Life Changing Event Essay: Now Or Never!


Aren’t you sure that it is easy to change your habitual lifestyle? Don’t you know how to do this? The event changed my life essay will be the perfect manual for those, who are tired of the everyday torments.

I am able to say that even if your life seems to be too monotonous and you have a feeling that no great achievements or simply sharp turnings are waiting for you, an event that may change your destiny will suddenly happen to you! Just try to look closer at the flow of your life and you will see that from time to time you are put in the situations, which are really able to change your future dramatically. Everything depends on you and it is not just the loud statement. It is not my fantasy and my own experience is able to prove this. I propose you my essay on life changing experience, which is able to show you that life can be turned around. Are you ready? Here is my life changing moment essay for you.

Good Child?

My infinite love to my parents always made me follow their counsels. I couldn’t let myself stay heedless of their advice like a lot of my friends did. I knew that they just pretended that they listen to the suggestions, though they turned back and did as they liked. Such actions hurt the parents, due to whom we came into this world. I respected them greatly and my good upbringing prevented me from debating the decisions, which were usually made by them. I didn’t understand that such spinelessness would bring me too many troubles in the future. I didn’t even think that it was impossible that all my problems would be always solved by my mom and dad. My parents were not immortal and one day they would simply leave this world…

My indecisiveness was not a problem for me when I was a child. It was even cool that the full responsibility for my actions was laid on my mom and dad, though when I got a bit older, it became evident that not everything was so well.

A Bit More Decisiveness

Only now, when I am at my 24, I understand perfectly that it is not right to take all the decisions instead of your child. The parents should teach their kid to be independent and rely on nobody but himself even if he doesn’t’ like it. I know for sure that the strong character can’t be acquired at once. There is really a long way between you as a child and you as a mature person. The psychologists insist that any child must be taught to accept responsibility for his right and wrong actions equally from the age of 3! Can you imagine this? My case was difficult; there was a real abyss, which separated me from my childhood. I started noticing that in fact my life was not mine and I was just a puppet.

Only when an event that changed my life happened and I found myself at the crossroads, I understood: now or never! I had to defeat the huge feeling of fear inside my mind and take the decision, which could make me another person.

I Had To!

I started facing the issues, which seemed to be unsolvable for me. For example, such a trouble as which university to choose had to be solved by me only. It was my own life and my future profession, with which I was going to connect my life. Unfortunately, I committed a terrible error and let my parents interfere in my life again. I entered the University, where I suffered from the subjects, which I didn’t understand at all. Of course, I had my own preferences, though my desire to become a professional photographer wasn’t supported. My dad was not very satisfied with such a creative profession for me. He was pretty sure that it was just the trend, which wouldn’t be demandable for too long. He wanted a more usual profession for me. He was sure that such a profession as an architect suited me perfectly. He insisted that constructing of the buildings seemed to be enough commercial and interesting job. I had to resist, though I didn’t do this…

My studying process was hard; I could even say that it was too exhaustive for me. I liked nothing about my new life: students, teachers, subjects and future perspectives… I got no satisfaction and the feeling of annoyance grew inside me daily. I tried to suppress my emotions and continued grinding at the boring subjects. My patience snapped in a moment. My next project was ready to be presented and when I showed it, I was criticized bitterly. My teacher was not mild in his comments. I stood in front of my group mates, who chuckled at me and I felt that I would burst with anger soon. I was right. I packed my bag and left the lecture-room forever.

I came home and said that I wouldn’t study here. I was full of decisiveness to enter another high school the next day. My parents were amazed. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect that I was able to make such a turn, though I did it. I listened to the abuses day after day and it seemed that people around me were sure that I would never fight back.

Life Changing Essay

I am a student, though I combine my study with work. I make not bad money. My hobby to make the photos became my profession. I am happy enough to be a photographer and make other people happy. I think about my protest very often and I understand clearly that if I didn’t leave the audience many years ago, I would never become such successful person today. I would be an ordinary architect, whose ugly projects spoiled the appearance of our city. Now my pictures make the fashion magazines more vivid and attractive for the readers. I am really proud of the fact that despite my young age I am so popular.  

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