Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage: Which is Better?


love vs arranged marriage

The following marriage definition essay will examine the two types of marriages, namely arranged and love marriage. The love marriage vs. arranged marriage essay presented below will try to make it clear whether love marriage is better than the arranged one and in what ways the two types of marriages differ from each other. The following arranged marriage essay will try to explore whether it is better to marry because you love another person or vice versa. The current arranged marriages essay represents an attempt to draw the line between the two types of marriages and explain why arranged marriage still exists despite the fact that it is a rather controversial topic that continues to provoke much debate. The essay on arranged marriage offered to the readers will not only examine the issues related to arranged marriage, but also give a definition of love marriage so as to discuss the topic from both perspectives. There is an on-going debate concerning the best way to select a love partner for marriage. Therefore, the current definition essay on marriage will try to answer the questions that still arise in regard to arranged and love marriages.

The current essay on love marriage and arranged marriage will examine the ways in which individuals prefer choosing their partners for getting married. It is a fact that every person looks for an ideal match, but there is evidently a difference in terms of the factors influencing one’s choice of a partner. Some people choose a partner recommended by their parents or friends. The current arranged marriage vs. love marriage essay will therefore try to explain which of the two types of marriages is more preferable judging from the long-term outcomes of both kinds of marriages. Here are some benefits of the arranged and love marriage.

                Love marriage:

  • The two individuals have long been acquainted and mutually understand each other’s way of life, tastes and preferences. Therefore, they decide to spend the entire life together.
  • The two people take responsibility for their choice and the blame in the future would lie on both of them and no one else.
  • The two individuals know perfectly well what are the likes and dislikes of both of them. They can therefore get along quite well without misunderstanding or quarrels.
  • By forming a union, the couple will be able to eliminate social evil due to their mutual consent and readiness to make decisions together.

Arranged marriage:

  • Arranged marriage is not an agreement between two people only, but a contract between the two families.
  • Two families engaged in this type of marriage usually know each other for a long time and are quite compatible with one another.
  • Because arranged marriage involves more than two people, the conflicts and misunderstanding between the partners can be resolved with much efficiency.
  • The two partners are guided by the experience of their parents, while in case of love marriage the couple does not know anything about the future difficulties because it does not have an experience.

Both of the marriages have their merits and drawbacks, but one should keep in mind that marriage is a lifetime decision. Although families play certain role in the two types of marriages, it is up to the partners to decide whether they want to live together or not. The ultimate decision regarding the choice of life partner should be made by the two individuals only. There is no such a thing as perfect marriage, because any type of marriage is full of concerns and uncertainties. It is therefore hard to say whether love marriage is better than the arranged one, as both types have their own benefits and drawbacks as analyzed above. Let us further discuss the issue in greater detail.

Nowadays, young people of the modern generation do not find the arranged marriage so attractive. At the same time, if to look at the statistics across the world, it becomes clear that 90% of Indian men and women, for instance, still tend to go for the arranged marriage. While not all of such marriages appear to be successful, some of them actually result in a happy union filled with mutual understanding and affection. Marriage is not simply a union of two people, but rather a union of two families, that is to say two social networks that become closely related with one another. The arranged marriage is focused on the union between the families. When searching for a partner for one’s daughter or son, the parents will first of all try to check whether the family of the potential partner is compatible with their own. Thus, the parents seeking a partner for their child will try to answer the question of whether the potential partner’s family shares the similar background including religious and cultural one, socio-economic status, and educational level. If the values of both families coincide, their sons or daughters can get married with those of other families because in this way they will be taken care of and lead a life that meets the order established in the other family. The most valuable things searched for in this form of marriage are stability and security. Although this leaves out the emotional element, the importance of a stable and safe marriage cannot be denied. This is probably the reason why Indians have a very low rate of divorce.

On the other hand, love marriage seems a perfect union of a man and a woman simply because this union has been formed out of mutual affection. All of us strive to find a soul mate and then get married in order to lead a happy life ever after. It seems that nothing can go wrong in such circumstances, but there are many doubtful issues that are associated with the love marriage. This kind of marriage requires more work and effort than the arranged marriage. One should take full responsibility over one’s choice of partner. There is no one other to blame if the marriage does not work out well. Even though people tend to learn much about their future partners before getting married, the life in marriage is an entirely new experience that is always filled with both ups and downs. At the same time, a love marriage allows all of us to choose our sole mates and find a person to whom we are attracted intellectually, physically and emotionally. In such a way, we can live according to our own terms that make us feel happy and be satisfied with the way we live.  

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