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Our site, where one can purchase a custom research paper, describes a minimalism as a modern lifestyle.

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Our company, where one can buy custom research papers, reveals the main features of minimalism

Minimalism – is a lifestyle focused on the essential values only. Despite the development of consumer society, this trend has the right to exist too. Everyone has his or her own understanding of this concept. Culture, living rate, age, family status influence a person’s perception of this principle.

Minimalism enters modern global systems. Thus, sharing economy is based on the public use of goods and services. Maybe, you have already become the participant of this model. Have you ever used Europe’s BlaBlaCar (ride sharing), couch surfer services, books exchange, or car sharing? Sustainable development implies a harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. It’s clear that every person can’t possess an infinite number of things.  This main idea lies in the basis of minimalism. And what about you? To what extent are you a minimalist?

There are two types of minimalism:

  1. Forced minimalism. Obviously, underdeveloped African tribes don’t want to be minimalists, yet they have to. They don’t have a choice but to live in those severe conditions with a minimal level of comfort.
  2. Conscious voluntary minimalism. It’s a way of thinking and a sort of lifestyle we choose ourselves, comprehending the positive impacts of this philosophy.

Do you remember that feeling after you cleaned all the dishes, sorted all files on your laptop, took away unnecessary clothes? It’s like a breath of fresh air for new plans, ideas, and startups. Lightness and freedom are the main advantages of minimalism. Our team of inquisitive authors and professional writers also revealed the following benefits of this approach to life.

  1. Economical issues. Any economic system can suffer due to unreasonable use of resources. The same thing is about every person. It’s cheaper to keep a smaller house in order. You don’t have to pay for insurance for the next new car. There is no need to buy new accessories for a dress from the latest collection. Thus, getting rid of attachment to material things, one can feel financial freedom.
  2. Ecological reasons. One more crucial reason to accept this lifestyle is about saving natural resources.  The pace of using raw materials is faster than their renewal. In this regard, moderate consumption and striving for minimalism are essential modern concepts.
  3. Personal intellectual growth. Practicing principles of this lifestyle, you become smarter. This philosophy is about life optimization. Constantly making a choice, one develops analytical skills. In addition, you get new knowledge searching for different variants to apply this approach. Minimalism implies a flexible mindset, which is not overloaded with unproven facts and memories of the negative experience. As a result, you can easily solve non-standard tasks.
  4. Health improvement. The greatest number of modern diseases are caused by wrong dietary habits. In fact, most of the people eat food for pleasure, forgetting about its initial purpose – to be a source of energy and health. Minimalism restricts the number of products, as well as eliminates harmful meals.
  5. Mobility. It’s not hard for minimalists to pack things and to start any trip. Thus, they can travel light. This benefit is useful when it comes to low-cost tickets or special trip offers.
  6. Convenience in everyday life. Have you ever tried to find a T-shirt in the bunch of clothes in your wardrobe? If you have a minimal quantity of clothes, it’s easy to organize them. Housekeeping is getting less tedious in the minimalist flat. You don’t need to wipe an army of figurines or clean meters of carpets. 

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Our site, where you can order a professional custom research article, gives practical tips on how to apply the minimalist approach

Minimalism is not about absolute ascetics. It’s about creating a laconic space where one feels comfortable and free. The motto of this lifestyle is: “The fewer things you have, the happier you become”. Its purpose is an optimal balance between spiritual and material spheres. It happens that people comprehend the necessity of this concept, yet they don’t know where to start. Our team, providing high-quality writing and editing services, shares advice on how to use this philosophy in everyday life. What can you do right now to be closer to minimalism ideas?

  1. Reconsider material stuff surrounding you. The book “Minimalism” describes a curious experiment. One should pack all the personal belongings into the boxes. Then, just take only necessary things. Thus, you’ll realize how many clothes, dishes, shoes you really need. One more practical advice – make limits for your purchases. Ask yourself the following questions before buying the next thing:
  • “Do I really need it, or can I dispense with it?” Consider variants of renting instead of purchasing.
  • “For how long will this thing make me happy?” If a new purchase is a way to fight stress only, don’t buy it, as it deals with current pleasure only.

Charity, garage sales, online trade platforms are good variants to bid farewell to redundant stuff. “You never know when you need this thing” – erase this phrase from your mind.

  1. Free your mind. The minimalism is not about throwing stuff away only. It’s about a certain mindset. Stop thinking about things that discourage you; don’t waste your time on senseless talks or toxic relationships. Don’t become a victim of stereotypes or fashion. Forgive abusers and forget all the negative moments. Let people and situations go, if you can change nothing – follow the law of circulation. Don’t dwell on unnecessary details and think globally.
  2. Analyze your ration. To be healthy you need to eat proper healthy food. Cross harmful products out of your shopping list. Don’t eat for the company.
  3. Apply minimalism in virtual reality. Get your files on Google disk in order.  Don’t store similar pictures. What about your followers and friends on social media? Do you value all their opinions? Do their stories and pictures interest you? Surround yourself with worthy people not only in real life but in the virtual one too.

Apparently, if you comprehend all the benefits of this lifestyle, you won’t notice any crucial disadvantages. Yet, the process of transformation into a minimalist isn’t so easy. Be aware of the following pitfalls.

  • Critique. Don’t expect that everyone appreciates minimalism. Some people will look at you with pity watching your empty room, meager lunch, or an old model of a smartphone. In addition, there will be people who will think of you as a grid person.
  • Jokes are a more polite variant of the public resistance. People, surrounding you, will try to tease you about your clothes, gadgets, flat design.  
  • You will also need to find new hobbies instead of the previous ones, or at least reconsider them. For instance, it’s better to read one worthy book than thousands of dubious posts on social media One thought-provoking film is better than mindless binge watching TV-series.
  • Nervous tense. Very often, when we have any stress, we can’t sensibly think about ways to fight it. Shopping, sweets, social media activities are temporary measures to solve the problem. In the long-term perspective, they turn out to be harmful to our health and well-being. After choosing minimalism as a life philosophy, you realize it. Yet, in practice, it’s hard to reject the diversity of activities you used to enjoy. If you don’t want to get a nervous breakdown, find alternative ways to replace them.

One more curious observation by our team, providing professional student essay services, is about a financial aspect. We have noticed that, in most cases, wealthy people come to minimalist philosophy. The thing is that expensive things or even money can replace a lot of everyday things. Being rich is a good reason to get rid of unnecessary junk. Minimalism is a prerogative of well-being, as in case of an emergency one can rent or buy the essentials.

The minimalists are not weak-willed consumers of goods and services. They are not influenced by convincing advertisement, but they are rational and intelligent people. They don’t waste any drop of their energy and know when to stop and say “no” if something goes against their interests.

Why do minimalists choose our site? They appreciate their time, efforts, and money. While studying at the university a teenager faces a numerous number of activities. The full day of the average student consists of lectures at the universities, visit to the library, sports activities, additional courses, and maybe even a job. The proper implementing of all the professor’s tasks demands from a student to be a prodigy. And what’s more difficult, he or she should be intelligent in different spheres.  It’s hard to become a minimalist having such a surrounding. Yet, it’s possible.

Turn for help to our site, where one can buy term papers 24/7 and delegate difficult writing tasks to our team. Don’t overload your daily schedule with university assignments. Determine disciplines and tasks you are interested in and focus on them. Concentrate your attention on your priorities. There is our team for all the other cases.  We have created our project to bring simplicity and convenience to the student life. Using our services one can avoid stress concerning difficult topics, short terms, huge volumes of work, strict standards. Make a step to minimalism with our site.

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