Top 10 Places To Visit In America


Top 10 Places To Visit In AmericaA lot of people like travelling. When we have a vacation time we try to go anywhere and to have a rest. Some people prefer to visit the sunny countries and to lay on the beach, while others are fond of active rest. And if you came to another country and as usual are limited of time, it is important to know top best places to visit at first.

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So, if you are reading this information, it means you are fond of travelling. The United States of America is very large and it has thousands of interesting places to visit. To tell the truth, it was difficult to choose ten the best ones. Everyone has their own tastes and someone is interested in museums and sculptures but others in parks and mountains. But we have done the impossible and offer you to read the list of the most popular American places among the tourists.

The United States Of America

The USA is the fourth largest country in the world, it can boast of hundreds popular and famous tourist attractions. However, on its territory are also natural beauties that are rarely brought to see the majority of travelers. So, forget the crowded beaches, take a break from drunken parties, because in this list, we describe the ten most unique tourist destinations for your vacations in the United States.

To determine which place is the most interesting in the USA, it is like trying to guess the favorite wine of your neighbor. Each person has different tastes regarding the history, nature, science, arts and entertainment. Fortunately, America offers a wide variety of iconic places, so everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

1) National Mall, Washington DC

National Mall - a unique complex of monuments, museums, educational institutions and other historical places of America, concentrated in one place. If you are fond of history, you can be sure this place will not leave you indifferent. In National Mall you can visit The National Museum Of American History, National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art, government buildings, gardens, monuments, memorials and parks.

It takes you a lot of time to visit all these places, enjoy the culture and make a lot of pictures.

2) Walt Disney World (Florida)

Walt Disney World – is a place of happiness, laugh, childhood and merriment. Here you will find crowds of tourists, because this place is the most popular one. Be attentive, Disney World is not the same as Disneyland (which is located in Anaheim, California).The territory of the Wald Disney World is much more then famous Manhattan (it covers 100 square kilometers).

At first you will see the monument to Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse's hand. Just behind the monument is the famous Cinderella Castle. So, are you ready to start your exciting journey into the world of entertainment? This “world” includes four thematic parks: the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT (futuristic city), Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney Animal World.

You cannot be the real American tourist if you don’t visit this great and fairy tale place, full of joy.

3) Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

This city was founded in 1632. Nowadays the historical part of this city is considered to be an opened air museum. The Colonial Williamsburg looks like in the 18th century. You can visit the original or replicas of colonial homes and government buildings. Residents of the city (the actors) look exactly the same as in the era of the American Revolution.

If you speak English, than talk to people and listen how the real colonists dialect sounds.  Here you can also taste the real American cuisine of the 18th century.

4) Summer Holiday, Newport, Rhode Island

At the end of 19th century one of the richest families in America chose the Vanderbilt for their summer vacations. Nowadays the manor is the most popular attraction in Newport. It takes about 335 million dollars to build all these buildings. To tell the truth every brick, every stone impresses with its grandeur and beauty.

5) Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California

In a small city San Simeon you can see the famous homestead, which was built by Senator William Randolph Hearst. This place is so popular, that you need to book tickets beforehand (7-9 weeks).

Here you can see the main building, which consists of 56 bedrooms, 19 living rooms, 61 washrooms. On its territory is also a private airfield, cinema, several swimming pools, a zoo and eight gardens.

6) Empire State Building, New York

Empire State Building is a special building and is considered to be the king of skyscrapers of America. This building was the first building in the world, which consists of more them 100 floors (it has 102 floors). Nowadays this building is also a famous beacon of New York.

7) Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

It is a huge monument in the form of an arch, the height of 192 m (and the same width). Thanks to the original elevator, you can make a four-minute journey to the top of the arch and back. At the top located 16 viewing windows on each side offers a great view of the St. Louis and the Mississippi River.

8) Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee

Maybe it will be surprise for you that in Nashville you can visit a full-scale replica of the Athenian Parthenon. Inside the temple is a 13 meter high statue of the Greek goddess Athena. You can find here the famous collection of American’s artist paintings.

9) Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is a real miracle. When you visit this place you will feel like a grain of sand among the largest Earth Gorges. You should visit the Skywalk. It is a bridge made in the shape of a horseshoe. The ticket costs $ 70, but it is worth to pay money and see this nature miracle with your own eyes.

10) Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

Here you will get a shot of adrenaline. If you like attractions and extreme then visit this place. Cedar Point is considered to be the capital of roller coasters (there are 16 roller coasters and 72 attractions here). At this park time flies.

Hope you liked our essay on advertisement about travelling. As you can see there are a lot places to visit in America. You just need time a good company, good mood and, of course, money.