary costs, because all the savings can be spent on something useful.

6) Try to communicate only with the worthy people. Success can become your habit, as well as failures and problems. Have you noticed that many unfortunate people like to complain about life around? Don’t take them as an example. Surround yourself with successful or at least motivated people who, as you want to become better. And then you will not even notice how your life and your attitude will change. Surrounded by successful people, you start to behave also as a successful person.

So, you gave read these useful advices. But it is just a beginning. Try to get up earlier and then you will have more time to cultivate. Try to use every opportunity to change yourself and your life. And soon the success will come to your life and other people will ask you how to become a successful person.