Most Popular Quick Service Restaurants In The USA


Hardly a person can debate the fact that among the numerous nations in the world it is Americans who are getting crazy over the fast-food restaurants more than others. How is it possible that Cola and Pepsi have become the favorite drinks of millions of people? What is this wonderful ingredient that makes people admire it so much? Why do they go crazy over fries and are ready to forget about their organisms and fill their stomachs with the kilograms of potato daily? Too caloric food is adored by adults and children and even the increasing obesity among Americans doesn’t influence the preferences of people. They ate fast food and are not going to drop this habit.

The incomes, which the restaurants of quick service (QSR) bring their owners, are super high, though the number of such establishments is big too. The statistics shows that there are more than 232 thousand fast-food restaurants in America, and more than 4 million people are engaged in this business. It was estimated that more than 50 million Americans eat at one of these restaurants daily. What is the unknown power that makes the visitors come here again and again? Good taste, bearable quality of products, traditional recipes, speed of service, and low price are the main factors, which seem to be so appetizing to people.

What Makes QSR so Popular

The chains of the quick service restaurants are numerous today, though all of them have specific features, which make them alike like the twins. They have rather simple look, special window for making the order, and very many visitors around. It is not a lounge bar and it is really very hard to relax here. It is a super busy place, where very busy people have a bite on the run. The rules and the menu here are similar too: you come in, make the order, wait for your Big Mac with Cola and take your seat if there is still any available table. If no, just swallow your hamburger quickly and wash it down with soda as soon as possible. Ta-dah! The break is over and it’s time to come back to office.

In fact, people, who like eating at QSR, enjoy the similarity of menu, which help them feel comfortable while visiting a new establishment. You know what you like and there is no need to waste time on examining the menu. You know what you may order here and you are sure in the food’s taste. The process of choosing a meal won’t take too much time and this is the main advantage of QSR.

If you think that fast food is nothing but hamburgers, fries, and chicken nuggets, you may be surprise by the next info: there are top 5 main segments, in which QSR try to take the leading positions. The establishments, which are focused on selling hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, chicken, and Mexican food are among them too.

Of course, not all the chains of QSR are able to take the lead positions and become as adorable as the internationally famous MacDonald’s. The Top 5 best fast-food restaurants will be presented to you soon, though it will depend on you which one to choose to have a bite. Just keep on reading!

Top Five Brands

  1. MacDonald’s. I know nobody, who is able to debate the fact that MacDonald’s is number one among the other brands of QSR. An idea to open the first MacDonald’s appeared in 1948. Then its owners began to open new and new establishments and soon this chain expanded throughout the world. What does MacDonald’s propose the visitors? Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, milkshakes, Cola, chicken and fish nuggets. The menu, which the red-haired clown proposes, can’t be called too boring. People like MacDonald’s and it is hard to believe that it may ever lose its popularity.
  2. Subway. The restaurants of this chain proposed its visitors submarine sandwiches and salads long ago. The first establishments of Subway chain was opened in 1978 and now it is one of the most fast growing brands in the world. The managers of the chain invent various methods to lure the fans of MacDonald’s to their side. New dishes integrating, new ingredients adding – Subway tries not to lose its ground and keep pace with its main business competitors. 
  3. Starbucks. All those, who can’t live without having a couple of coffee daily, know that the best pro in coffee making is Starbucks. The first store appeared in 1971 and today their number has increased up to 17000 stores around the globe. Today not only high-premium coffee is prepared here for the visitors. The menu is getting more and more different and a wide range of beverages has been integrated into the menu of this super popular brand coffeehouse.
  4. Wendy’s. If you are still sure that it is impossible to get a substantial meal with having just a couple of dollars, you have never visited any of Wendy’s restaurants. Hamburgers, potato, cheeseburger and another 15 items of menu are proposed by Wendy’s at super affordable prices. Just 1 dollar will be enough to order a double stack hamburger and stay your appetite.
  5. Burger King. Is it a copy of MacDonald’s, which proposes the same items as its famous prototype? Not exactly so. Burger King’s menu is great: barbecue, bacon, chicken dishes and many other interesting gastronomic specialties are served here. Just visit it, see everything firsthand and choose the most favorite brand for yourself.

To let yourself be addicted to fast food or to keep away from such restaurants is a private choice of every person and nobody has the right to force somebody act in this or that way. If you like fried and caloric food and they help you to feel a bit happier, eat hamburgers but remember that overeating of such food results in harm to your health. has done its very utmost and the next choice is yours. Just visit our website and find more useful info here, which was collected by our experts especially for you. We know how to protect you from failures!