My Goal Essay: In Search Of The Dream


My GoalVery often I am asked how I see myself in 10 years or so. The last time, when such a question was posed, I had to reflect on it and shape my thoughts in my goals in life essay then. Long ago I began to understand that if I want to be able to give any rational response, it is evident that I should be ready to meet such a challenge and have at least a couple of dreams to present to my interviewer. Although I am armed with the perfect answer now, some years ago I looked at my opponent embarrassedly. It was the time, when I understood that it was impossible to swim with the stream only and I had to know what I wanted to get from my life. I started delving in the depths of my mind in attempt to catch at least one idea, which I wanted to bring to life in the near future. The results of my searching are published in my essay about goals in life. If you are interested in the guesswork, to which my mind reached, here you are. Read my essay on goals and if you have a desire, you may leave your comments then.

Tips on How to Make the Eyes Shine

Frankly speaking, I have a lot of guys around me, who are bored with this life and who have absolutely fireless eyes. I can’t accept the fact that such young men may be so spiritless and absolutely lack any initiatives. Am I able to give any comments on this issue? Certainly yes! I know for sure that those, who get up in the morning and have no desire to do things, just don’t have properly set goals, which can motivate them to shift themselves.

Those experts, who spend their lives on studying the main components of success and who give people smart advice about how to reach the unbelievable heights in career and simply in life, know the secrets how to make the organism accumulate the inner potential and make it bring the results to a person then. The brain is the main organ, which gives the commands to our body. The effectiveness and rationality of these commands depend just on the signals, which a person sends to his mind. When you give the instructions to your brain, it will be in the process of thinking daily and nightly to execute the tasks, which were set for it. As it has already been proved that the human brain is a goal-seeking organ, one should understand that he may be successful only if the brain has the goals to strive for.

The above-mentioned theory proves the fact that any person, who wants to achieve anything in his life, should have the goals.

Why Goals Setting Is Important

I need to make a small amendment right at the beginning of my life goals essay: people, who have the goals, are able to feel themselves happier, though one goal is not enough for this. When it is accomplished and there are no dreams, to which you are striving for, you may feel more disillusioned than happy.  A person should set as many goals as possible. This phenomenon can be explained easily: when you accomplish one goal from your list, you feel inspired and a desire to work enthusiastically to achieve another one becomes even bigger. Little by little all your goals will be achieved and even if it happens in 10 years, your life will bring you joy and inner happiness. Everybody knows that it is not a certain achievement that is able to make you happy. Happiness is the whole way to your dream.

Are you ready to make the list of your goals? If yes, notice that a goal isn’t always too hard to be reached. You shouldn’t write down something like: to make a journey to the Moon, to invent the youth elixir, or to cover the globe with an armored dome of colossal dimensions to protect the world from the alien’s invasions and attacks.

Set the long term goals at first and after they are ready, start writing down the short term goals, which will help you to come closer to the main ones by achieving them daily. Of course, it is a long process and you will hardly compose such a detailed plan for life quickly. Believe me: if you do this and set up a schedule, you will get a super colossal satisfaction from each day of your life.

Sort out the Priorities

My list of goals was ready and I was open to all the new emotions and experience, which were waiting for me. My personal goals list could hardly be called short, because I tried to make it very detailed. I had one goal, which was placed above all the other desires of mine and to which I gave the topping place. I dreamt of building a career of a popular DJ and composed maybe not 100 tracks but at least 10 super powerful ones! I wanted to make a show at Ibiza and presented myself as the guru in the music sphere. At first, I wanted to reach the level of super star Tiesto, though soon I understood that it was not enough for me. I dreamt of being even greater than he. I know what I should do to make my dream real and I was ready to cover this long distance with my head lifted high.

 I should say that it is not very difficult to sort out the priorities, though a process of goals setting can’t be called an easy one. Just try to understand what you feel and your instinct will show you the right way.

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