Top 10 Curious Facts About Penguins


Top 10 Curious Facts About PenguinsI am absolutely sure that you have heard a lot of penguins and even maybe saw them in the zoo or in the real nature. But in this essay our academic english writing service have an interesting and almost unexpected information about penguins. Be ready to be surprised with some new facts about this type of birds that don’t fly, just swim. You know, that penguins – are small, fat and funny birds-animals. They live near the sea or the ocean in Antarctica, New Zealand, southern Australia, South Africa, along the coast of South America and near the equator. But do you know anything about the 20th of January? What this day mean? How does it relate to the penguins? We will tell you this and a lot of other news in our essay.

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Okay, let’s come back to our penguins. This whole essay is dedicated to them.

The Penguins Day

The 20th of January officially considered being the Penguins Day. This is a special day, when we can think about these animals, honor or protect them. It is better to learn something new. Walking in the zoo near the cage with penguins, we are happy, looking at these cute and funny birds. But what do we know about them? Just what is written on the nameplate in the enclosure, and about the many interesting facts of their lives, we are not even guess. This information will be informative for both children and adults.

The General Information

Penguins are one of 40 types of flightless birds, among which you can find ostriches, ramie, cassowaries, emus and kiwis. Penguins are considered to be the most charming and amazing among this group of birds. They have a funny waddling gait, original coloring with a white belly and a dark back and wings. The tuxedo was invented, probably when somebody noticed the unique "outfit" penguins. Such coloring help the penguin escape from the enemy at sea.

All the penguins eat the marine animals: small marine crustaceans - krill, squid and various kinds of fish. It is interesting, but they do not have teeth, so they should swallow the whole fish or something else. Penguins spend in the ocean 75 percent of their time.

Interesting Facts

1) Stereotypical roles of parents we can see in the Emperor penguins. The male incubates the eggs while the female goes in search of food. When the chick hatches from the egg, the father feeds his "milk," which is produced in his esophagus. Maybe you have seen the funny cartoon about the advantages of chick Lolo? This cartoon describes the life of penguins and there is a funny situation – when all the female penguins wen hunting, the “fathers” got tired of looking for the eggs and decided to swim and have a rest. At that moment the skua gulls started stealing the eggs. You cannot always leave the children to fathers.

2) Magellanic penguin was named after the great man called Ferdinand Magellan.  This scientist firstly discovered this species many years ago – at 1520.

3) Although the majority of male and female penguins are not very different in appearance from each other. But during the mating season, female penguins can be distinguished from males by dirty spots on the back, which leaves the male during mating.

4) As any kind of birds, penguins also moult. And it takes about 2-3 weeks to grow new ones. Penguins spend a lot of time to care of their appearance that is why they have a beautiful appearance all the year.

5) The penguins have a unique body structure. Most time they spend in the cold sea water but they never catch a cold. To keep warm in the icy conditions, penguins have a thick layer of fat, and their body is covered with water-repellent feathers.

6) All the penguins live in colonies. Each species has the own features. Some species have colonies of thousands birds.

7) The penguins don’t afraid the tourists. They don’t know that people or animals on the land can be dangerous. That’s why they can come close to you and you can make a lot of funny pictures with them.

8) Penguins are very fast birds. They swim really very fast. For example, the gentoo penguin in the water can have the speed about 36km/h. This specie is considered the most hardy. If the penguin has a goal he can swim for 3 weeks. For this time he floats about 1500 km.  

But all the penguins prefer not to walk on loose snow. They are too heavy and always fall in the snow. They have a funny wat to move around. To do this they use only their stomach, small but perfect wings and short legs.

9) All the penguins are perfect divers. If they are really hungry and cannot find something to eat on a surface of the ocean, the can dive into a depth of 200 meters.

10) All types of penguins have a different weight and height. For example, the Emperor penguins can weigh up to 27 kg and have a height of more than one meter.

11) Penguins chicks are born into the world absolutely featherless. They feathers are formed for the next two weeks.

12) Not all species of penguins are kind-hearted and gentle. For example, stone penguins have very nasty manners. Without warning, they can attack any object or creature they don’t like.

13) If the penguin is thirsty, it can drink a seawater without harm to the health. They have special glands, which help to isolate the salt from the water. Later the salt is excreted from the body in different ways - through the nose or dripping from the beak.

14) The parents take care of their chicks for that time, when the little bird is able to catch the fish.  

15) Male African Penguin expresses love, gently stroking the female's head.

16) These birds are very clamorous. If there are people near them, then the noise from these birds seems to laud and really interferes with sleep.

17) Grown up kids sent to the penguins "nursery", while their parents go to sea for hunting. At this time, several penguins are watching for all the kids and in the event of any danger are ready to protect every chick. We came to the conclusion that in their colonies penguins trust each other. They have a gold rule – one for all and all for one.

There are a lot of films or cartoons where penguins behaved like real people. It is funny to watch eat, but do you remember the events described in the essay on animal farm - when animals forget who they are?

You have read the essay about the most interesting facts from the penguin’s life. Hope, this information was really new for you. And from this moment you will respect and admire these birds more and more. Remember, that there are a lot of species who are dying. That’s why we should care about them and protect them from poachers and other creatures which can cause harm to the birds.