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You can order deep and reflective essay on our compositions producing service. In this work is mentioned about well-known tragedy, which was written by William Shakespeare, it is the most popular literature work still nowadays all over the world.. With the help of our service, you will get the best essays ever! Here you can read the previous texts, written by our authors, like an example. This post is about mice and men essay. Last work was about an Immersion into twentieth century in 20's essays. Today I will talk about important and at the same time controversial subjects, for example: “Essay on Othello-the literature masterpiece or simple horror story, about the problem of relationships between men and women in the Middle Ages, morals of those time period. In obedience to Wikipedia, this work was written in 1603. The content was taken from the story “Un Capitano Moro” by Cinthio. Othello jealousy essay consists of five parts, short summary of the text, and conclusions. The characters of this story are: Othello, a Saint Maurus, general of army; his faithful wife, Desdemona; Michael Cassio, a young lieutenant; and his “friend” who deceived Othello, Iago; Cassio’s girlfiend, Bianca; Emilia, Iago's wife. Othello is still a popular hero and is also performed in theatres, film and literature adaptations. Tragedy of William Shakespeare "Othello" written in 1604, and was borrowed from the story “A Moorish Captain”, written by Cinthio. Shakespeare wrote his own version of the story.

 The main part: short summary and reasoning

It is talked in a story, that Othello and Desdemona loved each other despite of prohibition of her father; also financial position of fellow did not play a role. Desdemona fell in love with Othello for courage, and he loves her for understanding. Othello was a trustful, loving man, and did not expect a dirty trick from a favorite woman. His naivety played a rock error. Yet Othello suffered disappointment in a friend, Iago that gave advices to him, in order to get a benefit, secretly hated Othello. An unhappy fellow outlived the real shock, treachery of both near people. It justifies his spite on Desdemona and on the surrounding world. So, nevertheless, is it possible to justify the act of Othello, or there is not forgiveness him? We will understand more in details. Othello, in spite of the passionate disposition, was guiding emotions only, not taking reason and good sense in an account. From one side, he had reasons to make inhuman amoral act, but on the other hand, it is really possible, to the adult man, to live on a call of his heart? It is needed to follow a mind exceptionally; otherwise life of man would grow into an endless show down and execution to sweep to the offenders. How not for those us is reason, patience, will given to, able to forgive people? Question, which have no an answer. Everybody understands him in its own way. Human cruelty does not know borders at times. The theme of jealousy is affected in a story Jealousy, as all know, is one of human vices. Reasons and preconditions for this sense are quite different at all, but this feeling is tested by everybody. Jealousy – it to lose fear, uncertainty in a partner. It is possible to suppose that Othello felt the strong feelings to Desdemona, and, getting from her a “knife in a back”. A protagonist of story, Othello, is it is possible to say the “victim” of the friend Iago. Living example, where the Russian proverb is appropriate as never “trusts, but verify”. Main villain of story, Iago, remained unpunished, running two lives. The vices of man are demonstrated in the tragedy of Shakespeare “Othello”, not only jealousy and excessive naivety, but also ardor. On the result of story, we see what a quick temper and rashness made off for heroes. It would seem, waiting with revenge after not happening treason, it would be succeeded to avoid a fatal and. Othello, deciding that will not be able to live after a tragic error, decided to do away with itself. Suicide of the hero scorned to explanations and requests of the beloved, Desdemona, and went under the thumb of slanderer and deceiver Iago. In the gust of anger Othello, deprived of common sense, smoothers Desdemona. Jealousy ruined Othello. A protagonist possessed thin, vulnerable, but in too tome by decisive nature. Unfortunately, such people are deprived at times by ability sensibly to estimate the events. Surprising correlation of cruelty and vulnerability is in a personage. This literature masterpiece teaches readers to be restrained, reasoning and prudent. On an example a hero is shown, as a jealousy can interpreted literally light from a mind man. When Othello knew a true from Emilia, after the story of Cassio and Ludovico, he is horrified. A hero goes mad indirect sense this word. Much to our regret, similar tragedies happen and in the real life. Great number of history it is broadcasted us on news, about that as a jealous husband gave a dusting or even killed the wife, “Othello «of our times. Exactly here in there is all nightmare of human cruelty about that we were told by Shakespeare in the story yet in the middle ages. Be people a bit patient – many tragedies would be succeeded.


To sum up, let speak about women lifestyle and rights in the middle ages. They were dependent from men. Women had no right to express opinion. They had to obey men.

The women were as an addition of the men. In “The Tragedy Of Othello” is describing a destiny of women those times. To my mind, it is obviously unfairly. Othello essays show us the cruelty, jealousy of men in the middle ages, in the person Othello. Desdemona is shown like unfortunate, poor woman. The whole story is full of aggression; it causes feeling of fear and misunderstanding. So, what is your opinion, dear reader?