Creative Assignment Writing: Necessity Or Nonsense?


Creativity in writing assignments

Creativity is, probably, the most demanded skill in today’s world. Despite the rapid development of technologies and science, a bright, vivid imagination is still appreciated. It’s not enough to have in-depth knowledge and experience to succeed in the modern world. Imagination and talent to apply it for meeting the challenges are essential too. In this regard, students often get assignments developing this feature.  At first glance, such tasks seem to be easy. You think that you have the freedom to do whatever you want. What can be simpler than just to express your thoughts and ideas concerning a particular issue? The thing is that creativity is born at the intersection of intellectual skills and imagination. If you lack any of these characteristics, you will have significant difficulties. Luckily, you have an opportunity to use If you need urgent help with such tasks, get the best custom writing assistance from our professional consultants.

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Perhaps, every teenager has creative abilities, to a varying degree. Even if you consider yourself a conventional person, you still have chances to improve this capacity. Creativity implies individual abilities to accept and invent fundamentally new ideas. This approach excludes traditional patterns of thinking. The truth is that everyone can successfully practice this way of ideation. Unfortunately, upbringing, educational and social systems often kill such abilities by setting frames, standards, and rules.

Creativity is

Creativity has the following compulsory features:

  • uniqueness (qualitatively new thoughts, technologies, decisions);
  • flexibility (creative process easily adapts to new conditions);
  • a successful result (witty, bold solutions).

One more interesting observation from our expert. If one can make art, it doesn’t always mean that he/she has creative thinking in other spheres. For example, if somebody writes cool poems, it’s not a guarantee of flexible, innovative ideation in business.

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Check out undeniable advantages of creativeness:

  1. It helps to solve crucial problems when logic is helpless.
  2. Creative thinking pushes the individual to find the most unusual ways of development.
  3. Creativity makes life vivid and full.
  4. It allows realizing even incredible plans.
  5. Creativity is essential for self-realization.

Two sides of creativity

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     1. Creativity is an innate feature. 

Good news for those who haven’t got a gift of creativity at birth. Recent research shows that one can successfully develop this feature. It’s about constant practice and diligence. Do you know a brilliant cartoonist Walt Disney? He was fired from The Kansas City Star in the day. According to the editor of this newspaper, Disney had no imagination and could not think creatively. Yet, watching his amazing cartoons, we can’t agree with this suggestion.  

     2. Inspiration cannot be controlled.

It’s a common belief that a muse decides whether to visit a person or not. Waiting for insight, we often hope for a miracle. Nevertheless, scientists proved, that an epiphany is only a logical result of the hard work. Your brain is constantly pondering your issues. It’s a non-stop process, as your mind processes information even at night, when you sleep. Finally, when you are distracted from solving a certain issue, you suddenly get the best answer. Thus, inspiration is nothing more than the final stage of the thinking process. If you decide to wait for your muse without making efforts, don’t count on brilliant results.

     3. You need isolation from society (the myth of the “lonely creator”).

We often associate a creative process with loneliness. Images of writers and painters, working on their masterpieces in personal studios or huts in the middle of nowhere, are still popular. Yet, the modern world dictates new rules. It’s not compulsory to go to the end of the world searching for inspiration and solitude. For instance, artists of American motion-picture studio Pixar create new characters sitting at one table. When someone invents an exciting idea, he/she makes a sketch and puts it to the center of the table. This picture can become the start of a creative process for other participants.

     4. Creativity is the privilege of a narrow circle of people.

Long ago arts and science were available mainly for elites. In the Middle Ages, only people with unique abilities could engage in creative activities. (According to modern films, all the rest fought with dragons, cultivated the land or raided neighbors). Meantime, researchers determined that talent and financial status are not the primary points for the development of creativity. In this case, diligence and a strong wish play a more significant role. Thomas Edison rightly believed that creativity is 1% of inspiration and 99% of hard work.

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Creativity is an ambiguous notion. So many posts were written to support this characteristic. Yet, despite all its positive aspects, this concept is often criticized too. Check out negative consequences of creative tasks, prepared by the team of our professionals.

  • Loss of concentration. As a rule, creativity is closely linked with the break from reality. One gets distracted from the routine life when the muse comes. Meanwhile, it’s impossible to be constantly concentrated on a particular task. Imagination often makes us wander in long labyrinths of the human mind. In doing so, people lose the main point of their assignment.
  • Time-consuming process. Nowadays creativity is considered to be an essential feature of a modern man. Therefore, it is often mentioned in resumes. Sometimes employers believe that this skill is a magic capability helping to solve all problems immediately. It’s not always like that. The first thing is that a creative process can be unpredictable. One can find a proper decision in two minutes or spend the whole day to cope with it. In addition, a vivid imagination is a talent that must be continuously developed. It’s like a muscle, one should always train. In most cases, creativeness brings the best results in the long term.
  • Dealing with nonsense. Creativity doesn’t always imply brilliant ideas. Don’t forget about the process of generating solutions. Mediocre, boring and even stupid thoughts will compulsorily come to your head. Yet, it’s not a reason to negate all of them. They will be the basis of your future decision. Moreover, a cool idea can be found at their intersection.
  • Loss of control and organization. As a rule, creativity is a concept excluding boundaries and frames. Creative people often have problems with their self-control. Chaos is common for their tables, offices, papers, gadgets, and even minds. Inspiration can easily break plans and deadlines.
  • The slow speed of decision-making. Let’s compare a narrow-minded and a creative person. For instance, they both get a particular task from their boss. The first one sees only one solution to the problem and, thus, immediately implements it. On the contrary, an imaginative guy invents several ways to solve the problem. He/she needs time to compare them and select the best one. As we see it, creativeness complicates the choice and makes people slow down.
  • Solitude. Creative people are rarely sociable. This talent loves introverts and singles. Why does it happen like that? We strive to show ourselves in the best possible way in society. Every social group dictates its frames and rules and sometimes even enslaves its members. As for a fantasy, it rejects all restrictions.

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Our company successfully provides all types of writing services. Thus, we can offer competent recommendations on how to deal with creative tasks. The main thing is to find a proper balance between dreams and reality.

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One can order any text from our writers. Even if you need a full list of particular recommendations, contact our helpers. And here is a bonus provided by our copywriter – guidance on how to become more creative.

  1. Your personality is in focus. Realize that your knowledge, imagination, and skills are the main instruments of creativity. Work hard to develop your capacity.

2. Reward yourself with something pleasant, when you invent a cool idea. This technique helps to enjoy the creative process.

3. Do not be afraid to make a mistake and look like a fool. A lot of ingenious solutions seemed idiotic at first.

5. Do not stop learning No matter, what education you have today, it’s never enough for tomorrow. Develop your creative abilities while studying throughout your life.

6. Don’t associate creativity with endless torments. You’d better take it as a game. Feel the taste of this process. Try to communicate with smart and creative people only. It is like playing chess: progress is possible only when you deal with a strong opponent.

7. Go far beyond the borders of your job, study, and routine life. Find a hobby, which is not connected with your current specialization. Most great ideas are born at the intersection of different spheres of human knowledge.

8. Do not be afraid to use other people's great ideas. It’s not about plagiarism, but about inspiration. For instance, read our blog.

Having compared positive and negative aspects of creativity, we can safely say that this feature is a key condition for flourishing life in the modern world. Therefore, one should develop this characteristic constantly, notwithstanding age, type of activity, social status, etc. Don’t ignore creative assignments at school or university. Take them as helpful experience for your future accomplishments. Our team hopes you’ll manage to use your creativeness properly. Let your imagination develop within the frames of reality. Combination of knowledge, logic, and creativeness will definitely make you successful.