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Generation Z Chooses Custom Writing Services

You likely belong to generation Z as most of our readers and clients. Being a representative of this social group, you are probably often criticized by older people. What claims do you hear more often? “Don’t read books,” “Why spend hours staring at the monitors?” “Addicted to gadgets!..” “Use  online assistant services…” Critique is not about our website. We comprehend that there has always been a gap between generations. Thus, we want to support you and diminish a number of your potential conflicts with professors and parents. Maybe, this post and helpful advice are just what you need.

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Our company, where one can get custom papers writing assistance, decided to explore the concept of generation Z. Taking the vast experience of working with teenagers, we managed to reveal the most significant features of these guys. Born in the era of digital technologies and worldwide globalization in the 1990s – 2000s, today they are the most progressive layer of the population. We believe that this theme is worth considering. You can read the proof of the primary characteristics describing modern teens from this post. If you need an in-depth analysis of this concept, you may order it from our professionals.

Features of generation Z

Our custom writing experts from the USA depict conditions, influencing generation Z

Each generation is formed under the influence of particular conditions. As for generation Z, it is dependent on the following factors.

  1. Globalization. It’s a common situation when people from different countries work together nowadays. Freelance platforms and remote job positions enable to create an effective international network for cooperation. An education or a job aren’t limited to the frames of significant premises anymore.
  2. Access to information. The Internet opens unlimited opportunities for students. It’s a kind of a virtual version of our world.  Digital versions of textbooks, online lectures, communication on social media make study easier and more effective.
  3. Incredible technologies are available for teenagers. Reading fantastic fiction, we could hardly imagine realities of modern times. Space trips came true for common trips with a genius inventor Elon Musk.

Use of professional custom writing in the UK and other attributes of generation Z

1) Hyperactivity. This feature accompanies a person since childhood. Who knows, maybe in this way a universe prepares us to an active eventful life.

2) “Fast mindset.” Apparently, representatives of generation Z are not going to read thick books. They prefer to get information faster and more often, mainly, from comic books and posts on social media. Yet, the amount of data they obtain is rather small. Thus, teenagers practice superficial approach to study and decision-making.

3) Lack of real communication. Scientists noticed that modern teenagers are often lonely. (We don’t take virtual exchanging of photos and memes into consideration.)

Facts about generation Z

4) Consumption society. Following fashion trends and celebrities’ lifestyles, teenagers strive to get more goods, services, information. 

5) Lack of responsibility. Living in a virtual world, teens are often helpless in the face of real issues. As a result, we can meet a lot of “kidults” today.  Pass a test to determine if you are kid-adult.

6) Financial independence. As a rule, parents of contemporary teenagers still haven’t paid off their own student loans. This situation is especially popular in the USA. Taking into account this experience, modern students try to become financially independent and avoid huge debts. Besides, today’s conditions enable to combine work and study.

7) Current times in the spotlight.  In most cases, contemporary students are concentrated on present days. They try to seize the day. In comparison with their parents and grandparents, they are not so romantic about bright future and the American dream. To live right here right now is their main principle. The thing is that it’s hard to set long-term goals in our rapidly changing world.

“Trips are my passion. I earn money for traveling. Low costs offer cool prices. I want to enjoy life right here right now.”

- Ryan, 22

8) Healthy lifestyle. The truth is that this modern trend shifted a focus from “health” to “attractive view.” Muscular figures and smooth faces don’t always match the concept of health. Crazy diets, questionable injections, tedious training can do more harm than good.    

9) Creativity. Today’s teenagers have definitely more creative skills than their predecessors do.  The thing is that they have more time for these activities and more sources of inspiration. No wonder, that nowadays we enjoy captivating books written by talented contemporary authors, admire marvelous pictures, see breathtaking films.

10) Multifunctionality. An ability to make several processes at the same time is a common feature of modern teenagers. It’s a common situation today, when a student writes an essay, watches TV, and chats with friends on social media at the same time.

11) Individuality. The democratic world brought up smart teenagers who appreciate the personalized approach to every person and life, in general.

“Buy good custom essays – keep a clear head.”

12) Attitude to knowledge. Representatives of generation Z don’t fill their heads with unnecessary information. It’s not sensible to remember everything. The most appropriate approach is to look for necessary data in the course of implementing tasks. Therefore, contemporary students widely use online services, such as, for instance. If you feel that a specific college task is unnecessary for you, just delegate it to our competent team of writers and authors.

13) “Work smart Vs. work hard.” Nearly twenty years ago, employers appreciated overtimes. It’s not about today’s youth. Nowadays they practice a more effective approach: work smart. Intellectual resources come into the fore, overshadowing such qualities as diligence and perseverance.

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The main stereotypes about generation Z from our good professional editing services

Youth has always been the most significant driving force of any society. Can you imagine, that generation Z will be the ones ruling the world in the next ten years? Meanwhile, the mass media and, the Internet, in particular, provide plenty of controversial data on this cohort. Our experts decided to dispel some myths concerning this concept.  

1. Generation Z is more technically minded than their predecessors are.

Indeed, it’s difficult to meet a teenager without a gadget today. “Born with a smartphone” – is a famous phrase about these guys. Children, born after 2000, don’t remember a life without the Internet. Sociologists and journalists often call IT awareness the main distinguishing feature of the generation, because it affects almost all spheres of life: study, work, personal relationships. However, it does not always mean that modern teens are better versed in technology than millennials or parents of millennials.

Our expert:

“According to our research, the most tech-savvy people are those who are between 30 and 40 years of age. The truth is that since childhood they were obliged to learn new technologies. Firstly, they had to understand and master computers, then smartphones. In fact, new progressive devices hadn’t been invented since 2010. People, who don’t know the times before invention of the Internet, rarely face productive thinking. They used to find ready answers but not to think hard.”

2. Representatives of generation Z are victims of the Internet

Very often, we hear about addiction to the Internet. It’s considered a “world’s evil” due to negative consequences: losing the sense of time, detachment from reality, cybercrimes, online gambling…

US report writing company informs that modern students are prudent Internet users

Our expert:

“In comparison with millennials, the modern teenagers are more careful on the web. They saw a bitter experience of their parents. Our research showed that more than 60% don’t publish personal data on Facebook, and 56% don’t click on advertisement banners. Nowadays, students choose podcasts instead of radio, thus, filtering spam and other types of advertisement. We can conclude, that today this generation has a more sensible approach to the Internet for sure.”

3. They don’t want to go to college

It’s supposed that traditional higher education loses its prestige and popularity in the 21st century. Teens opt for online education and distance learning Apparently, they have particular reasons for their choices.

  • Firstly, they don’t want to waste years at colleges and universities.  Five or even seven years seem to be eternal for hurrying young people.
  • In addition, education is a significant cost element of a family budget.
  • Then, tons of theoretical materials and lack of practice puts students off.
  • Arguments, that the university is an excellent opportunity to find friends or potential colleagues, don’t convince teenagers anymore. There are numerous opportunities to make acquaintance with new people: the Internet, workshops, meetings, conferences, forums, exhibitions, etc. Participation in them doesn’t always require a student status or a science degree.

Our expert:

“Narrow specialized and knowledge-intensive disciplines still require high education. Can you imagine a competent self-taught surgeon or a nuclear physicist? Besides, traditions to organize fraternities and sororities are still alive. What’s more pleasant, higher institutions provide offers of employment. Thus colleges and universities are still popular among teenagers.”

4. Generation Z prefers bloggers among all the diversity of mass media

Practically every teenager in 2019 has at least one account on social media Posting and blogging are a popular pastime for contemporary students. Teens often listen to video bloggers, because they perceive visual objects better. In most cases, the picture is more important than content. Fitness trainers, news commentators, celebrities, independent experts publish attractive posts. Thus, they get a lot of followers.

Our expert:

“Indeed, according to our research, 27% of Americans aged 13-24 spend more than five hours a day online, and 25% of them check new notifications on social media and messengers every half hour. They feel themselves obliges to reply immediately notwithstanding the importance of the letter.

However, bloggers are not the primary authorities for representatives of generation Z. Teens really trust bloggers more than other age groups, but the majority (70% of respondents) are skeptical about them.

Our consulting agency, providing the best online custom essays in the UK, gives helpful recommendations for generation Z

Our mature academic consultants prepared a message for future generations. Keep the balance of your life. Don’t let temporary difficulties stand in the way of your happiness. Times are changing; they bring new ideals and fashion trends. Comprehend that one should distinguish between the primary and secondary priorities. No matter what generation you belong to, be sensible, tolerant, and positive.

If you want to be among progressive representatives of generation Z, follow our fascinating and helpful blog. Make a perfect example for the next generation Alpha.