Cheating Essay: Never Late To Apologize


Cheating EssayCheating essay writing made me admit my guilt and venture to make a clean breast of it, though let’s start from the very beginning.

I have a lot of principles in my life, though there is one, which I try never to break. I do my best to be honest and tell the truth without concealing any facts. If you wonder whether such a practice is difficult, I won’t be able to give a soon answer… I need some time to think about this. Being honest is not a harder thing than any other habit of yours and you need no additional skills and knowledge to keep to it. I was always told by my parents that it was not good to tell lies and constant reminding of this postulate made me beware of the liars.

I haven’t always been as honest as I am now and it seems that it is time to tell the truth. A necessity to write the essay cheating is the best motive to make such a statement. Although cheating is prohibited in all educational institutions and I know that I can be punished for the next words, nevertheless I am going to pronounce them: I cheated once or twice. I still feel terribly sorry for these incidents and I want to say: my dear teachers! I beg your pardon!

As I was in the shoes of the cheaters, I can define the main causes of this phenomenon and explain why the students go to extremes and break the school law. All the logic conclusions of mine will be collected and described in my essay on cheating.

Three Quarters of Students Cheat!

Don’t you know how to determine cheating? In my cheat essay you will find all the necessary info about this dishonest act, which is committed by more than 75% of the students. Any trying of a student to accomplish his academic task and get a high mark for it then without having strong knowledge in the subject is called cheating.

Cheating may have different forms and despite the fact that some students are sure that peeping in the copybook of his fellow student or informing nobody about the acts of cheating are not considered to be the crimes, the teaching staff says in unison: any trying to get the mark dishonestly and concealing the attempts of others to do the same is regarded as cheating!

The students are really very inventive in their desire to fill the gap in knowledge and make nobody notice this. The ways, which are used by the young men in high schools to wrap the teachers around the finger, are getting more and more ingenious year after year. The modern technologies, great number of gadgets, which are connected to the Net and are equipped with the cameras, have made the students’ lives even easier. It is not a problem for the students of one group to make a photo of the test papers and pass them to their followers then. Some students, who are allotted with the entrepreneurial spirit, go even further and sell such photos to his course mates. Do you think that nobody dares to do this? If you really think so, I can tell that you simply know nothing about being a student.

Looking at the fellow student’s test paper, allowing the friend to copy your answers, using the books and other sources of materials while it is forbidden, whispering to one another, concealing of the other students’ attempts to cheat are the most common forms of dishonest actions, which are committed in all the educational institutions daily. Even the most prestigious schools such as Harvard are not protected from this phenomenon, though the administration tries to do its best to suppress all the attempts of teens to get the marks by deceptive means.

Why Are You Cheating?

What are the motives that make children not learn the material to succeed and be dishonest instead of this? The researches have already explored the main reasons, which make the students cheat. They start looking for the unfair methods of getting more successful when:

  • They need to get good mark at any cost;
  • They are too overloaded with homework and have not enough time to prepare all the tasks;
  • They have too many exams or tests;
  • The material is not explained properly by the teacher;
  • The side job kills all the time;
  • The parents demands too high results;
  • The opportunity to improve the results arise as if from nowhere;
  • The students know that nobody is really punished for cheating.

Visit Us Instead of Cheating!

Cheating is unfair and I am pretty sure that everyone should get the grades, which correspond adequately to his knowledge. Some students forget about sleep and work hard daily and nightly to get the proper knowledge, while others enjoy their lives and benefit from someone else’s work then. The task of teachers and parents is to explain children that it is not right to steal the work of other kids and that they should be responsible for their deeds, knowledge and future only. In fact, it is really so and nobody will help them to execute their work while they become the adults.

How is it possible to terminate academic cheating? I think that the teachers should be more inventive than their pupils and organize the process of studying so that nobody will be able to cheat. If they continue taking the attempts to act dishonestly, those children should get the automatic failure. If they don’t understand the first warning, they should be expelled from the school. Does my proposition sound too strict? Despite this, I think it is the most effective method in such a complicated situation.

This essay about cheating in school had just one aim: we wanted to show you the right way in life. We adjure you never to cheat and if you are in situation, of which you are not able to get out with no help, better go to and take advantage of the offers, which the professionals propose you. Our database is full of various essays on cheating and you will easily choose one for yourself. Only the best writing service is really able to help you to find the best solutions of all the academic problems.