Standards of English Research Paper: US vs. UK


US vs UK research papers

The English language has the highest number of national variants. American and British types are the most common among them. In this regard, UK and US standards for research papers have significant distinguishing features. Comprehend this fact while writing any projects at school or university.


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It seems like English is clear and unambiguous. This language is supposed one of the easiest in the world. Yet, its peculiarity is in a great number of variations.


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Getting orders accompanied by this phrase, our writer always clarifies the type of a standard or a style he or she should follow. Respecting two cultures and two variants of languages, our employees take differences in American and English seriously. Providing qualified term paper services to students all over the world, we have collected enough practice materials for a comparative review of research papers in the USA and UK. Check out the results of our investigation.

Common features for research paper standards of both countries include readability, logic, innovative approach, the relevance of the topic, and impressive content. Universities also use universal rules for documents according to ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description) and ISA (International Studies Association).

Here are the main differences between research papers in the USA and GB.

Language. You won’t hear an accent reading a paper; still, you can observe visual differences concerning the following aspects.

  • Spelling. Make sure you distinguish British ‘grey’ ‘colour’ from American ‘gray’ ‘color.’
  • Vocabulary. In Great Britain, you go on ‘holiday’ in ‘autumn’ and in the USA, you take a ‘vacation’ in the ‘fall.’
  • Punctuation.  Don’t forget that Oxford is famous for its comma before ‘and.’

Format standards. Margins, a volume of paper, headings and titles, text formatting, rules of citing, requirements for visual objects differ among American and British educational systems. The most common standards in the USA are APA, Chicago, MLA, LSA. Oxford and Harvard Referencing Styles are used in the UK.

Most common disciplines involved in research. American students choose social science, law, and business fields for research projects more often.  Engineering, science, mathematics are more popular among the British. Their modern research projects are usually devoted to Chemical Engineering and Medical Chemistry.

Priority approach to research. Nowadays, the depth concept is more appreciated in the UK educational system. British colleges are good at highly specialized subjects. The US universities provide greater flexibility and freedom to students, as well as pay more attention to the breadth of the research.

Types collaborations. As a rule, the British use single institution patterns in research projects.  European students prefer to work within one university. In turn, the Americans choose outside region collaborations. They are not afraid to go beyond the borders of their college, and a state as a whole.  

Academic adviser’s role. In both countries, students write their research papers under the guidance of their professors. However, American advisers are more involved in this process in comparison with their European colleagues. They provide significant support and crucial help: numerous consultations, analyses of intermediate results. The main task of British teachers in the universities is a control function.

Recommended certificate for foreign students. If you want to write an academic essay or research paper being a foreign student, you need to prove your level of English. Notwithstanding international coverage of the most popular certificates, you’d better pass IELTS for British education and TOEFL for the American one.

Research papers infographic

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Globalization enabled teenagers to choose a university practically in every corner of the globe. Thus, a lot of students move from Europe to the USA and vice versa. Moreover, being not native English speakers, many foreigners get an education in this language. All of them face a problem of linguistic diversity. Luckily, there is effective salvation for this issue - our project We take this challenge with dignity as we have enough accomplishments in both variants of English.

  • Our team consists of native speakers from the USA and UK.
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  • Comprehending that time doesn’t stand still, and education is constantly developing, our writers attend modern US and British refresher courses.
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  • Our team works enthusiastically with clients from all English-speaking countries.
  • Our professionals carry out their own philological research dealing with American and European universities.
  • We have access to universal and narrow-specialized databases of the USA and UK, providing suitable materials for investigations.
  • Our company has a progressive approach to research projects: we optimally combine data science principles and cutting-edge digital technologies to create top-notch papers.

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You are reassured now that it’s easy to get confused with a variety of British and American special features while writing a research paper. The most common disagreements between the USA and UK imply language distinctiveness and different styles of formatting. Moreover, exhausted with chores of composing academic essays, one often needs a breath of fresh air. Luckily, we are able to provide this opportunity. Our team of talented authors successfully generates original ideas for your projects, as well as conducts necessary investigations, writes texts according to certain standards, and makes consistent conclusions. is a territory for the best solutions concerning research papers in English. Smart students make smart decisions. Be among them – order our services. Don’t deny yourself an opportunity to purchase a research paper online with minimum efforts and maximum benefits. Buying our assistance, you get a guide in a sophisticated student world of academic assignments.

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