New Food Trends Everyone Should Know


New Food TrendsEvery year is special if we are talking about popular food trends. What products are in vogue, and which are no longer relevant? Recent trends in food affect the popularity of certain foods or dishes. The 2017 year is going to have the own culinary traditions and peculiarities. In this essay we are going to discuss the main dishes or products which will be popular in the prestigious restaurants and supermarkets all over the world and for the whole year.

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What to eat in 2017

Somebody is following the trends in fashion, movies or music, but a lot of people know that the food has also the fashion for certain products. You are going to read a short list of the most popular products in this year. We made such results according to the scientific report, which was recently presented at the International Congress on Nutrition. Do not get involved in the molecular cuisine as this year is full of simplicity and clarity.

1) Virtual restaurants

As for me the idea with the virtual restaurants is perfect. If you don’t want to go somewhere but want to eat something delicious – use such kinds of service. The idea is that you will prepare the dinner at home using the chef recipes. Your task is to choose the dish and order all the ingredients. Home delivery is the best in this case. Now you have all the products and just follow the recipes and enjoy the yummy food. Check the information here is you want to know a lot of popular recipes -

2) Food and drinks saturated with enzymes

This year trend food will be the natural kefir, fermented tea Kombucha, brew and yogurt, the sauerkraut and the traditional Korean dish kimchi. According to the experts, these products contain beneficial bacteria that normalize the digestion.

3) Artificial food

Together with natural products artificial also become very popular. And do not be surprise with that. Recently in London was presented the burger with synthetic meat. The experts say that such kind of meat will be number one in ten years. Even nowadays there are some people which prefer the meat from the tube. But the other say that such a cutlet is not as taste as the usual one. But who knows maybe in the future the scientists will solve the problem with the taste of artificial products.

4) The butchers

They say that only the true man can cook in the right way fried pork tails and grilled chicken hearts etc. The restaurants with the professional butchers will be very popular.

5) Seaweed

As ramen became very popular on the West we think that the restaurant menu will include the more seaweed and other kind of sea food. Sea vegetables are really very popular, as they are useful. The modern food industry, which is based on healthy food always prefer such products. Such kind of food is always include a lot of vitamins, is non-nutritive and very tasty. If you are interesting in vegetarian lifestyle, check the information here -

6) Franken Creams

And now it is high time to talk about the popular deserts. If you are active in Instagram I am sure that you have noticed a great amount of nice pictures of delicious huge ice-cream called freak shakes. This desert became very popular and in this year this beautiful and tasty dessert will be in trend again. I am sure that every gourmet should try this ice cream.

7) Spicy food

If you prefer the thrill, not only in life but also in the food, you will be happy to know that spicy food is in trend. In the 2017 chefs will mix the sweet and savory. As for me there will be always lovers of spice food. I am sure that spicy fried chicken with maple syrup and honey will like everybody. You need just a few minutes to eat this delicious dish. Maybe we make your mouth water right now? Okay, we came to the end of our short list.

I think this essay was useful and interesting for you, especially if you were hungry. You are wrong if you think that question about food trends is rather strange. Not only clothes or decorations can be in fashion but also the culinary habits. Of course, tastes are differing but I think it was very interesting for you get to know what you can expect in the menu during the next twelve months. The experts say that this year is rather interesting selecting the food.

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