Essay On Plagiarism. The Modern Problem


Today our academic writing company decided to touch to the very important and modern subject – plagiarism. I am sure that most of you know what it means, as at colleges and universities we often come across this concept. In plagiarism essay we will try to explain this concept and its popularity nowadays. I understand that for the last years this problem became number one among the students. Ten years ago the average student did not know what plagiarism is and that it is possible to use it in everyday life. But nowadays it is everywhere.

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What is plagiarism?

At first, I think we should give a clear definition of this phenomenon. If we speak in simple language and in our own words, then plagiarism is when we specifically and knowingly assign ourselves somebody’s work. It can be in literature, music, scientific works, art, inventions. In a word it is in different spheres of life. It is not a secret that for the plagiarism people can be held accountable.

Of course, it is bad when people steal something or say that somebody’s work is their own. But as for me this truth understand not everybody. There are some categories of people: some people can come up with something and later realize the own idea; some people can’t come up with something but they can copy the other idea perfectly and the last category – those, who can come up nothing and also can copy nothing. The last type of people we call performers and assistants. But the person is such a being that he/she needs always be better and better. People take as an example those, who better than themselves. The person tries to imitate and copy those who are more successful. And it is okay when we try to be like others, when somebody’s success motivates and inspires us to new ideas. But it’s wrong when we go down to such a level that just steal the papers or ideas, change them a little and write down our name. People, who using the experience accumulated by previous generations, start to create something new are talented. But those people who are not able to create something and are suffering from the inferiority syndrome ( try to give another’s work for their own, so that they do not seem worse than others or just make money on it. The desire to “not seem worse than others” pushes people to such actions.

When we talk about science and technology, everything is much more complicated there. New inventions and discoveries are officially registered and patented. It's really hard to grab someone yourself.

Plagiarism is a disease of dirty hands

In this college essay plagiarism I also want to speak about plagiarism in journalism and in student’s writing papers. Nowadays most journalists use Internet for their materials. They are too lazy to visit the places or other cities and to interview somebody. What for? Instead of this you can read a lot of articles on this theme and write your own, based on your reading.

I know it is very easy to download the perfect academic paper, change the title and the author’s name. I think many students understand what I am talking about. Sometimes in my class were funny situations, when the home task was to write the composition and some students wrote the same text. They found it on the Internet and don’t even try to change something. It is funny but at the same time awful. Of course, you can read other papers if they are available online without problems. But then your task is to write the article or composition in your own words and phrases. You can use the general idea, the materials, the researches, but please, if you really cope something, don’t forget to inform in the text about it. If we are talking about the academic papers, they always include the list of used literature. It is normal, as you can’t write 20 pages yourself and just your own thoughts. I think it is the same as going to the library, finding books and reading the texts. But it is much easier. Internet can save our time greatly but people started to use it for fraud.

Teachers and professors know about this weakness of modern students and there were created many anti-plagiarism programs. They can help quickly to find the website or websites from each the certain sentences or paragraph was copied. You see nowadays it is not so easy to copy the other work and say that it is yours. You need to change and rephrase a lot and only then your papers will look like the original.

We know about the Law on Copyright and Related Rights but it seems to me it doesn’t work every time. If you copy the simple composition or paper for the ordinary lesson, then it is difficult to prove something and the author won’t know about it. But if we are talking about huge coursework and dissertations, then everything is very, very serious.

At the end of this essay plagiarism, I want to say that all of us are people. Student’s life is always full of events and often they can’t do everything in time ( But if you can’t write the paper, never copy it from the Internet as you receive many problems. It is better and easier to contact the special service to proofread your essay and explain the situation. I guarantee that they will gladly help you and you receive the almost original and perfect paper.

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