Top 10 New Weight-loss Diets For Everyone


Top 10 New Weight-loss DietsEvery woman wants to be healthy, beautiful, attractive and slender. Some girls have the perfect figure by nature and the others should work hard and limit themselves, often even be on diets to achieve a result. Today we decided to give some useful advice and diets for those ladies who dream to lose some weight. I know that maybe you tried dozens of methods and had no results, but never give up. Maybe today you will chose the perfect regime and the dreams about the figure come true.

"Tomorrow I will go on a diet" - this phrase many of us have repeated almost every day. But at last you receive nothing. The person should be motivated, I think it’s better to choose the motive that is really very important. Try to have the proper motivation - "I do it because of love for myself, because I prefer the easiness of the whole body, I want to feel always good and beautiful." Read a selection of the best diets all around the world with their advantages and disadvantages on our academic paper writing services.

How To Go On A Diet

Every woman has such a moment in her life when she looks in the mirror and realizes that she is dissatisfied with their appearance. I call it the moment of changes. At last you should opt the perfect regime very seriously because if you decided to limit yourself in everything – you can just gain weight. Before going on a diet you should spend two or three weeks on the preparing. Take vitamins, drink a lot of water and do exercises.

If we cannot do without sweets, you can allow yourself to eat them, but with some limitations. Sweets should be as little fat as it possible. Therefore, to satisfy your desire for a sweet life - eat caramels, fruit jam or jelly.

Try to add to food, especially to tea some honey: for its absorption body spends several times more energy than the sugar. In the evening, for many people can be very hard to give up food and some even cannot sleep with an empty stomach. Make some intense exercise, it will distract from hunger, considerably reduce its strength and burn a few calories. Before going to bad, drink half a cup of tea warm with a little cream or milk. Healthy food and lifestyle – is a key for long and happy life.

TOP 10 Diets

1) 5:2

The main feature is that you can have meals for 5 days as you get used to but for 2 last days you should limit yourself in something. You will lose the weight but not as quickly and without stress for the organism. This diet won’t be very effective if you are going to combine it with other diets. But it doesn’t mean that during the other five days your menu should consist of only calorie food. Of course not, you can eat many times but healthy food. Sometimes if you don’t have a dinner or supper you can feel sickness, have headaches and be nervous and tired. It is normal but if you have a goal you can do it.

2) Dukan Diet

It is very famous diet and it helps to lose weight very quickly. That is why it is always motivated. You don’t spend time on weighing products and counting the calories. The regime has four phases and without any limitations of what kind of products you cannot eat but you should follow the instructions. From the very beginning you will lose the weigh and for other weeks you should learn how to maintain your weight. As you should forget about cabs for a long time, you can have the insomnia, bad breath, feel very tired and have other side effects. From the very beginning you should even refuse the vitamins and that’s not very good.

3) The Paleo Diet

This dies was number one several years ago. It is very interesting as it consists of food we can hunt and fish or gather (eggs, veg, fruits, seafood, meat etc). As you can see all the ingredients are very healthy. This diet takes a lot of time but it helps you not only to avoid some diseases and keep fit. The doctors advice to forget about products with wheat, sugar and salt. Only natural ingredients like in the Paleolithic period.

4) New Atkins Diet

It allows eating a great variety of food. It consists of several parts. The successful beginning of the diet will help you to lose weight immediately. You should forget about the alcohol. Be always attentive to yourself, because this diet can have serious side effects (to get tired very quickly, to feel weakness).

5) Alkaine Diet

This diet became popular thank to some celebrities. The main idea is to avoid the food which consists of a great amount of acid. They say that acids are transformed into fat, so if you have decided to follow this diet, forget about the meat, wheat, sugar, alcohol and others. As any diet, Aklaine diet also has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, refusing from sugar, salt, alcohol – is okay. But if your daily menu has no dairy products – it can have bad results on your heath.

6) South Beach Diet

This diet has no limits in your food portions. But during one day it is necessary to have three meals and 2 snacks and to do some exercises for which everybody has a plan (how to do morning exercises you can read on our website). The first phase is necessary for those people who are really very fat. They should eat lean proteins. You can miss the first phase if you don’t need it. From the very beginning you can be tired and weak, as you will be lack of vitamins and useful minerals.

7) The Solution

This diet is for those, who have such a problem as overeating. You should know the reasons of this problem. You can follow this regime at any age and it tells about the main reasons of overeating such as low energy, unhealthy food etc. Following this diet, you should eat vegs, fruits, grains and proteins.

8) Water Diet

It is the most popular diet for the last years. The main idea is to drink a lot of pure water every day. You should start your day from the glass of warm water (better with the lemon juice) and during the day before and after meal also drink water. There is special formula according to it you can calculate the best amount of water for your body. Every day you should drink water according to your plan. You can eat an ordinary food, but be careful (don’t eat a lot of bread and sweets). Take into consideration that fact 0 if you drink a lot – you would go to the WC also very often.

9) Kefir Diet

Don’t be surprised but kefir is your best friend, if you want to slim and become more attractive. You can drink kefir every day instead of meals, sometimes combines with fruits. For one day you can lose one kilo. It is very convenient for those, who need to lose weight for a short period of time. But try to follow this diet not more than for 7 days because you will fell to week, tired, exhausted as your body needs some other useful food. When the diet is over, don’t start to eat a lot, only small portions of healthy food. In other way, your organism will be shocked.

10) Weight Watchers Diet

The diet includes the calories which should be controlled. Everybody can the own SmartPoints system. You should just follow your allowance and eat as many products with vitamins as you wish. Everybody receives the individual plan of exercises. You can eat any kind of food but to count all the calories and never exceed the dose for the day.

Hope this essay was interesting for you. Don’t be upset if something went wrong, believe in yourself, keep fit and stay healthy.  Visit our website and among our services, you will find something suitable for you.