Autobiography Essay: Some Words About Yourself


Writing of the autobiography essays can’t be considered an ordinary task. It needs a lot of good imagination to present yourself in an interesting and original manner and not to let your paper resemble any other ones. I hope that my autobiographical incident essay will be to your liking and it will be easy to read it in one breath. Enjoy the reading!

My Autobiography Sample Essay

On September, 10, 1995, when the nature around was still beautiful and bloomy, but the air wasn’t too hot and heavy, the event of extra importance happened in our young family. Early in the morning my mom suddenly felt badly. She wasn’t ill. She simply got know that she was pregnant after so many years of ineffective attempts to make a baby. My parents were young and healthy and a lot of medical tests, which they had been undergone, told them one and the same phrase, ‘You are 100% healthy. Don’t lose your hope and try again’. They tried, waited, and believed that soon they would have an heir. When they got tired, they even ventured to make IVF and fertilize the egg to make a kid appear in this world with the help of medical men.  A pretty big sum of money was paid, though the pregnancy test showed just one line. When my mom’s hope was lost, she found the second line and went faint right in the bathroom.

On May 15, 1996, when the nature around was fresh and green, when the sky was high and of deep blue color, the biggest event happened in our family. I was finally born after several hours of unbearable pains, which made my mom absolutely exhausted.

I was a rosy-cheeked baby, who had the weight of more than 4 kg. I was like Hercules and, thank God, my parents didn’t give me such a name too. I was sure that if I had been a boy, I would have been given it. My father was rewarded for his patient waiting for the son or the daughter. I was a funny and a healthy girl, and I had no defects, like a lot of children did.

Thank You for a Chance to Live!

The story of my birth was told me not once. Every year on May 15 my grandparents liked to make a long trip back to 1995 and describe my parents’ desire to have a baby. They told me about their long way to the very day, when I saw the world for the first time. It was the tradition, to which I got used then. Of course, speaking about one and the same thing at the festive table annoyed me greatly when I was at my early age. I just waited for a cake, which was always big and tasty and prepared by mummy herself.

When I got older and older, my feeling of gratitude to my mom and dad began to develop quickly and very soon it became too large to be kept inside me. I tried to show my infinite love to them daily and I knew that they were the only people, whom I had to be thankful for my living. They went through a lot of troubles until they bore me; they worked hard to supply me with various toys and fancy clothes. They gave me perfect education and let me got another one then.

My parents opened a lot of opportunities in front of me and our family seemed to be the undefeatable castle. My attitude to my parents was always perfect and I sincerely supposed that they were the best in the world.

Shocking News Split Up the life

The news that my parents were going to get divorced were like the giant stone, which appeared as if from nowhere and fell on my head. No stormy relations between them, no quarrels, no broken dishes. Their life was always full of love and tender feelings; they kissed each other daily and they liked to embrace me too. I remember how we liked to stand in a small circle and hold each other by the hand during the important business meetings of my dad or before my exams. My mom said that such an easy manipulation was able to give super much power to a person, who had to show himself from his best side. My home was my castle and the fact that I would be deprived of it soon drove me crazy.

It happened when I started understanding that my age was good enough to make my own family. I thought that I had to follow my parents’ footsteps, though their strong marriage was bulging at the seams. No, it wasn’t even bulging… It had cracked in a moment but forever.

I wasn’t told the truth at once. My mom was crying all the time. My dad packed the bags and went away. Mummy just said that it was really better for all of us. Then I understood the real causes of such a strange episode, which divided my life into two parts. Dad fell in love again, though his beloved was not my mom. All the comments were really needless.


It was not very easy to understand that there was nothing that lasted forever. It was easy for me to imagine that a tree may be there, though it may be cut the next day. I understood that the nature was seasonal and it was very changeable. I could understand and accept a lot of things, though the divorce between people, who were the closest to me, was beyond the reach of my reason. When I was a teen, I dreamt about having a husband and many kids. These thoughts were outdated for me. My worldview and moral rules were broken and I had no more desire to have a family. I plunged into my study. There were good news: if my dad hadn’t broken my inner world, I would have never came to my senses. I found the inner forces to say ‘Thanks, daddy!’

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