Key Points Of Camping Etiquette


Key Points Of Camping EtiquetteWhen summer comes, the period of picnics and camping begins. Every citizen, tired of office and asphalt, dreams to have a rest somewhere at nature. Camping is something you will remember for a long time, it will give you many positive emotions and energy.

However, you should now how to behave outdoors without leaving unpleasant “traces of civilization”. When you organize camping, you should have not only desire and opportunities, but also think about responsibility to the environment and people, who will rest with you and after you.

So we suggest you to get acquainted with camping etiquette to prepare taking into consideration all the recreation nuances, avoid possible unpleasant situations, and make good impression about yourself.

Camping etiquette

  • First of all, you should clarify the weather for the days when you plan to be outdoors, so that nothing would ruin your plans. Of course, whether forecast is not always very precise, so you should be ready for different situations. In advance, discuss with others what you will do if it rains. Anyway, you should take care of your companions, so that everyone feels comfortable. You should think beforehand how to get rid of midges and mosquitoes, protect from the sun, rain or wind. In other words, take with you warm blanket and sweaters, sun umbrella, mosquito repellent cream, sun block and so on.
  • The second thing you should do is to define the place for your camping, so that you will not have to spend half of a day choosing the best way or nice meadow. If it happens that there will be another group of people next to you, you should do everything possible not to disturb each other.
  • The next item on your list is a folding table and chairs. Of course, you may use a cloth, putting it right on the grass, but it would be much more practical and aesthetical if you place salads and snacks on the table.
  • Another thing you should think over is the list of dishes and products you will take with you. The best option is simple and cold snacks, such as salads, sandwiches, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Always remember that everything you decide to take with you should be previously washed (fruits and vegetables), prepared (salads and sandwiches) to avoid problems connected with spoiled food. Do not forget that there should be drinking water and water for washing hands. It would be nice if you put some products in a cooler bag.

What things to take

Do not forget to include to your list of necessary things such items as napkins, plates, spoons, cups, forks (you can take plastic disposable utensils).

Many people often forget about corkscrew, but it is very important thing you will definitely need. Besides, you can take light cloth napkins to cover the products protecting them from insects. If you decide to take alcohol, also take other drinks: tea, coffee, juices.

Now we would like to give you a list of necessary items. You can choose what suits you better.

From household items you will need:

bags, cloth, thermos with hot water to make tea and coffee, opener, matches, grill, skewers, coal, firing up liquid, tongs for coal, plastic bags, fork and blade for meat, toilet paper. From clothes you may need hats and gloves.

A word about products

Meat for barbecue (marinated in advance), seasonings, pickled onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, bread, sugar, tea / coffee bags, salt, drinks.

And let’s mention the most important. There should be no signs of your presence when you leave the place you rest. When you are going to leave, remember that all the garbage must be collected in large bags and taken with you to the city, where you will throw it in the trash can.

How the guests should behave

If you are not the organizer of the camping, but a guest, it would be rude to bring nothing with you. Of course, you should not take many products, but it would be nice to have some drinks, fruits and light snacks with you.

If you want to take with you someone who is not invited, you should ask the hosts. Children and animals are also allowed only with permission.

If there is other group of people resting next to you, it is important to behave correctly towards strangers, look after your animals and children, so that they do not disturb other people.

The main goal of camping is sharing a pleasant time filled with energy of nature, relaxation, so excessive drunkenness and overeating may prevent getting pleasure, so everything should be in moderation. There are no strict rules of camping etiquette as of official events, however here you should also behave like educated people, showing respect to others.

Rules of etiquette on the nature

Every citizen time to time should get out of the concrete jungle to relax in nature. By the way, the food outside brings amazing pleasure. So take a picnic blanket, a basket with food, good company and go to the woods to have a rest. There is one condition: imagine that you are going to visit your friend’s house, it means you should behave in a proper way.

The biggest and the main problem is trash

Nature has no cleaners. Take a garbage bag with you, in which you will put plastic utensils, cans and other kind of garbage. Unlike paper, these products can never be buried or burnt. Do not forget to take glass containers with you: glass fragment can injure forest dwellers or cause wildfire.

Follow the main camping etiquette rules

1. Do not yell in the woods. There are a lot of animal babies there, do not scary them. Show respect to the wild animals’ habitats. Observe the animals on distance, do not disturb their natural life.

2. Do not touch bird eggs in a nest, and do not touch nests in general.

3. Do not break trees, they are live beings as well, but they are not able to run away, scream or protect themselves.

4. Do not catch a butterfly or a bag you like, maybe it is the last specimen on the Earth, who knows.

5. Do not gather the flowers, let them blossom and please people with their beauty.

6. Do not go break anthill, ants make much use.

7. Do not trample down the grass, try to use already existing trails.

8. Do not kindle a fire close to a tree or bush. Follow the campfire rules in order to avoid a fire.

9. Do not leave the fire burning.

10. Do not leave trash. First of all, you would not want to return to littered forest, and besides:

a) garbage will spread bad smell;

b) left paper may catch fire from the bright sunlight and set a fire;

c) cellophane and polyethylene do not decompose for a long time, they prevent plant growth and can also cause animal deaths, if an animal swallows a piece of cellophane;

e) tin can injure the animal paws or even be a trap for small animals;

f) glass can also injure the animal paws, besides it can cause a fire.

11. Leave the place of your camping clean. It would be right if you take away not only your own garbage, but also the garbage of the strangers.

12. And please, do not litter water reservoirs.

After reading this essay on key points of camping etiquette, you know what you should and what you should not do while camping. I hope you are a conscious person and thus you will follow all the rules. If you want to read more useful essays, visit our website This is the best option for you if you need help in essay writing. Contact us for more details.