Why Ovation Of The Seas Is So Popular?


Ovation Of The Seas Is So PopularA lot of people dream to spend their vocation travelling, for example travelling on a cruise ship. Our essay custom writing service has studied the latest news in the sphere of sea travels, and now our experts are going to present you this essay on a cruise ship Ovation of the Seas, in which we consider the novelties introduced on board of the cruise ship.

Cruise Company named “Royal Caribbean International” still impresses the lovers of the sea vacation and ship travelling. The company “Royal Caribbean”, basing on the many years experience of the elder “twin” brothers of “Quantum” class (in particular, there are two other ships introduced in 2014 and 2015 that have already gained love and appreciation of many people), continues to develop its cruisers and brings them to new level. “Ovation of the Seas” was released in 2016. This is the third ship of suchlike quality class.

Novelties on cruisers of the Quantum class on the “Ovation of the Seas” board

Royal Caribbean Cruise Company was the first that brought to life on its ships quite unusual kinds of entertainments. In particular they introduce climbing wall for the fans of mountaineering, there is an ice rink for skaters, surf simulator “FlowRider” for surfing lovers, central park and aquatheatre. However, the company does not stop. The best engineers and other experts continue to introduce new variants of the rest. They pay a lot of attention to the entertainment sector.

1) “RipCord by iFly” if the first in the history free fall ride on a cruise ship board. It is absolutely safe. Also it is designed for amateurs as well as for experienced skydivers. But the most important is an incredible feeling and unforgettable positive emotions, and also a lot of joy and fun that the cruise ship guests of different age experience.

2) “North Star” is a panoramic glass capsule that reminds gemstone by its shape provides a 360 degrees visibility. The capsule on the cruise ship lifts the guests on the height of more than 90 meters and thus it becomes possible to observe spectacular seascapes and picturesque nature beauties.

3) “Seaplex” is a sports and entertainment complex where passengers of the cruise ship can play basketball, table tennis, roller-skate or take part in the attraction “Autodrome”. At night this area turns into a fabulous dance floor.

4) “Two70°” is a multilevel room with 270 degree panoramic view. The height of the windows is in the level of three desks. It is located at the stern of the ship. In the daytime the cruise ship passengers meet with their friends and chat. Communication takes place in a comfortable relaxed environment. And in the evening with the help of innovation technologies this roomed is turned into a large area for air shows.

5) New cabins. The guests of the cruise ship will be definitely interested in new family rooms and cabins with virtual balconies, that previously any cruise company has had them. A virtual balcony is an innovation decision of the specialists of the Royal Caribbean Company, with the help of which even the visitors of the inner cabins of “Ovation of the Seas” have possibility to observe the seascapes without living their cabins. This interesting design decision looks like a big screen in the wall size, on which in real time regime there will be broadcast the picture from the camera of the cruise ship.


“Ovation of the Seas” cruise ship presents new conception of food organization called “Dynamic Dining”. Its essence is that guests have an opportunity to choose and book tables in 18 restaurants with different cuisines. Now it has become possible to select a restaurant according to your preference, dining time, table neighbors and optimal dress code. This is a new technological development of Royal Caribbean, with the help of which guests can plan their culinary trip before the cruise. Dynamic Dining changes the views on traditional image about one main restaurant on a board of a cruise ship. Ovation of the Seas cruise ship guests will be offered five free restaurants at once with various cuisine and atmosphere, that is why each next evening will not look like the previous one.

Exclusive restaurants, new in their kind, on the board of Ovation of the Seas:

  • “American Icon Grill” presents the most popular dishes of American cuisine in its menu cooked of usual products but with a little change from the cooks of the cruise ship.
  • “Chic” introduces the gourmet cuisine dishes cooked from the freshest foods only.
  • “Silk” is a bright exotic restaurant, in which the species of the Far East will give the dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine new exiting flavor.
  • “The Grande” is a luxury restaurant that recreates the lush atmosphere of a bygone era, when each eating was a real ritual.
  • “Coastal Kitchen” is a service designed specially for the suites guests. Motives of Mediterranean cuisine are combined with the rich Californian colouring. This restaurant presents fusion.

Except the main restaurants on the Ovation of the Seas board the passengers of the cruise ship will be offered to visit special restaurants of Royal Caribbean Company:

  • “Wonderland” is a molecular cuisine restaurant, in which the best ship cooks have created their special menu.
  • “Jamie’s Italian” is an Italian restaurant, the menu of which is created by famous British chef James Oliver, who is an admirer of Italian cuisine and Italian lifestyle.
  • “Michael’s Genuine Pub” is the first diner of the United States in sea and a new product of Royal Caribbean cooperation with chef Michael Schwartz, who is a culinary expert of cruise ships that belong to Quantum class. The guests are suggested pretty plain dishes and drinks, which are cooked using only the best ingredients.

On the cruise ship board for passengers there will also be presented other branded restaurants of Royal Caribbean. For example, there will be stake house “Chops Grille”, Japan restaurant “Izumi” and others.

Day-and-night food

One of the Royal Caribbean’s priorities is a smart combination of the price and quality. Ovation of the Seas cruise ship provides its guests with even broader opportunities for dishes choice in free restaurants:

  • “Windjammer Marketplace” is a “buffet breakfast” restaurant, in which different cuisines of the world with a large choice of dishes are presented;
  • “The Cafe Two70” is a place for gourmets, where hot sandwiches, salads, soups and many other dishes are served;
  • “SeaPlex Dog House” is the first space-transformer in the sea, where hot dogs are served.

Except the above listed restaurants, Ovation of the Seas cruise ship introduces other popular establishments, such as pizzeria “Sorrento’s”, “Cafe Promenade” and a lot of bars. But the most significant is “Bionic Bar”. This is the exclusive from the Royal Caribbean Company, in which robots barmen mix cocktails according to the guests’ desire and dance to electronic music. Besides, some bars are located near the swimming pools, where soft drinks, cocktails and ice cream are served.

Entertainment and sport on Ovation of the Seas

Additionally to the above mentioned novelties, Ovation of the Seas’ guests will be offered traditional services as well:

  • The Royal Theater introduces performances in the style of Broadway shows, air shows, 3D film shows. Its capacity is 1299 seats.
  • Casino Royale presents slot machines, video poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, poker.
  • Solarium swimming pool (for adults only) is a swimming pool with sliding roof. It is located on the desks thirteen – fourteen. On the desk fourteen above the swimming pool there is a huge screen, on which films and big sport competitions are broadcast. For example, there can be broadcast top film festivals, such as Cannes Film Festival and others.
  • Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center is the area of relax and fitness. This is a modern fitness centre with modern fitness equipment. The beauty salon offers a full range of services and spa treatments (massages, body wraps, manicure). There is a circular running track for sport fans as well as climbing wall on the desk fifteen.

Children rest

Royal Caribbean Company always remembers about the guests of teenage and junior age. On the desk eleven there is award-winning attraction for children called “Adventure Ocean” with a rest program designed for children and teenagers of several age groups. H2O zone is located on the desk fourteen, playing area for children with slides and sculptures, from which the water spray fly. In the evening this area is turned into a beautifully lighted garden with various sculptures. “The Living Room” and “Fuel Teen Disco” is a rest zone for teenagers only, where they are offered several kinds of entertainment and separate night club.