Guide To The Most Beautiful Places In Europe


Guide To The Most Beautiful PlacesAh summer! Didn’t you forget that it’s time to make the plans for the next three months of the best season of the year? Have you already charged your camera, packed your phone with monopod to make cool photos and bought a pair of new swimsuits to impress the aborigines with your perfectly built body? If you are still thinking over the question how to spend your vacations, where to go and how to get maximum of pleasure at minimum cost, the next article will definitely make you take a decision. All those, who have no summer plans, should stick to their monitors right now! Drop all your affairs and spend several minutes on looking through the info below. It may really change your life once and forever!

If you are ready to sink into the ancient, fascinating and rich world of so multifaced European culture, we will give you such an opportunity. Europe proposes you the wide choice of places, where even the most capricious tourist is able to spend his summer vacations more than perfectly! Beaches, oceans, luxurious resorts, ancient cities with noisy cobble streets, stylish boutiques, Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milanese sales… The list of pleasures, which you can get in Europe, is endless. Dear old Europe is so different that it is impossible not to find any corner for yourself! Come on! Spend your time greatly!

Never Been to Europe?

If you have never been to Europe, it’s time to start exploring this wonderful and gorgeous part of the world. Choose one of the proposed places to visit and you’ll thank us for these tips after your trip is finished.

1. The Italian Riviera.

Italy! This country, which has the smell of oranges everywhere and which is associated with the most passionate and beautiful people of the world, should be visited at least once in life. The Italian Riviera is considered to be one of the best points of destination while travelling around Italy. Numerous beautiful beaches, unforgettable cuisine and the local pomegranate cocktail ‘Tintoretto’ are worth seeing and trying.

2. Tuscany.

Tuscany is one more Italian region, which should be visited by the tourists to get inspiration from the ancient architecture and degust the famous Tuscany wine, which has no analogues in the world.

3. Rome.

You will find no tour agency, where you are not proposed to buy a trip to Rome, which is one of the most fascinating and ancient European capitals. If you haven’t seen the Coliseum yet, this summer is the perfect opportunity to correct this mistake.

4. Venice.

You shouldn’t be a big Italy lover to fall in love with this watery city at first sight. Don’t miss a chance to get into one Gondola with the professional Italian gondoliers. It’s super thrilling experience!

5. Lauterbrunnen.

Unforgettable Swiss village is situated between the mountains. Valleys, fountains, waterfalls are everywhere here. When you are in Lauterbrunnen, it seems that the time stops ticking and you are lost somewhere between the centuries.

6. Greece.

The Greek islands, which are numerous in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas, can’t stop attracting tourists from all over the world. The authentic Greek culture can’t stop reminding about the ancient gods even when you are relaxing on the beach. The mystery is everywhere here! If you come to Greece, stay at least for several days in Athens. Be sure that you will never forget these weekends.

7. Hallstatt.

The magnificent Austrian town, which is situated on the shore of the super beautiful and blue lake, is a perfect place for fishing, relaxing and going deep into the reflections about life. If you like boating, buy a ticket and come here quicker!

8. Lodon.

Those my fellows, who have been to the capital of Great Britain, insist that even if you visit it every season, you will always find something new and interesting here. It is impossible to disclose all the secrets of London. Don’t you have any photo next to the red phone box? London is waiting for you then!

9. Cornwall.

If you visit England, you can’t miss the house of King Arthur. It’s worth seeing! Fishing villages, calm beaches, giant stones…  Cornwall is unique and very beautiful!

10. Paris.

The next city, which captures the imagination of every new visitor of the French capital, is Paris with its famous Eiffel Tower. The Parisian streets are filled with romanticism, desire to love and be loved. France is really the best place for the couples, which want to refresh their relations. The families with children won’t feel bored here too! The Disneyland in Paris is bombastic!

11. Amsterdam.

Are you active and go crazy over the hustle and bustle of large cities? Amsterdam is the place, you need to visit then! Beautiful, bright, intellectual – the life is humming here! Be sure that you’ll have no free minute in Amsterdam. It will capture you up to the hilt.

12. Madrid.

If you like to spend time in hot country, where it is possible to mix the intellectual pastime with the nightlife in equal proportions, the Spanish capital is exactly what you need. Visit the modern art museums during the day and continue making fun in the best nightclubs and restaurants of the world. Dance till the morning and enjoy your life! Your vacation will be great if you spend it in Madrid!

13. Barcelona.

Oh, I am dreaming about visiting Barcelona, though my cherished dream hasn’t been materialized yet. Perfect beaches and noisy streets of big city are mixed in Barcelona more than successfully. The Catalan restaurants can’t be forgotten! The cathedrals will remain in your memory forever! Don’t think for too long and go to Barcelona if you have such an opportunity!

14. Berlin.

Both the East and West Berlin should be visited by you if you come to the capital of Germany. Its architecture is unique, its gardens are marvelous, and its people are cool. The German sausages will hardly leave you cold and make you order one portion of beer and perfectly roasted meat.

15. Copenhagen.

Are you interested in Scandinavian culture? You are welcome to Copenhagen then! What can you see here? The Hamlet’s castle is in Copenhagen, the Mermaid statue is here too. You need to see these sights! I am sure in this!

The top-15 European places, which described for you, are unforgettable. Of course, you won’t be able to visit all of them at once, though you may visit one place a year and soon you will be the best expert of European culture. Buy the other papers from our specialists and get more info about the wonders of the world, which are still unknown to you.