Stop! It's High Time To Quit Job


ItWhen we are children we dream to become adults and to have a free life. But when we become adults we understand that it is impossible to live without a good job. Our academic editor service offers you to talk a little about the subject of the job. Not all people are lucky to find the best job for them. Sometimes we must go to work, but we a rather tired, not satisfied and frustrated by our work. Everybody needs money, so sometimes we endure the job we hated. And at last there comes a critical moment, when a person clearly understands that it cannot go on in this way. It is high time to change something, the job, for example.

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At first we are going to analyze some moments. If you have noticed these moments or situations in your life, then stop and think. Maybe it is your time to start from the very beginning and to quit this job and to find the better one. Don’t be afraid and remember that better late than never.

Go To Work

On average, we are at work 40 hours per week. And you should understand that your job and career can make your happy and successful. So, if you understand, that you have no professional growth and no use of the work, then it is a high time to reconsider your life. Immediately say goodbye to tour work if you are bored and have everyday stresses. I know that it is very easy to say – change your job. It means you should take a pause and find something better, change the managers, the team, place of work. In reality it is not very easy to start everything from the very beginning. But in some cases it is really worth of it. And now we are going to discuss these cases. If you fell that something goes wrong, than listen to your heart and find other capabilities.

The Main Signs That You Should Quit Your Job

1) It is not enough passion during your work days. If you do not admire your work, if you don’t want to do all the best, then I want to ask you – do you really need this job? Or you just get used to do it and are afraid of changings?

2) You understand that you have no professional and personal growth. You realize that day by day you don’t learn something new. On the contrary you are sad, bored and depressed. Your boss and co-workers has a bad influence on you.

3) Your aims don’t match the company’s mission. It means that your desires, dreams and goals are not those things, which your boss is waiting for you. You are not useful for the company, because you're doing a job reluctantly, you just MUST do it and that’s all.

4) It seems to you that your work is rather boring. Your working day start from the thoughts like these: oh, when this day will be over, when I will be able to go home, what time is now etc.

5) Work stress has an influence on your health. Every day you have a bad mood and stress at work. As a result you have often headaches and soon you can fall into depression. It is very seriously, your health is very important and who take care of you if you did not? No money is not worth your health. Remember it.

6) You start worrying only bout the salary. You notice that all what you are worrying about is money. But stop! Money cannot make you happy and for money you cannot buy health, friendship, relationships. If you have a god salary but always bad mood – quit this job!

7) You have no time for your private life and you don’t like it. Your family and friends are very important for you and they need your time and attention. If you are always busy at work, you can lose the friends and your children or parents can suffer from your permanent absence.

8) Your boss is terrible. Your boss is cruel, often screaming, does not know how to be grateful and sets unrealistic goals. Stop and think, whether you deserve this attitude? Maybe you are worth of something better?

9) Your firm doesn’t take care of the employees. If you have noticed that the company does not care about you and your co-workers, then it is also an indicator that you are not valuable, they do not need you.

10) You cannot imagine the future in this company. Of course, you have dreams and want to become a successful. But at your work for years you're doing all the same. You do not have the possibility of self-actualization. In other words, you have no future.

11) To get up early is more and more difficult for you. You hate early mornings, because they kill you day by day. So, maybe you need a work, where there is the schedule and different shifts?

12) Another opportunities are near you. From time to time you see the new opportunities and places where you will be more useful. But you have a job and cannot leave it. Really???

13) You came to the critical point. Once you get up and understand – that’s all. It is time to start a new life and with a new job.

14) You can foreknow that you can be fired. Every day you are afraid that you will be fired and they find somebody better. So, don’t be afraid and quit the job yourself.

15) Your abilities are not appreciated. Every day you realize that you mean nothing at your office. Your skills and knowledge are not important for the managers.

16) You think a lot of time, before give an idea or suggest something. You are afraid that you will be misunderstood, won’t take your ideas or condemn your thought. You cannot say what you really think. So why do you live in a constant fear of being misunderstood?

17) You are not going to work for the best. You do not work in full force, you know you can do better. But for what? You are not motivated to become better and better.

18) Your inner voice says “hi, try to make changes”. Don’t be afraid, pull yourself together and start from the very beginning.

So, if you have read all these items and understand that your present job is not your cup of tea, them make a pause and have a rest. Maybe it is time to travelling a little, to look for another job, to start a new business, to study further? There is always a way out and the choice is always with you. On the Earth you are the master of your life and your time. But be wise, because the characters in the essay of Animal Farm also decided to change the life. And what came of it? The results were awful.