My Childhood Essay: Coming Into The World


Every person, no matter how old he is, has a large and bulky database of his earlier memories. The human mind is constructed so that it is able to recollect thousands of events, millions of people, whom we meet during our life journey, and billions of details. The mind is like a recorder, which is taping the info daily and nightly. You may even think that this or that event has already vanished from your head when suddenly it breaks the surface and strikes your mind. Past experience can’t be forgotten. Even if it was not too pleasant and you prefer to pretend that it didn’t happen to you at all, your mind knows for sure: it was your experience. You may not remember about it, though it put its stamp on you. Another thing is that you can’t recall it then. We tried to shed light on this issue in the next childhood memory essay.

Just Amnesia

The childhood memories tend to fade with the course of time. I know a lot of those, who want to remember some of their first memories. The researchers are sure that any struggle for recalling of the certain childhood memories may equal to zero. Everyone should be ready that he will never win the battle with his nature. It has been proved long ago: after the age of three, the memories of the first years of life start disappearing from the human mind. If the three-year-old kid can easily tell you about his birth, his first impressions and the color of his mother’s hair, which she had a couple of years ago, he won’t be able to do this at the age of 6. By the age of 8 children remember just 35% of the events, which happened to them earlier and the bigger they become, the worse memory they have.

It becomes more understandable why the adults have too little memories about their childhood. They are simply elusive. This phenomenon was given the name of ‘childhood amnesia’. The psychologists are sure that it can be explained only by the fact that a human memory is subjected to transformation, which begins when the child starts growing older.

Great Surprise!

Despite the fact that our memory is so short, it is really able to keep some of the most significant events for ages. I have one, which impressed me greatly and left the lasting impression in my young head.

It’s too safe to say that this memory was my first one, though now I think that I really remember nothing about my childhood except this day. My task to compose a memorable childhood event essay raised a real splash of emotions inside me. I wanted to tell the whole world about my memory; I wanted to inform everybody about the happiness, which entered our house many years ago.

I was the only child in my family till the age of 5. It was not very interesting to live with no kids around me and I begged my parents to bring a baby home. Of course, I wasn’t so cute to be aware of all the details and, frankly speaking, I was sure that it was possible to go and buy a kid at the shop. Now I can’t even imagine how such thoughts appeared in my head, because nobody told me the fairytales about the children’ buying or something like that. I was sure that it was possible to give several notes to a seller, choose a child to your taste, get the bill and take the package home.

When I wrote the letters to Santa Clause, the only thing, which I always mentioned, was a tiny sister or brother. If I had known that my brother was so vocal, I would have thought twice before I made a wish.

When my mom’s bump started getting bigger, my amazement was measureless. The first thing, which visited my young head, was that my mummy was ill and soon she would die. I cried bitterly and nobody was able to calm me down. When I finally told the truth, my parents embraced me and told that soon my cherished dream would come true. They were waiting for a baby.

On December 24, 2000, right before Christmas, my mom started feeling worse. I just remembered that my daddy had a very funny face, when my mom said, ‘Honey, it’s time!’

The weather was too snowy and we weren’t able to open the doors of the garage. My father was nervous. I helped him to scrub the snow, though it was senseless. Our car was barricaded. I was closed in my room and the only thing, which I understood, was that my mom bore a child right at home. I was shocked. I understood nothing. Only when I was invited to my parents’ room and saw a very small face of my brother, I understood: my admired mom, whom I loved tenderly, became a mummy for another kid too.

Dreams Come True

I thought that I got older in a moment. My parents were the real heroes for me. My brother became a person, whom I gave all my love at once. Our family became the happiest and the friendliest one among all the families, which I knew. Besides, I understood that even the wildest dreams may come true!

I didn’t know whether a crazy idea to become an obstetrician would have entered my head or not if I hadn’t had such a childhood experience. I decided once and forever: I would help children come into this world!

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