Immigration Essay: East Or West, Home Is Best?


Immigration EssayYou wonder why people can’t stay within their own countries and move around the world in search of a better life. A lot of people are really sure that a person should be of use and do his best to live better only in the country, where he was born. In fact, the rightness of such an affirmation is more than doubtful because each of us lives under different conditions. If your motherland isn’t rocked by the armed conflicts and you aren’t deafened by everyday bombardments, if your house isn’t ruined by the air raids and a good amount of your relatives isn’t murdered by the terrorists, if poverty doesn’t strangle your throat and your children don’t die from hunger, your home is really seemed to be the sweetest place on the planet.

Those, who don’t suffer from global problems, are able to afford themselves to glare down upon the immigrants with the utmost contempt, while those, who know what misery is, sympathize with poor people, who try to cross the boarders between the states dead or alive.

Unfortunately, more and more countries sink into the mire of conflicts, economic dislocations and many other troubles of countywide level.

Immigration is the global issue, which heads the top of the most nagging problems of the mankind now and even the best minds of the world politics are helpless in finding the measures how to stop this illegal moving between the nations.

We tried to take an attempt to look closer at this problem and the conclusions of these reflections were shaped into the essay on illegal immigration.

The Great Scourge

In fact, there is nothing bad in immigration itself if it is carried out according to the laws of the country, to which people come. As to the illegal immigration, it can be defined as the crossing of the national borders of the country, which breaks the immigration law of the country of destination. Those, who leave their homes, are usually people of very poor countries descent, who try to find shelter all over the world. The developed and industrialized countries are among the most popular places to come to.

The United States of America is a country, the amount of illegal immigrants in which is really shocking! The USA has always been one of the most adorable places to find the shelter in and nowadays it continues suffering from unauthorized immigrants not less than Europe from the Syrian refugees.

The amount of illegal immigrants in the USA has really decreased if to compare the indexes of 2007 and 2014. The statistics showed that there were nearly 12,5 million immigrants in the US in 2007, while in 2014 this index was reduced and composed only 11,3. It is the real victory of the authorities that began to solve the problems of illegal immigration and do this rather successfully, by the way.

Nearly half of the immigrants in the US are Mexicans (5,6 million people). Little by little this problem is solving too and the number of authorized Mexicans has already been reduced in comparison with 2009 (nearly 6,5 million).

The most interesting fact, which has been discovered by the researchers, is that about 7% of the American students have at least one parent, who is an illegal immigrant.

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We pass to another paragraph of our persuasive essay on immigration, which will tell about the main reasons that make millions of people change their habitual lifestyle, uproot throughout the world, leave their property and become homeless in the new countries.

Essay on Immigration: Killing Facts

As it was said at the beginning of the illegal immigration essay, people are obliged to leave their motherland in attempts to find some better living conditions. What are the main aspects, which motivate people to go through thousands of barriers, find their deaths on their ways to a dream-country and be deported from it then? The statistics shows the killing numbers of those, who drown in the oceans, who are imprisoned and who lose their relatives forever.

Let’s examine the most widespread reasons of people’ roaming over the world. The terrible life conditions in the country that is on fire, which make the Syrian people run for their life last year, led to the shocking consequences. More than 2,600 illegal immigrants, who tried to reach Europe, drown in the Mediterranean Sea during 2015.

More often people leave their homes to:

  • Find the better future in the countries, where the salaries are higher, the perspectives are more attractive and financial stability seems to be not so distinct. The parents, who haven’t accomplished all their life goals themselves, send their children to look for better life in the more prosperous countries. Do they usually find what they were searching of? Not exactly.
  • Escape from natural disasters, which ruin the whole cities and make people look for security.
  • Protect themselves from armed conflicts, wars, political or religious persecutions.

Hopeless people, who venture to immigrate illegally, may annoy the aboriginal inhabitants. The crimes, the riots and even the murders, which are committed by the immigrants, disturb people. Nobody wants his home to be changed into the ground for criminality and anarchy. The strange interdependence between the level of undocumented immigrants and the increasing number of crimes is not a mystery any more. We guess that there is even no need to explain this phenomenon because the lawlessness always gives rise to evil.

 From the other side, those, who make a safe gateway, can’t be judged too harshly. The problem of unauthorized migrating not should but must be solved as soon as possible!

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