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There is a nice tradition to make New Year resolutions in the USA and UK. The first page of the calendar gives hope for a better future. It’s not only a space for notes but a reason to do philosophy about life path.  Time to make wishes, set goals, and come up with plans… Our company, providing cheap custom writing help, wants to support you in all your endeavors. Read encouraging posts on our blog or order first-rate services on our site. Livecustomwriting.com agency is rightly proud of competent assistants, easily coping with students’ issues. Essays, thesis, reports, business plans, and reviews… We'll write any paper for you.

Write your business plan and other New Year resolutions

A new year is often considered to be a new stage in life. Long-term traditions to divide history into certain periods make the end of December a sort of a milestone. As a rule, a budget year for national and private companies, as well as semesters at schools and universities follow this calendar. A habit to summarize leaves an imprint on each person. Accepting these rules, we often take the 1st of January as a starting point.

Refresh your life with this new opportunity. Who knows, maybe this year will turn your business plan into a real successful enterprise. Don’t know where to start? Turn to our assistant and get high-quality help with your papers. While you are pondering over this opportunity, enjoy our post. Check out our guidance on writing New Year resolutions.

Our team, which can create business plan services, shares observations on how to make New Year resolutions

Christmas time has gone, leaving a feeling of thrill and hope for a miracle after itself.  The time for a new episode in your destiny has come. It’s up to you, whether it will be the same as the previous year, or it will bring you positive achievements.

It may seem that you don’t need any helpers to write your New Year resolutions. However, the experience of others can prevent crucial mistakes. Check out the following recommendations. Maybe, this list is just what you need to decide on profound changes.    

  • Work on errors.” The bottom line about your last year is the experience. Analyze your failures and accomplishments. Take wise lessons.
  • Let past go. A New Year is an excellent opportunity to leave all the negative energy in the past. Forget about grievance, envy, sadness. Find room for new events and accomplishments. Stop dwelling on the same thoughts and losses. Weakness and hubris are not the reasons for a farewell to people. Get rid of the things that spoil your karma consciously.
  • Learn something new every day. Our unique, informative blog will help you with this point. It doesn’t take much time to look through some helpful posts. Soon you will be able to call yourself an erudite. Don’t restrict your opportunities with ignorance.  
  • Move. We won’t remind you about the necessity of physical activities. Just be chipper. A clear head and healthy body are vital conditions for eventful destiny. Drive your life this year.
  • Say “goodbye” to your harmful habits. Smoking, procrastination, overeating, - what is your weakness? Beat your addiction in 2019.
  • Think about your image. A new lifestyle starts with an appearance in most cases. People start to perceive you in a new way. In addition, you feel yourself differently. Another hairdo and style of clothes change looks and an inner world.
  • Add spirituality. Our high-tech world often shifts spiritual values from life. May you never lose them. If you don’t want to become a rough cynic, think about gratitude, honesty, generosity, kindness, etc. These characteristics warm our hearts and add humanity to our existence.
  • Form a positive surrounding. Optimism is what gives you hope and enthusiasm. Look around – how many pessimists spoil your mood every day? It’s time to minimize communication with them. Reconsider your social circle. Attend events that enjoy you.
  • Have you already found your calling in life? It’s not compulsory to deal with this issue precisely this year. However, make at least some steps towards this decision. New hobby or study, internship or even job at prestigious agencies, - all these opportunities can become crucial steps towards your self-development. Business planning can help evaluate the success of your future project.
  • Get space around you in order. It’s about your working place, flat, and a room. Follow principles of minimalism https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/buy-a-custom-research-paper-practice-minimalism. Don’t let a significant number of things control your mood and life, in general. Think bigger. Realize that trips broaden your horizons literally and figuratively.
  • Time to deal with your regime. Don’t think about a schedule like about a boring routine from the school time. It’s not a useless piece of paper frightening with a bunch of tasks anymore. In fact, nowadays it’s a modern tool for planning. In the course of times, it turned into a useful tool of self-organization. Digital versions of organizers are convenient to use. Comprehend finally that it’s better to go to bed earlier and to do everything on time.
  • Recall your cherished dream. Life planning doesn’t always consist of strict strategies and targets. Think about your first wishes. Add some romantics to your life this year. Wanted to become a rock star? Take some guitar lessons – feel the atmosphere of the music. Your aspirations could encourage you to new accomplishments. Besides, so many childhood fantasies triggered successful startups.
  • Try to keep the balance of your life. There is probably no universal formula for happiness. However, a typical modern teenager takes pleasure in the following spheres: education, job, personal relationships, hobby, leisure.

Buy the best business plan - help your New Year endeavors turn into progressive accomplishments

Posts on social media inspire us with promises, plans, and targets at the beginning of the year.  Our team of creative authors prepared a list of funny New Year’s resolutions. Having googled students’ publications on the Internet, we selected the most humorous of them.

  • “Remove the calendar of 2005 from the wall!”
  • “Stop procrastinating since March, 1st.”
  • Like only posts that I’ve read. And ideally - only those, which I’ve really liked.”
  • “Stop being such a pessimist! Yet, I, probably, won’t succeed.”
  • “Start telling everyone that I want to go in for sports since the New Year.”
  • “Spend more time with my family. Spend more time with those who I care about. Even if it means spending less time with the family.”
  • “Spend less time with toxic people. Yet, oops, I’m the one who is toxic... ”
  • “Walk at least two kilometers every day at lunchtime. One kilometer - to McDonald's and one - back.”
  • “Stop bragging that I know famous people, as Steve Jobs recommended personally to me.”
  • “Stop pretending to be a prince. Hide my crown, as nobody believes anyway.”
  • “Stop smoking. Yes. This is hard. Especially if to do it, you should start smoking firstly.”
  • “1998 resolution: to get MTV music award.  2008: become a popular rapper. 2018: not to starve to death.”
  • “Stop telling old jokes to my friends. Or find new friends.”
  • “Stop worrying about little things. Start worrying about global issues such as greenhouse effect and intergalactic wars.”

We hope these jokes made you think positive, or at least, raised your mood for a while. However, write serious points if you want to achieve progressive results.

Our portal, where you can buy writing service, describes celebrities’ New Year resolutions 

If you need more inspiration, check out the boldest New Year resolutions from celebrities. For instance, our authors were impressed by Marilyn Monroe’s variant. Who would have thought, that this beauty strives for study and self-development? A good example for modern girls! Kelly Rutherford ignores this tradition considering it boring. Gwendoline Christie promised to take a break finally. Cool decision to cope with the fuss of our rapidly developing world. Perfect people don’t make resolutions. At least, Ed Westwick thinks so. Jussie Smollett promised to spread more kindness and love and advised everyone to follow his example.

Our team, providing good custom writing assistance online, reveals psychological tips on how to write New Year resolutions

Psychology is essential for everyone. It comes in handy for all people regardless of age, nationality, profession, and social status. We decided to select the most helpful psychological pieces of advice for you. Thus, a stable mental condition will give you enough energy to succeed in all your resolutions.

Our professional US helper draws attention to psychological tips on New Year resolutions

Being a multifunctional writing company, we get different tasks. It happens that in the flow of students’ papers we notice a creative task to prepare a checklist of particular recommendations. In most cases, they concern psychological tips. Today we want to share our experience and knowledge with all our readers.

  • Honesty and common sense. Don’t set too high goals. Yet don’t let yourself loosen up. Be objective and realistic writing your resolutions. Realize that your New Year resolution is not a child’s letter to Santa Claus. Formulate precise targets. Avoid phrases like “I want,” “I am going to,” “I will”… Your intents should be in present time. For instance, “I have a cool job at Google.”
  • “No” is forbidden. It has a harmful impact on motivation, as it brings negative energy. This word attracts attention to things we try to avoid. Thus, our thoughts are still concentrated around undesirable moments.
  • Avoid absolute perfectionism https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/academic-essay-editing-service-students-perfectionism. The first thing is that excellence isn’t a precise, stable concept. Everyone has his/her ideals and standards. Moreover, laws of the universe rarely imply flawlessness. Let some points in your New Year plan stay imperfect if you follow harmony principles.
  • Visualize. There are numerous variants to fix your ideas. They make you think about your goals. When your dreams are somewhere deep in your mind, you can forget them. The routine issues can easily shift them. A ready scenario, which is always in front of your eyes, continually reminds about your priorities. Just glance at vivid pictures in your sketchbook or check a list in a notebook.
  • Don’t mention particular names. It’s sad to realize, yet, you can’t influence other people to a desirable extent. So, it’s not sensible to mention someone as a future boss, mate, or a spouse in your wish list. Let your notes be impersonal.
  • Add emotions. Even if you don’t like to demonstrate your feelings, make your dreams expressive. This approach will give positive vibes and favorable atmosphere. “I feel the joy of ….” is definitely better than “I need…”
  • Don’t dwell on one particular dream. Do everything possible to be closer to it. However, it’s senseless to devote all the efforts to achieving one goal. The universe constantly offers numerous favorable opportunities. The main thing is to see them on time and use.

Read these points one more time and move into action. Tips don’t work without practice. This post can be only a part of your ambitious plan for 2019. We don’t have an opportunity to live forever, yet we can make our life bold and vivid. Let this year be fruitful. Helpful advice? Share your feedback. Don’t forget to keep your resolutions. We hope, by December 2019 all the points in your list will be marked “done.”

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