Police Brutality Essay: Good And Bad Cops


Police Brutality EssayMore and more often we are informed about the scandalous news about the police violence, which is directed towards the common civilians. The cases of severe beating, fearful tortures and even some fatal episodes make the shivers start running up and down the back just at the mere thought of going to the police station. The guardians of the population’s civil rights do not look after discipline but break the law themselves. The armed policemen have already lost their spotless reputation and have become just the criminals, who wear the police uniform and operate with the law masterfully.

All the cases, which will be viewed in the next argumentative essay on police brutality, are not imagined. They are the real stories, which tell about sad experience of people, who found themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time and who fell into the hands of the brutal policemen. I sincerely hope that, unlike the heroes of the essay on police brutality, you will never meet with such an inhuman attitude, which really offends, humiliates and makes the hurt persons lose faith in kindness at all.  

Good Cop

Any police officer, who is considered to be a professional (there are no amateurs in police, by the way), should be brave and feel as a leader in any situation. Nobody but a policeman can be taken as the best model of dedication to his vocation and self-devotion. The professionals should accomplish their tasks perfectly and try to exceed the standards of their work daily, because it is really the greatest joy for a person to be proud of his professional achievements.  

The policemen, or as they are usually called ‘cops’, are those, who try to release the world from both awful and minor crimes and make each member of the society feel relaxed without being afraid for any murderers, maniacs, thieves and many other criminals, who terrorize the world daily and may wait for their victims round any corner.  

Police is a service, which should provide a people’ safety and respond quickly to any statements or appeals about help. Every cop should be ready to lay aside his sandwich and bottle with Cola and rush to save the world from danger. Such dedicated policemen are usually shown in blockbusters and we sincerely believe that each police department is full of such brave men too. In fact, not everything is so sweet and our life is sometimes far from the movie. One should be ready that if he comes into police station, nobody will propose him a cup of coffee, cigarette or just a glass of fresh water. Nobody will give him a handkerchief and help to wipe the tears from the cheeks. Of course, there are still good people with kind hearts and it may sound strange, though some of them can be found among the police officers too. Unfortunately, some people face not so gentle treatment. The police brutality essays are able to give you the examples of such a brutal treatment, that you will hardly believe your eyes when you finish reading the statistics of the cases, in which the cops behaved in strange and incomprehensible way.

Bad Cop

Last year a bit more than 135 deaths were registered in the two-month period, which happened due to the faults of the American policemen. The statistics shows terrible indexes: every 8 hours one person is killed by the cops and it means that approximately 3 humans die at the hands of police officers daily.

The researchers were shocked when they drew the parallel between the Canadian statistics, where there were only 14 murders committed by the cops in 2014, and the American one, which showed that the number of fatal cases was 78 times bigger. The further investigations were even more depressing: just 1 person was killed by the British police in 2014 and none in 2013. In China, the population of which is several times bigger than this of the USA, only 12 civil deaths were recorded.  None of civilians was killed in Germany during 2013-2014.

The comparison of the different countries’ statistics gave not very bright perspectives: the US cops kill more people than all the policemen throughout the biggest world states combined.  

Despite the cases, which caused the deaths of civilians, a lot of people are subjected to brutal and violent beatings without excuse.

True Stories About People

More than 100 black people, who were unarmed, were killed by the policemen in the United States in 2015. The police officers were found guilty only in 10 cases. The statistics shows that black people are subjected to brutal treatment 5 times more often than the white men.       

Roy Nelson was a black man, who was killed on December 19, 2015 by the policemen. The man, who had some mental problems, needed the hospitalization. He was put in the back of the police auto and then he was shot. The police officers, who killed Roy, reported that he tried to escape. Nobody was found guilty of his death.

Chandra Weaver, a 48-year-old black woman, was shot by the policemen on November 17, 2015. She just crashed the police car. The cops shot her right there. Nobody was found guilty of her death.              

Stephen Tooson, a 45-year-old black man, was killed on December 11, 2015, after the police car crashed his auto. As you understand, nobody was found guilty of his death too.  

India Kager and her 4-month-old son were killed on September 5, 2015. They were followed by the unmarked police cars and when she stopped, the cops attacked her auto. They shot more than 25 times in India’s car. Nobody was found guilty…

The list of black victims is really impressing. It is long and each new case is more absurd than the previous one.

It is hard to give any characteristics to police officers, who are not able to cope with the teens, 70-year-old gentlemen and 35-year-old housewives and who prefer to put the pistol to the heads of the citizens rather than to handcuff them and bring into the police office safe and sound. The cops, who can’t control the situation around them, can’t be considered the professionals. They are more the criminals than the heroes and they do not deserve to have the titles of the officers at all.

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