Valor And Honor In Alexander The Great Essays


Valor And Honor In Alexander The Great EssaysAncient History is the most interesting topic to study. This period is rich with glorious victories and losing battles. Numerous books, various online sources and encyclopedia describe this time as the period of great inventions and beneficial breakthroughs. It is described as the most wonderful time, when every new emperor or just a commander could make his reputation memorable for many generations of people and never to disappear from the pages of school textbooks. Constant campaigns, which aimed to conquer new and new territories, desperate battles and heroic feats still capture the romantic young men, who are sure that the wars are just the best means of becoming famous throughout the world for years to come. The thoughts about being great and fearless still fill the heads of teens and make them choose the professions of the servicemen.

A lot of my fellows feel sorrow for living in such a peaceful time and having no opportunities to show themselves as the heroes. All of them think that only the war is able to indicate the real nature of a person and give him a chance to show what he is made of. Frankly speaking, I can’t share their points of view as the wars are the worst thing, which may happen to the mankind. I am pretty sure that those, who have never met with the fear of being liquidated by the bomb explosion or shot in the cruel gunfight, will never understand the destructive force of any armed conflict.

We know a lot of names, which are associated with extremely powerful and ingenious warriors, who fought bravely and never thought about their own safety. One of those, who had the super great power over people and who is still the perfect example of intellect, courage, wittiness and who can be described only by the epithets of superlative degree, is Alexander the Great.

Alexander: Behind the Name

The fact that the name influences the person’s destiny and that it is the best characteristics of its bearer has already been proved by the researchers, who spend their lives on studying the nature, origin and meaning of the human names.

The name Alexander was always in the top ten of the masculine names throughout the world. In 1990’s it was at the height of its popularity, though it is still one of the most favorite names among people. The statistics of 2015 showed that this name took just the 8th position and this fact makes it the most adorable among the newly-minted parents, who name their children Alexander more than often.

Alexander stands for the defender of people, who is successful, clever, helpful, fearless but noble, sensitive and tender at the same time. This name was widely used by kings and emperors of all the countries of the world, where it is still very popular.

Alexander is the Greek name, which appeared many centuries ago. One of the most famous bearers of this name is Alexander the Great, who was the king of Macedon and who built the super powerful empire on the territory of modern Greece, Egypt, Persia and India in the 4th century BC.

Fast Facts

The period between 336 to 323 BC, which considered to be the years of ruling of Alexander the Great, were the best for Macedonia. Alexander the Great is known as the brave military commander, genius strategist, fair emperor and fearless conqueror, who did his best to unite the Western and the Eastern territories. The reputation of Alexander III of Macedon was ideal and his deeds and attitude to both his empire and its population put him on the same level with gods. Comrades adored Alexander; women went crazy over his beauty and muscular body; people bowed the knee to Alexander; enemies were afraid of his cute tactics and thoroughly planned military strategies. Alexander was really the great person. I guess the world has still no outstanding personalities, which could be compare with Alexander.

Alexander, who was a fair-haired curly child, was a son of King Philip II and Queen Olympia. He was born on July 20, 356 BC. The well-educated boy had to come to the throne when he was just 19 after the death of his legendary father. The Alexander’s ruling lasted for 13 years. During this period Alexander defeated a lot of powerful governors because this man was really a super talented warrior. Unfortunately, his life was not very long. Alexander died at the age of 32. When this tragedy happened, the wife of Alexander was pregnant. His only son was born just several months after the Alexander’s death.

Do You Know That…?

Alexander the Great was extremely popular even during his lifetime and the stories about him gathered like a snowball. Now it is difficult to determine where the truth ends and the friction starts, though we are ready to propose you some most interesting facts about the life of the great emperor.

  • When Alexander was a 13-year-old boy, his father hired Aristotle to educate the future king. Nobody could say for sure what wisdom the great philosopher implanted into the head of Alexander, though the legend tells that when the prince met with Diogenes, who denied all the human comforts and preferred to sleep in a jar, Alexander liked this philosopher so much that he pronounced his famous phrase. He said that ‘If I were not Alexander, I would like to be Diogenes’.
  • Alexander the Great developed genial tactics, which helped him to stay the unprecedented winner. His strategies are still studied in modern military academies.
  • When Alexander conquered the military forts, he gave them the names and more often they were connected with his own name. Alexandria is one of them. Once he founded the city of Bucephala, which was named after his favorite horse and faithful partner, with which he won a lot of battles.
  • Nobody is sure in the veracity of the info, though there are a lot of memories, which tell that Alexander the Great was really great in everything. People said that even his skin had the great scent.
  • The real cause of the Alexander’s death is still unknown. Nobody knows why this young and healthy warrior died and it is still the biggest mystery even for the researches, who study the life of this legendary king.

Alexander the Great is a person, about whom it is possible to talk non-stop. As our time is limited, there is still a lot of super interesting facts, which haven’t been covered above. If you are interested in getting the new info about Alexander III of Macedon, you are welcome to Here you will find a pretty amount of fascinating Alexander the Great essays. You may be sure that all of them are written by the specialists. Buy any of them and you will have a good time!