Obesity Essay: Tender Soul Under Coat Of Fat


Obesity EssayI know a lot of those, who scorn the obese people. They say that the fat men are ugly and their manner to chew something all day long is really annoying. It seems that this non-stop chewing is able to make furious even the calmest person in the world. Thank God, I am not among them and I stay absolutely neutral to such a habit of people.

Nobody is able to say that too fat people are bad. I even believe that each of them has a super tender soul and nice feelings under the fat layer. Unfortunately, it is too hard to distinguish the inner world of a person if it is hidden so far.

Not everybody is really able to understand how it is possible to let your body change into just a centner or two of fat and nothing more. Frankly speaking, I am among those, who are afraid of getting in such a trouble and each time, when my weight starts growing after the next portion of chocolate cake, which I am going crazy about, I am ready to beat the alarm. Despite my fears, my shapes are rather attractive and skinny and my reflexion in the mirror never frightens me. In fact, I am satisfied with my body, though I know that there are still some more defects… Ahem, that’s another story.

My satirical essay on obesity doesn’t have an aim to make the readers laugh at the fat guys. There is nothing funny in being fat, by the way. It is not even about beauty, which is usually very badly identifiable under the coat of fat. The aesthetic factor is important, though it may be put aside while talking about obesity. It is more than just an unattractive appearance and bonny body, which I am going to talk about. Obesity causes a lot of health problems and all weighty people are ill, in fact. Just go online and any causes of obesity essay or cause and effect essay on obesity will prove my words: overweight is the ground for arising of a number of diseases.

Obesity in America Essay: Fresh Statistics

If to compare the indexes of obesity in 1970’s and 2000’s, it will become evident that obesity among adults and children have increased several-fold. Obesity is spreading all over the world, though the United States of America suffer more than any other country.

The researches, which were conducted in November 2015, helped to prepare the new statistics, which lacked any positive dynamics. According to the last data, the American nation is not getting slimmer and healthier. Do you want to know the percentage of obese people, who live among us? Nearly 36% of adults and 17% of kids and teens have the excess weight. It is impossible to imagine but two thirds of the American population is obese! 

Which social groups are more subjected to obesity? The researchers announce that African-American women suffer from obesity even more than any other people. Let’s compare the percentage ratio: 82% of black obese women against 63% of overweight white women. It was determined even that the rate of obesity among men was much lower than among women and that, in fact, the last had much more problems with their weight.

Another problem, which disturbs the American people and makes the doctors ring alarm bells, is the childish obesity. More than one fourth of American kids of preschool and school age are too fat to grow and maturate properly. To what risks are the obese children subjected? If somebody may think that a kid start losing weight while growing older, it is the most stupid myth, which is popular among those, who are not well informed. The painful experience shows that children with excess weight are usually turned into the overweight adults then.

Obesity causes a lot of problems with health. Various heart diseases, diabetes and cancer, problems with bones and joints, asthma, kidney and liver diseases – this list is too long to describe it here. The problems of social and psychological character are waiting for obese people too. They are the most frequent victims of bullying, rough criticizing and abusing.

Essay About Obesity? It’s not a Problem!

I know those, who say jokingly that obese people’ mouths should be stitched up to not have any opportunity to eat. Gluing of the lips is regarded not the bad alternative too. An idea to send all fat people to the desert island without food and wait until they begin to bite off the pieces from each other sounds even a bit abusively. Of course, such ideas as gathering obese people in special camps, where they will be under strict control of the dietarians, or making them cycling all day long and connecting them to the special generators for energy producing are just the jokes. I understand perfectly that it may be funny just for those, who have no problems with excess weight or for those, who are reading this satire essay on obesity now. In fact, obesity is one of the main problems for the mankind now and the faster it is solved, the better it will be for everybody.

Are you afraid of getting into the category of people, who suffer from obesity? Start eating healthy food, forget about fast food restaurants and looking into your fridge late at night, be active, never let your weaknesses capture you and you will never know what obesity is.

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