Top Santa Claus Parades All Over The World


Top Santa Claus Parades All Over The WorldEverybody looks forward to Christmas time. Today editing academic papers service want to talk a little about this happy time in our life. Christmas - it is a wonderful time of holiday, kindness, miracles, smiles and presents. And Santa Claus is always present at this festival Children all over the world love this fantastic character, because he brings presents and never does evil. Every year in many countries and cities, Santa Claus Parades are very popular. It is very old and interesting tradition. Both adults and children are delighted by this action. In our essay we are going to talk about the old and nowadays traditions of Santa Claus Parades.

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Top Santa Claus Parade (The History)

For the last 100 years people can visit Santa Claus Parades. Maybe this information will be useful for you, but this action is not funded by the state. Every year a lot of popular people donate money for the Parade, and thousands of volunteers are donating their time to organize everything. But the smiles and cheerful children’s laugh compensate all costs.

You are going to read the list of the TOP Parades from the past. The Parades we mentioned took place in different time.

1) It all began in 1913 year. It was a simple version of the Parade. The Santa was in the reindeer sled. These reindeer were special. The children joined to Santa and marched with him through the city. They made some stops and at that time danced and sang Christmas songs. They also put their letters in some kinds of baskets and Santa himself answered on each letter.

2) 1917 year. The Christmas action a little changed. At that time appeared a huge swan with musicians and Santa, of course. Since that time the Mother Goose was the main symbol and tradition of this event. Every time the appearance of this Christmas goose is rather different.

3) 1919 year. At this time Santa was not in a reindeer sleigh, and the Swan did not carry him. Santa came by air. The horses and outriders were waiting for him.

4) 1929 year. It was time of Great Depression. Before Christmas everybody listened to the radio. At that year Santa gave people a lot of excitement, magic and hope.

5) 1939 year. It was the war time. There was no material for costumes. So, the most part of the dresses were “sewn” from the pieces of paper and children watched the action from the windows.

6) 1948 year. The new character joined to the Santa Claus Parade. It was Punkinhead (a little sad teddy bear from the popular book stories). The bear dreamt to take part in the action and the lids were happy to see their favorite character in reality.

7) 1950 year – it was time for the TV revolution. All the people who were not able to visit the Parade have an opportunity to watch the action on TV, because at this year Santa firstly appeared on TV.

8) 1957 year. In Toronto was a huge Santa Claus Parade. For several hours people made their makeup and dressed.  The Parade was rather long and great amount of citizens joined it. More than 20 floats were introduced to people.

9) 1980 year. It was the great 75 anniversary of the Parades and 1700 volunteers helped in organization. Firstly people saw the huge salute.

10) 1982-1983 years. People started to donate money and parades became brighter. For example, firstly the Celebrity Clowns appeared. They also took part in the action. A lot of balloons were bought and handed out to children.

11) 1985 year. People started to turn the lights on (on the center of the city, where the Christmas tree was situated).

12) 1989 year. The Russian people were invited to join this happy tradition. The time of Soviet Union was coming to its and, so at this year the translation of the Parade saw about 250 million of people in Russia and other soviet countries.

13) 1995 year. This Parade was like the Parades we have nowadays. A lot of animated floats, clowns took part in this action. And the Toronto Parade people in some other countries could see on the TV.


Santa Clause Parade in Portugal in 2010 (city Porto) set a great record. About 14963 Santa Clauses participated in this huge and popular action. The main aim was to surpass the previous record and, of course, to give poor children the Christmas gifts. More than 19000 Santa’s costumes were used and every Santa who came to the finish, received 1 euro from the organizations. It was like a symbolic pay for the participation. A lot of dance school groups also took part in this huge and funny action.

Santa Claus at Merry, Merry Chicago. It is a wonderful time for both children and adults. It is a huge concert with Santa and celebrities. It is time to sing happy song, to laugh and to say Merry Christmas!!! In this action take part a great children’s choir, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and this year will be a special guest Ashley Brown.

Whitby Santa Claus Parade (Great Britain). On the 6th of December the Whitby citizens always gather together for the huge festival of the year. The main figure in the Parade is Santa Clause, but he always comes with his friends (clowns, dancers, animals).

Port Parry Santa Claus Parade (Canada). The celebration starts at 5 p.m. and continues till 9 p.m. All people at the end can take part in the tasty dinner.

Muskoka Santa Clause Parades. Have you heard about Muskoka – the Santa’s summer home? But don’t even hope to meet him here during the Christmas time. Only once Santa come back to Muskoka, takes the children presents and goes away to the North Pole. But he is hospitable master and continues to host even in his absence. Crowds of people come to this place for a great festival.

So, we discussed the most interesting Santa Clause Parades in the past and in our time. All of them are full of joy and happiness, because Christmas time – is time for miracles. Remember it, even if you are an adult. And if you have some problems with your home tasks – let us know. We can help you even with award winning essays.