Essay About Yourself: Not A Soapy Drama


Essay About YourselfI sat still. The horror paralyzed my musculoskeletal system and held me tight. Its cold hands penetrated under the skin and made my body trembling as if it had been 20 degrees below zero and I had been absolutely naked. Unfortunately, no coat was able to save me from these chilling feelings. My eyes were closed and I wasn’t able to make myself open them. The extra bright and frequent light flashes were so powerful that they blinded me even with the thoroughly compressed eyelids. Both the air and the ground were shaken by the colossal explosions, which made people lose bearings. It seemed that I was in the centrifuge and it rotated me without making any stops. I was disoriented, scared and paralyzed. It was impossible to survive this bombardment, the intensity of which didn’t decrease but was getting stronger and stronger every minute. Just one thought came into my head then: it would be not bad if I died right at the moment.

Suddenly the battle slackened. The ear buzzing was still too loud. I continued sitting with my eyes closed and even the thoughts about changing the pose didn’t come into my head. My legs became rubbery, my arms became numb. I resembled not a person but a small shriveled doll, which was made of wood, or plastic, or any other synthetic material.

Two hours of intensive bombardment from the Israeli military forces killed my last hope for living in peace. Maybe I was the last one, who hoped that soon this nightmare would come to end and we all would live in peace and harmony, the bombardments would vanished from the memory and we would be able to start our lives from scratch. The last bomb, which was dropped on my native city, destroyed not only some nearby buildings, a good part of infrastructure and killed our neighbors, but ruined my faith in the future.

It was too dangerous to continue living in the Gaza Strip, though it seemed impossible to leave the motherland in trouble. My family was too tired of such a life and they worried greatly over me. I was the only child of my parents and, like all adequate people, they wanted the best future for their adored kid. We packed just the most necessary things and left our home forever. My sweet home… How I missed it! I wanted to shout, ‘Please, stop this war!’, though I didn’t know how would hear me…

Introducing Myself

The new period in our life was started. We moved to America, where we needed several long years to feel rehabilitated from all the nightmares of the war. Every night I got up in the cold sweat and each noise, which I heard, made me come back to ruined Gaza with its night bombardments. Soon I got used to live in the place, which was free from any armed conflicts, gunfights and where the bomber-fighters didn’t circling right above your head.

I entered the university, which became the best pill from all my problems. I attended all the possible clubs and tried to catch up the lost time. I hadn’t been able to live like all the teens of the world did and our life had been deprived of many moments, which were considered to be habitual in America.

My grades in university were not very good at once, though little by little I started progressing. I was told that my mind was cute but I was a bit withdrawn and shy. I was thankful to people, who surrounded me during these several years, because they contributed much to my recovery. Unlike a lot of my peers, I didn’t feel anxious over the studying process, the everyday troubles and the problems, which arose here and there. The fuss of everyday life, which was absent in Gaza, made me happy. I had a surge of energy daily and this new life was to my liking.

Only Perfect Essays About Yourself

When we were given the task to compose an introduce yourself essay, my group mates started making the faces. Such a perspective made them sad. I always knew that writing a college essay about yourself was not a super difficult task, though when I began it, I was stricken by a sudden attack of pain. So many memories rushed into my head that I thought it would burst. Living in the severe conditions and being always ready that every new day could become the last for you or for somebody of those, whom you loved more than life, chilled me. I compared everything with the war and when I thought about it, such a task as college essays about yourself writing seemed to be super easy.

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As for me, I knew what I should tell the readers, because my past life was the indicator, which showed how I became such a person as I am now. The war is terrible and it can’t be justified by any means. Despite this, it is the perfect tool, which helps to form a strong character and acquire the qualities, which nobody around you has.

My experience was only mine and I couldn’t get rid of this part of my life even if I had had such a desire. I never concealed the fact that I was from Gaza and when I was asked what I was doing in America, I answered that my enormous desire not to spoil my only life led me here.

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