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Top 5 most unusual schools in the world

With the word “school” we imagine the modern building with a lot of comfortable classrooms. But not all the schools correspond to this stereotype. I think it will be interesting for you to read about some of unusual schools, which are too strange for us. By the way, the students of such schools are happy and thankful for the opportunity to visit the classes. We need to be thankful for everything we have!

Also in this section:

1) The school that can travel (Yakutia). Imagine the situation: you come to the school in the morning, but suddenly understand that your school has disappeared. This is normal for students in Yakutia. The school really moves from place to place. In Yakutia, there are more than ten such types of schools.

Of course, such schools have many pupils, but here you can receive the great knowledge which meets all the government standards. The students all the time have the special schedule as very often they help their parents (reindeer herders). You can ask: who will check all the papers and other home tasks? The students send the ready task via the Internet for checking. They have the special Internet connection. It is interesting, isn’t it?

2) The school in the boat (Cambodia). In Cambodia, there is a real floating village called Kompong Luong. It is situated on the huge lake. Sometimes this lake is called an inland sea, as the lake is really very huge. All the buildings in this village and also the school are situated on the water. If you want to visit your friend or to go somewhere, you can use only the boat.

For many children, the school is also a home. Unfortunately, many children in this village are orphans. The most popular way of earning money is fishing. Often floods kill many citizens. That is why children lose their parents at an early age. And these children live and study at school. A lot of tourists visit this place every year. And often tourists help these poor children. They give money and everything that is necessary for studying.

3) The huge school in India. How do you think what is the maximum number of student who can study at one school? Is it a thousand or five thousands? You are wrong. I am going to tell you about the largest school in the whole world. It is situated in Lucknow (India). Can you guess the number of students? I am sure you can’t. If you want to gather all the students together, you need to rent the large football stadium. 45 thousand of students are studying at this school.

Maybe you think that it is the only school in the city. You are wrong as there are 100 different educational institutions for secondary education here. But this school is the most popular and that is why it is so large. It is difficult to imagine but the students are not gathered in the building. Almost all the classes are in the fresh air. Why do people prefer only this school? Because of innovative approaches to the education (using the Montessori methods) and a high level of general preparation. There is a caste system in India, so it’s an unusual type of the school for this country. But the parents in this city know what is better for their children. At this school teachers know how to capture the attention of their pupils (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/30-tips-how-to-capture-and-keep-students-attention). The classes at school are not at the same time. Children are divided into groups and each group has its own schedule. It is difficult to teach such a great number of pupils, but the teachers cope with it.

4) The school in which the gender is not important. Such an interesting school is situated in Sweden. The main feature of this educational institution is that the school is gender neutral. The school called Egalia. All the pupils have the fictitious names. And you need to look at the child to understand the boy or girl is standing in front of you. The pupils can decide themselves everything which is connected with their names. You can call the pupil by the real name or by the fictitious one. Some children ask to call them “Hen”.

This approach allows teachers to perceive the child as an individual person. Gender identification means nothing at this school. The schoolmaster is sure that this system of upbringing forms a loyal attitude and teaches to communicate with a wide variety of people and families in any manifestations. Visit the library of Egalia and you will find many interesting books where the author describes the life of families with two mothers or dads, child free families, single-parent families, etc. It is something new in the modern world, but in Sweden people have become accustomed to such an interesting school with interesting pupils.

5) A free school in Brazil. It seems to me that students all over the world dream to study at such a funny school. Just think a little: there are no teachers, no subjects, the length of the school year at this school is unique. Is it interesting for you who evaluate students? They themselves! It looks like my childhood dream.

Sometimes the fresh start is the perfect beginning. 14 years ago an unusual school appeared in Brazil. It called Lumiar. The school was quickly developing and after 4 years won the international competition. Such school can’t destroy your creativity (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/can-school-destroy-your-creativity).

It is very interesting that all the classes were formed not by age of the pupils, but by their interests. One of the main goals of this innovative school program is to expand the interests of their students. There is no such thing as school subjects. All the subjects are called projects, interaction, teamwork, attempts. There are no usual classrooms, teachers, lectures, home tasks here. The system of education consists only of practical classes. Every day the students have a lot of master classes, they take part in different projects, work in small groups.

Instead of the teachers, there are many tutors. The main task of every tutor is to control and support the child's interest in studying. The tutors communicate with parents, check the student’s interests and success. Those who teach children are talented people with a great experience, they know how to share the experience. The students receive an assessment of their knowledge once in two months. Usually, it happens when every project is finished. By the way, during the work in groups, students can evaluate each other. One more interesting moment – students help the adults to make the school better and better. Every week they have joint meetings and discuss different pressing issues.

The pupils can even adopt a new law for the school. But there is a very important rule: everybody must keep the law for a week. It is a great way to teach the youth to be conscious and responsible for their decisions even if they were made in childhood.

You see, all the schools are different, but they have the only goal – to bring up a real individual. Of course, we talked not about all the unusual schools on the Earth, but we tried to choose the most interesting. All the pupils are happy to be a part of these schools. They are thankful for the opportunity to receive the secondary education in this way.

Remember that our professional proofreading service is available 24 hours and 7 days per week. The interface of the website is so easy that it will take you a minute to understand everything. The manager will explain you all the details and find a competent writer for you! We are looking forward to one more thankful client! If you wish, read all the feedback on our site.

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