Stay Healthy: Top 15 Healthy Recipes Only For Vegetarians


Stay HealthyA lot of people are sure that those, who choose a meat free lifestyle, are always hungry and their organisms are on the brink of fainting. The meat eaters raise their eyebrows and say with one voice something like, ‘How is it possible to torture your organism so much? You’ll receive no vitamins without meat!’ Not everybody knows that there are a lot of advantages of being veggie and stop contributing to the animals’ extinction just for the momentary delight of your taste buds.

Life without meat is not just possible! It is better, healthier, and lighter! If you are not worried over the animals and some other environmental problems, which meat consumption causes, I am sure you can’t say that you are not concerned at all about your health. Meat free lifestyle is able to protect you from cancer, various heart and kidney diseases, osteoporosis, and many other terrible pains, which deliver you troubles.

The understanding that ‘It’s enough to eat meat’ came into my head gradually. It happened not in one evening, after which I forgot about meat dishes forever. First, I stopped eating sausages, bacon and all the smoked food. I felt such heaviness in my stomach after eating them! Then I confined consumption of fried meat and gave my preference to boiled beef and fowl, though it was not the last stage of my new dietary. Soon I understood that I was not able even to look at the pieces of meat, which have been the parts of the living beings earlier.

No, don’t think that vegan menu consists of fresh carrot and lettuce only. I know that a lot of those, who are against vegan diet, are sure that this food is insipid and dry. Actually, this myth is far from reality. Here are the best recipes, which I adore greatly. Just try one of these super tasty dishes and it will be more convincing than hundreds of my arguments.

  1. Salad with coconut bacon. Yes, I said bacon and you haven’t misheard me. Perfect fresh salad, which consists of kale, tomatoes, small cubes of toasted bread, lemon juice, various spices, garlic and beacon, which you may make from coconut flakes. Just bake them with liquid smoke and their smell will as good as this of real bacon.
  2. Try to cook cauliflower instead of couscous! Use your blender to chap it until it resembles couscous and put it into the skillet with oil, salt, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pepper, and orange peels. Sauce with coconut milk, cinnamon, and salt will make this dish unforgettable!
  3. Quinoa pizza with portabella mushrooms is super good choice! Prepare quinoa as usually. Add some tomato sauce, garlic, spices into it. Stuff the very large grilled portabella mushrooms with this mixture, top them with cheese and put into the oven.
  4. Baked zucchini with cheese, yoghurt, species, which is topped with crushed crackers, is a dish that is very quick and easy.
  5. Can’t you live without your favorite chicken and dumplings? Make this dish vegetarian by replacing chicken with some bouillon cubes! It will be very tasty. Take my word for it!
  6. Macaroni with cheese, leek, and garlic may seem a usual dish. Follow the traditional recipe but use feta in it then. I know nobody, who could resist a temptation to eat several portions of this marvelous dish.
  7. Quinoa with egg will be good for those, who like fried rice. Replace it with quinoa, add some pepper, tomato, onion into it, put the fried egg on your portion, and powder with crushed cashews. Everybody will say that you cook great!
  8. Cheese and apple is the best combination, which has ever been invented! Make a sandwich and use Granny Smith with cheese as a filling for it. Put it into the microwave for several seconds until cheese starts melting. Its crazy smell and great look will make you fall in love with vegetarian cuisine.
  9. If the thoughts about being veggie and never eating Bolognese again because of this make you feel worried, get rid of such pessimistic thoughts at all! Lentils, tomato, mix of vegetables, and herbs are able to create the same taste as the classic Bolognese has.
  10. Do you like noodles? Make it from cucumbers, topped with lemon juice, pumpkin seeds, basil and mint. It is the super grandiose idea for a vegan dinner.
  11. Warm pasta salad with roasted zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, and tomatoes, which is dressed with balsamic vinegar, garlic, and basil will be good for you.
  12. Baked pumpkin, which is added to pasta, will be super delicious if you cover it with parmesan and some herbs. Bombastic idea for veggies!
  13. Stew eggplant with tomato, garlic, caper, and Italian herbs. This dish has such a gorgeous aroma that you will be able to imagine yourself somewhere on the Mediterranean coast.
  14. Grilled carrots, green beans, and eggplant, which are powdered with herbs and soy sauce taste really exclusively.
  15. Lasagna with no meat? It’s real! Eggplant, tomato, garlic, basil, chili pepper, Cheddar and Parmesan – all the ingredients feel harmoniously with each other. Spread the baked vegetables one layer by another, don’t forget to add some lasagna sheets, leave this in the oven for 30 minutes and enjoy your new vegetarian style of life. It is more than tasty!

I replaced all the dishes with the mentioned-above ones and I should say that I started feeling myself better and much healthier. I am not going to give people too many counsels and make attempts to dictate them my own principles of life. It’s absolutely not my story. I just can help those, who want to change something in their way of living and propel themselves to the higher level. Just one advice from me: you’ll never succeed without, the help of which is really impossible to be replaced. Just visit our blog and you’ll find so many super interesting articles, that you’ll understand very soon: full-featured live is impossible without this service!

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