Top 10 Unique Yoga Challenge Trends


Top 10 Unique Yoga Challenge TrendsToday our academic essay writer wants to talk on yoga, and especially about its unique types. Yoga is a perfect harmony of your spirit and body. Set of physical and exercises for your breath make you each time little closer to your main goal. The main aim of yoga is to attain and maintain the harmony with these three points:

  • physical;
  • mental;
  • spiritual.

In our difficult days everybody wants to have a chance to have a rest and to aviod the everyday stress. Yoga is going to help you to attain the harmony and to save it during the months. Giving for yoga only several hours and not every day, you will see how you lost the weight, become stronger and the body receives the energy. And the main thing – you will keep fit and your organism will be thankful.

People who regularly do yoga are sure that this kind of exercise is the one path to health and happiness, this is the path of spiritual perfection. As for me, I never believed in yoga, but I am sure that it is the choice of each person. Maybe for someone it is really effective.

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TOP 10 Unique Yoga Types

To do yoga can everybody, and it doesn’t matter your age, weight, social status etc. Today we are going to introduce you the most unusual and maybe even strange yoga exercises. If you will like them – you can try each type and monitor the results. Don’t be surprised, all these types we are going to talk about are real and there are some groups of people, who practice them regularly in their lives.

1) Nude Yoga. This type of yoga didn’t become popular at once. It firstly appeared in the 1960s but became popular only in 2001, when Aaron Star organized the Nude Yoga classes in New York. People liked this kind of exercise and soon this yoga became well-known all over the world. But the main rule is not to think about sex, yoga has nothing to do in order to get an orgasm or something like that. If you have such the motives, please don’t even enter the class. The main aim of this yoga is to teach people not to be ashamed of their body because everything is beautiful and if it naturally than it is not ugly.

2) Cannabis yoga with movements and marijuana. Maybe it is strange and hardly to believe, but in some state cannabis is officially allowed in medical purposes. So there was created a special class where people can do yoga and smoking marijuana. Both yoga and marijuana help to relax, give the patient a good mood, happiness, creates calm and euphoric effect.

3) Yoga-Doga (to do yoga with dogs). The best humans friends can also take part in your yoga exercises. The scientists are sure that yoga is useful for both dogs and people. After the exercises dogs have no problem with their digestion and the heart begins to function better. Dogs are the only animals that have adapted to the practice of Yoga. So, don’t be surprised to meet them in specials classes.

4) Yoga Raves. It can be better than disco clubs. Instead of going for the disco, smoke a lot, use drugs and drink tons of alcohol you can visit the special yoga clubs. Do yoga exercises with music. Such parties also include non-alcohol drinks and vegetarian dishes.  It is really fun and no worse than the usual club parties.

5) Aerial Yoga. It is not an easy type of yoga exercises. The main idea is to stay in the air using the special hammocks and continue doing the usual yoga exercises. This type includes some elements from Pilates, dance and gymnastic. The result is breathtaking but preliminary training is also needed.

6) Equine Yoga. It is a set of exercise which can help you to breath and move in the right way with the help your horse. In other words it is horseback yoga. You should stay with the horse in different poses which can help you to align the breath. Then you can continue doing exercise on the horse’s back. The animal moves and it helps you to change the pose and to concentrate.

7) Tantrum Yoga. Those who practice this kind of yoga know how screaming, crying and yelling can help improve the general condition. Like a child in a tantrum – cried and then feels better. Accept crying this yoga also includes the necessary poses, exercises, meditating.

8) Karaoke Yoga. A lot of people who love dancing, singing and of course, yoga gather in the large class. They do exercises and sing songs (but the music should be chosen beforehand). It gives them a lot of laughs and joy.

9) Mother and children’s yoga. Try to do yoga together with your little child. Mother and child can teach how to breathe in a right way. The yoga is very useful for child (helps to sleep long and quietly, to develop motor skills).

10) Paddleboard Yoga. This yoga is doing on water and without the comfortable mat you have a paddleboard. It is not easy to do the exercise on an unstable board.

And some people say that there is a special set of yoga exercises for those who are sick with asthma. All about this disease you can read in our essay on asthma.

So, you have read ten the post interesting and unusual types of yoga. Now you can choose one of them specially for you.