Super Stars In Basketball Essay


Super Stars In Basketball EssayBasketball is considered to be one of the most adorable sports throughout the world and the number of its fans can’t stop growing. Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan are the names, which are well-known even to small kids. Everybody is able to recognize these two-meter-tall sportsmen, who can be called the kings of basketball without exaggeration. Those people, who go crazy over the brilliant play of these men of genius, are able to say: basketball is the coolest performance of power, intensity and discipline, which is combined with fun, ecstasy and adrenalin.

This 5 paragraph essay on basketball will cover the main items about the world of basketball and show you the facts, which can be useful for those, who are dreaming about the basketball career, and will be interesting for those common people, who have the inquiring minds and want to be thoroughly enlightened on all the subjects.

Get ready that the world of professional sport will open its doors for you right now and the essay on basketball will take you away into the world of handsome men, luxury style of life, exhaustive trainings and noisy sports halls.

Top-10 Genial Basketball Players

Even if you are not a big fan of such a game as basketball, you can hardly doubt the fact that the basketball starts are super popular all over the world.

Sport always attracts people and makes them admire those, who have succeeded in it. There are the names, which are familiar to everybody despite his own preferences and interests. I don’t mean basketball only. Nobody in this world is needed to be told who Michael Jordan is, what sport Mike Tyson practices, and why Michael Schumacher is the fastest car racer in the world. These strong personalities make people follow their footsteps and commit the impossible acts to be at least a bit closer to their idols’ professional levels. These great sportsmen inspire young men to love sport and move the mountains to conquer the troubles on their ways to fame and overall love.

Basketball has its legends that contributed to this game’s development and made it become the most admirable sport. Who are these sportsmen, who was kissed by God at birth and reached the fantastic heights in basketball? They are:

  • Michael Jordan,
  • Bill Russel,
  • Magic Johnson,
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar,
  • Larry Bird,
  • LeBron James,
  • Wilt Chamberlain,
  • Tim Duncan,
  • Shaquille O’Neal,
  • Hakeem Olajuwon.

The Most Expensive Basketball Ticket ever Sold

Basketball appeared in 1891 and soon after this it captured attention and love of humans.  It was invented by a young physical education teacher James Naismith, who was sure in the great success of his invention. Basketball was really available for every person and needed no special equipment. It could be played not only outdoors but indoors, when the weather didn’t allow the boys go out.

A lot of time has flown since that time and basketball has passed into another category and has risen to the level of professional sport. Its players wear expensive uniform, designed by famous sport wearing brands and the sport halls, where the matches are played, are perfectly equipped now.

Ask any of basketball fans what match may cost several hundred dollars per ticket and he will tell you without any hesitation: the match between Celtics and Lakers is really above price!

Despite this, there was an incident, when the ticket to the match between these teams cost nearly 58,000 dollars! Keep calm, it was not the limit! The better seats had even higher price. Each of them was sold for 115,000 dollars!

When Lakers won, the spectators were under great impression and admitted that the tickets were worth their prices. Nobody was disillusioned.

Making a Killing Career

I think that nobody will doubt that a second rate person is not able to become a first-class sportsman especially if we are talking about basketball. If you are dreaming of killing success in sport, you should:

  • Be coachable and ready to be criticized regularly;
  • Be competitive and meet the challenge coolly;
  •  Be ready to spend all your time in the gym and exhaust yourself to the last drop of energy;
  • Know that you will dedicate your youth to basketball only;
  • Put your team’s victory at the first place and continue playing even if your leg bones are broken;
  • Be ready to be always in public and control your thoughts, words, and deeds;
  • Prepare yourself to work harder and harder day after day to reach the professionalism, which you see in the wildest dreams of yours.

Aren’t you afraid of the difficulties? Are you ready to spend all your life on showing that you are the best of the best? If you feel that basketball and you are torn together, you really have the chances to become as popular as your idol Kobe Bryant.

Basketball vs Advertising Business: Which One brings More Profit?

The multi-million dollar contracts make the basketball players super rich, though besides this, they get not bad incomes from advertising brand clothes, shoes and sport equipment. How much money can a basketball star earn by letting the clip makers film him? What is the price, which the fashion houses are ready to pay for the face of the sport celebrity?  

Kobe Bryant, who appeared in the adverts of MacDonald’s, Nike, Sprite and other popular brands, got 32 million dollars for his off-court activity. As to his sport salary, it was 27,8 million dollars. Lebron James’ appearing in TV adverts brought him more than 40 million dollars, while his basketball career – only 17 millions.

The latest news announced that Kobe Bryant agreed to take part in the new Apple television advert, though the sum, which the leading technology company proposed the star, is kept in secret.

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