30 Laws Of Life: How To Make Universe Help You


How To Make Universe Help You1. The law of emptiness

Everything begins with emptiness. The emptiness should be filled.

2. The law of barrier

Opportunities are not given in store. There should be taken a decision to overcome the barrier as suppositional obstacle. The opportunities are given after the inner decision. The dearest wishes are given to us with the forces for their realization.

3. The law of neutral position

To change yourself you should stop first and then change the direction of your movement.

4. The law of payment

You have to pay for everything: for actions and for inaction. What will cost more? Sometimes the answer is obvious only at the end of your life, on the dying bed – inaction costs more. The avoiding of failures does not make person happy. “There was a lot of failures in my life, most of them never happened at all” – these are the words of an old man to his sons before death.

5. The law of similarity.

Something similar is attracted by another similar. There are no accident people in our life. We attract to ourselves not the people we want to attract, but those who is just like us.

6. The law of thinking

The inner world of thoughts of a human turns into external world of things. You should not look for the reasons of failures in the external world, try to look inside. Our external world is the world of our inner thoughts.

7. The law of balance beam

When a person wants something but can not get it, he / she should find other interest that is equal in its power to the first one.

8. The law of attraction

Person attracts what he / she likes, is afraid of or constantly waits, it means everything that is in his / hers central focused consciousness. Life gives us what we expect to get from it, not what we want. What you expect, that you will get.

9. The law of request

If you ask nothing from life, you get nothing as well. If we ask something we do not even understand what exactly, then we get who knows what. Our request attracts corresponding reality.

10. The law of narrowness №1

You can not foresee everything. Every person sees or hears what he / she understands, that is why all possible circumstances can not be taken into consideration. Everything depends on our inner barriers, our own limitations. There are accidents that happen without our will, they can not be predicted, and we can not be responsible for them. Even having very strong desire a person can not control everything what happens in life.

11. The law of narrowness №2

One can not have everything. A person can constantly be in need for something. The secret of happiness is not in indulging your whims and desires, but in ability to be glad with what you have. It is not easy to be satisfied with little things, but it is much more difficult to be satisfied with big ones. You may lose your happiness looking for wealth, and it means to lose everything you have. You can get the world and lose your soul.

12. The law of regularity

Things that are not dependent on us happen very often in our life. A case that happens once can be considered as an accident, if it happens twice – it is coincidence, but when it happens for the third time – it is regularity.

13. The law of changes

If you want changes in your life, take control over the circumstances in your hands. You can not change your life without changing anything in it and changing yourself. A person often loses a chance given by destiny just because of the inactivity or passivity. Who sets priorities in your life – you or someone else? Maybe life itself sets them and you just go with the flow? Be master of your destiny! If you do not set off, you will never come to your destination point.

14. The law of development

Life makes people solve the problems that they try to avoid, are afraid of solving them. However you will have to solve these problems anyway and maybe on the new stage of your life. The intensity of emotions and worries will be stronger, and the price of solving will be higher. Something you try to avoid will get you anyway.

15. The taxi law

If you are not a driver, if you are driven, so the farther you will be taken, the more you will have to pay. If you do not order the route, you may come anywhere. The more you go in the wrong way, the more difficult it will be to come back.

16. The law of choice

Our life consists of enormous variety and number of choices. You always have a choice. Our choice can be not to make any choice at all. The world is full of opportunities. However acquisitions do not happen without a loss. Accepting something we refuse something else at the same time. Entering a door we miss another door. Everyone decides himself what is more important. Losses may also bring you an acquisition.

17. The half way law

In a relationship with other person your zone is half way. You can not control other person’s conduct completely. A person may not move at all and you can not finish the way instead of him and make that person change.

18. The law of new creation

To create something new you need to:

a) destroy the old one if it is necessary, “clean” the place, make time, mobilize the forces to create the new;

b) know what exactly you want to create. Do not destroy if you do not know the way to creation. You need to know where you go. If you do not know, you will come to wrong place.

19. The law of balance

However much a person wants to change the life and way of thinking, the stereotypes of his / hers conduct will try to keep him / her in previous habitual life. If person manages to change something in life, the new changed life will obey the law of balance. Changes usually happen slowly and painfully because of inertia in thoughts and behaviour, inner resistance and reaction of people who surround you.

20. The law of opposites

We can not imagine our life without opposites, there are birth and death, love and hate, friendship and contest, meeting and parting, joy and suffering, loss and gain. Man is also controversial: on the one hand, we seek for stable life, but at the same time on the other hand a kind of dissatisfaction pushes us forward. In the world of opposites a person tries to find lost balance in himself, in relationships with other people and with life. Everything has its beginning and end; this is the circle of life. The pair of opposites keeps the balance, and the existence of opposites creates the variety of life. Sometimes to understand something you need to see its opposite side. One opposite can not exist without another one, we need the night to see the day.

21. The law of harmony

Human looks for harmony everywhere: inside himself, in the world. You can reach the harmony with the world only when you are in harmony with yourself. Good attitude to yourself, self-acceptance is the key to the harmony with the world, people and your soul. Harmony does not mean the absence of difficulties and conflicts that can be stimulus for self-development. The harmony between the mind, feeling and action – maybe this is happiness?

22. The law of good and evil

The world is not created for pleasure only. It does not always correspond to our ideas and desires. Person, who can not do good things, can not appreciate good from others. Evil does not exist for those who can not see evil.

23. The law of miracle

If something irritates you it means you have it. The things that a person does not want to hear from others are the most important things on this stage of life. The other person can be our miracle helping to show us something that we do not see, do not notice or know about ourselves. When we avoid people who irritate us, who cause negative feelings, we do not give us a chance to change our life, we deprive ourselves of self-development opportunities.

24. The law of complement

We need people, events, and sources of knowledge that can give us what we want to have, but have it in a very small amount. We try to complete ourselves from the outside. Our desire to have someone or something is in fact our rejection, denial of our own merits, disbelief that we have them.

25. The law of chain reaction

If you let your negative feelings take control over you, in this case one unpleasant feeling will cause another and so on. If you live constantly dreaming about something, then the real world is replaced by the world of fantasy. It can be hard to stop the flow of negative thoughts, so the person develops the habit to worry, suffer, dream, i.e. go away from reality, from the problems solving. A thought that gets most of your time acts as a magnet attracting similar thoughts. It is easy to deal with one worrying thought that with a dozen of them. In the communication process with other people we tend to adopt their mood by means of emotional infection.

26. The law of suppression

The things that person suppresses in his thoughts or actions, that he / she denies, may come out in the most inopportune time. You should accept your thoughts and feelings, not suppress and store them inside you. Accept yourself, accept what you dislike about yourself, and do not criticize yourself. The acceptance and recognition of something you deny about yourself contribute to self-development. It allows you to live full life.

27. The law of acceptance or calmness

The life itself is neither good nor bad. Our perception makes it good or bad. Life is as it is. You should accept life, enjoy life, and appreciate life. Trust your life, trust the power of your mind and heart. Everything will be as it should be, even if you do not expect it or think differently.

28. The law of your personality evaluation

Other people almost always evaluate you just as you evaluate yourself. You should accept and appreciate yourself. Do not create idols or an image of unachievable, perfect you. When you try to gain the love of everyone (what is not possible), you neglect your own needs, you may lose yourself and lose respect to yourself. You can not be perfect in everything.

29. The law of energy exchange

The better person knows himself and the world, the more that person can take and give to the world. If you give more than take, it will lead to energy exhaustion. If you give someone more than get, you may fell offense. The world exists in order that we could share it with one another.

30. The law of the meaning of life

We come from nothing trying to get the meaning of life and then we go into nothing. Each person has his own sense of life that changes on different stages of life. What is the meaning of life – strive for something or just live? Striving for something we miss the life, i.e. we lose the process because of the result. Maybe the most important sense of life is life itself. We have to live life, accept it, in this case we will manage to accept life in its diversity and the life will colour human existence with bright paints. Person wins in life when he / she does not ask destiny to give the recipe and panacea for all diseases and for all ills.

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