Atomic Bomb Essay: No More Hiroshima!


Atomic Bomb Essay‘In answer to the question, ‘Was the development of the atomic bomb by the United States necessary?’ I reply unequivocally, ‘Yes.’ To the question, ‘Is atomic energy a force for good or for evil?’ I can only say, ‘As mankind wills it’ (Leslie Richard Groves (1896-1970), a United States Army Corps of Engineers officer and director of the Manhattan Project).

The development of atomic bomb still makes people feel alert somewhere deep in their souls. Such a monstrous apparatus, which is able to destroy a good part of the world, kill unbelievable amount of living creatures and bring the irreparable harm, exists in the world and may be detonated any moment. It is really hard to go to bed and be sure in your future, because hardly a common person is able to be sure even in his tomorrow. The next day may really never come. Will you wake up or the atomic bomb will be dropped on your city like years ago on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The unstable and tense atmosphere between the countries of the world makes people feel worried. Everybody understands perfectly that if the situation will be pushed to the limit, the third world war won’t last for several years like the previous ones. The modern weapons of mass destruction will solve any conflict just by pressing the button. It will take just several seconds.

Bloody Experience of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Seventy one years ago, on August 6, 1945, the Japanese city Hiroshima was subjected to a violent bombing. The US bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the city and killed 80,000 people. Can you imagine the power of just one warhead, which caused so much harm? It was not the last tragedy in the history of Japan. Three days later the same thing repeated with the city of Nagasaki, on which another atomic bomb was dropped. 40,000 citizens died, though it was not the end. The time was flowing by and people continued dying from the radiation, which was caused by bombardment. More than 100,000 people went out of this world… They were dying slowly, painfully and even the most skilled doctors weren’t able to release them from the terrible symptoms, which tortured them during the lasts days of life.

The USA President Harry Truman, at the order of whom these bombardments were accomplished, remained the only person in the history of mankind, who allowed to rock the world with such inhumane trials. These were the first and, thank God, the last nuclear attacks in the history, which haven’t been happened again yet.

The atomic bomb, which was under development of the best American scientists from 1942, became just the desire of America to show its power and supremacy over all the other nations. There are still a lot of historians, which can’t accept the fact that it is possible to acquire the leadership at such a high price. So great people’ casualties just for the desire to demonstrate the military strength. It sounds strange and horribly.

Atomic Bomb

What’s exactly atomic bomb and how it works? It is a device with a great destructive power, which kills everything within the danger area. The nuclear reaction, which occurs inside the device, releases the huge quantity of energy and it happens in a matter of seconds. The amount of energy, which the atomic bombs produce, may be compared with the energy, which is released from several thousand or even several million tons of TNT.

The nuclear bombs, which were dropped on Japan during the World War II, can’t be compared with the modern bombs, which have already been modernized greatly. If such a bomb is brought into action, it may kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. The area, which an atomic bomb explosion may overwhelm, is measured in dozens of miles. The light from the explosion causes blindness; the heat leads to firestorms.

The first atomic bomb was tested on July 16, 1945 in New Mexico. When the bomb exploded, people from the near-by territories saw the huge fireball of mushroom shape and which was more than 600 meters high.

Maybe not everybody knows, though nuclear may destroy our civilization and the bombs, the total number of those, which are ready to be launched, is more than 25,000 warheads, are able to do this any moment.

Watch Out: Danger!

A lot of people are sure that there is no danger on this planet, which is more destructive than an atomic bomb explosion, though there is a category of people, who see nothing dangerous in this. Maybe, they simply don’t think too much about this or they tend to believe that such a catastrophe may never happen again. A lot of people simply don’t know what bombardment is and how it is fearful to come under fire and be evacuated from your sweet home then. Of course, I am not a witness of Nagasaki’s bombardment. I am not sure that even if I had lived during the World War II, I would have stayed alive and haven’t died of shock and fear. I could just say that I know firsthand what bombardment is. I know how it is awful when the bombs are falling on you and when there is no place, where you may feel protected. Life seems to be great and beautiful until you get into a situation, when nothing depends on you and you are just a prisoner of the definite circumstances.

I was in Syria, when the first bombs reached the surface of the earth. I saw my relatives in blood and a lot of my friends didn’t survive these first air attacks. I don’t even want to imagine how the atomic bomb detonates, because the explosions, which I saw, were enough for me to understand that there are no more terrible phenomena on the planet than the war. It is not just a movie. It’s life. Every day before going to bed, I beg God not to let our planet be turned into the next Hiroshima.

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