College Life Essay. The First Step Into The World Of Adults


College Life EssayThe life of every person consists of several periods. As a rule, all these periods are in certain countries the same. For example, you were born, the next step is kinder garden (somebody can miss it), next – school education, later – college education or university, next – your profession career, creating a family and work, work, this endless work. I wrote a standard plan for human life. Most people have such a life in general. In other words it is the common life charter. But not always and everything is arranged as we dream. Life likes to make unexpected surprises but we are not going to talk about it now. Here is the main information about the company and the founders.

The life plan I described consists of few main periods. And maybe on the paper they are dry and uninteresting but in reality each of the periods has a lot of new experience, expressions and emotions. Today academic essay service wants to present you one of the college life essays. We will tell you about one of the most exciting period in life, the period when you learn how to be an adult is.

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Essay on college life

Life is arranged in such a way that very often a person has to change the environment. For example, for the time which we spend at school we get used to its classmates, find best friends, starts to have very much in common with them. Nevertheless, sooner or later study should be continued. We should leave the school and to enter the college. But everybody understands that this life and study will be completely different. The college is a much more serious educational institution than the school. It is the beginning of the adult life. The first steps in it. And often people say that we have a choice before the adult life. But in reality we have no choice. It does not matter want you or no, this life will begin at the certain time and your task is to make it more interesting and exciting. We are entering a path that is more difficult, but more interesting. We choose an adult, more responsible life. And this life begins here, in these walls, which are imbued with science. In college we have s serious life. We should be attentive and study as well as we can. All the services of our company are described here. If you miss something from the material in can influence badly on your future. To college come those who want at least something to get from life. Every student at college has the goal and he or she wants to be the best, but not everyone try to reach this goal. We say to ourselves: “I want”, but can we say to ourselves: “I can”? Of course, we can!

At college we receive the necessary confidence, here we receive an opportunity to show ourselves as the creator of our destiny, we can show the strength, without embarrassment and without locking in ourselves. At college nobody is going to control you every time. Your parents won’t ask you if you have done the homework (and this online reliable essay editor can be perfect for you). That is all, you are independent and be ready to be the responsible for your actions and look at the consequences of your decisions. It is your choice: you can study, if you have no such a desire, please, go and don’t bother the others.

Usually student’s life includes such things:

  • interesting lectures and classes;
  • participation in sports competitions, competitions;
  • preparation of materials and participation in scientific conferences, exhibitions, student’s and entrepreneurial projects, competitions of business plans;
  • collective trips to places of cultural heritage, different excursions;
  • participation in concert performances at the holidays, realized in the walls of the educational institution;
  • an exciting rest in a sanatorium at a college or at summer camp.

Only thanks to such activities students become the part of the adulthood and adapt to the high standards set in everyday life. You will become busy and I think that you will like this busy life.

Your task from the very beginning is to learn how you can properly allocate your time for study and rest (  It is necessary to have a balance. And if not then you will quickly be disappointed and get off the race.

My college life essay

And now I want to tell you about my college and the life we have there. I am the student of the pedagogical college. To tell the truth I had no problems with choosing the profession as I always knew that the job with children is the best for me. My college is not the new one in the city it was built the hundred years ago and, of course, it has the own traditions and requirements for students. Among its graduates there are outstanding personalities well known in our region and even country. When I first entered the territory of the college, I really liked the design of the campus: a lot of trees, beautiful flower beds, fountains, lot of benches, and of course the huge blocks of the college itself. At that minute I imagined how I will be sitting on the benches, revising the material, how we make photos with new friends here. Everything was new and so exciting. I couldn’t wait the studying year to begin.

Out college is very modern. The classrooms in our college are bright, spacious and comfortable. They have everything necessary in our time: laptops,  TV sets, interactive whiteboards, and of course, the free Wi-Fi everywhere. Sometimes students have lectures on Skype with popular lecturers who are far away and can’t visit us themselves. This is a unique opportunity to listen to them. A few words I want to tell about our library. It is really huge and full of catalogues and thousands of necessary for education books. Mostly students spend time in the Internet hall here.

You are wrong if you think that college life is just lectures, practical classes, laboratory classes, different reports, sessions, exams, term papers and academic papers. College life is full of adventures and is very busy. I am sure that for a long time students could not stand such a heavy, boring and monotonous life. After all, students are young creatures, full of energy, who only start to live and create. There is always a great assembly hall. Here is the second side of student’s life. There are several circles that students can attend after the lessons: a theater studio, a literary club, a dance studio. Students take part in concerts and art festivals, which take place annually in our college. In college is good sports equipment: a large gym equipped with modern exercise machines, as well as a football field, which helps to develop sports in our institution and the swimming pool. One of the most popular places among students and teachers is the canteen. We have the special refreshment room is every block and one huge canteen for the whole college. During the breaks there are fun, noisy and long queues here. Someone is eating, someone is drinking hot coffee, and someone is copying their homework while someone is reading a book. In a word, life is in full swing.

Really I can describe my college for hours but it’s necessary to stop in time ( I met new friends here, I receive the perfect education, I understood what the real life is, I had the first difficulties and tried to solve problems myself. I have different memories for ages. Thus, our college has everything you need to get a good education. Students are always different: there are honors pupils and dignitaries. But most of them are hardworking people, they know why they are here, always take part in different educational programs, quizzes and competitions, and therefore achieve good results.

At last I want to say that studying at our college you can have fun, but it also takes a lot of work. You can always use the essay rewriting help.

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