Same Sex Marriage: Why Gay Rights Should be Protected


Same sex marriage essays usually provide arguments either in favor or against marriage of homosexual couples. The current paper represents a why same sex marriage should be legalized essay providing well-grounded proof that it is reasonable to legalize gay marriage. Same sex marriage argumentative essay presented below is an attempt to raise the awareness of the public concerning the importance of same sex marriage legalization. Unlike against same-sex marriage essay, the current paper will try to prove that gay marriage legalization will have positive effects on the social welfare. The following essay on same sex marriage will focus on the need to protect the rights of homosexuals, just like any other social groups. The same sex marriage persuasive essay will also emphasize that gays should be given equal rights including medical, financial and social ones, because today these rights are accessible only to heterosexual couples. Finally, should same sex marriage be legalized essay provided below will discuss the problem from both perspectives to ensure that the final results are objective and well-grounded.

The current same sex marriage essay will start from examining the pros of gay marriage legalization. Here are top 7 arguments in favor of same sex marriage.

  1. Some people believe that same sex marriage legalization is likely to reduce the divorce rates among the population. If to look at the situation in the United States, it becomes clear that over 50% of couples in the US get divorced. Some studies have shown that America has the highest rates of divorce in comparison with other states around the world. If gays were given a chance to get married, it would increase the marriage rates, and fewer couples would get divorced because of infertility or some other reasons. It is also quite clear that the situation cannot get any worse, and therefore, legalization of gay marriage will not cause any harm to the society. On the contrary, it is likely to slightly improve the situation and decrease the rates of divorce across the country.
  2. The second reason to legalize same sex marriage is based on the fact that gay marriage legalization will not have any negative impact on the heterosexual community. This is similar to the process of racial integration that took place in the 1960s. Just like the integration of racial communities had no effect on the white people, today gay marriage legalization will also cause no harm to the heterosexuals. It is simply a matter of giving homosexuals a right that they are deprived of because gay marriage is perceived as an immoral act. 
  3. One of the key reasons why same sex marriage is not legalized in all states is due to the religious views regarding homosexuals as sinful individuals. Such perception should not be part of federal or legal affairs in the US and other countries. The religious dogmas do not have any effect on the legal system of America in particular, so the religious argument that marriage represents a union between a woman and a man should not prevent the government from legalizing gay marriage. This procedure will not have any negative effect on religion and will not cause harm to the religious beliefs of other people. At the same time religion in its turn should not affect the issue of same sex marriage. For this to happen, the Church and the state should be separated.
  4. Besides, same sex marriage is a matter of equal rights. Back in the 1950s, it was banned to marry people from other races, particularly in the United States. Today, however, the society understands that this was an unjust law because it deprived couples of equal rights to love and marry whom they wanted. The problem of same sex marriage is similar. If homosexual couples are denied a right to get married, it can also be regarded as a denial of fundamental freedom and equality of rights, and this should not exist in the modern society.
  5. Another assumption is that gay marriage has already become a reality. For instance, in New York, hundreds of homosexual couples have already got married. New York is expecting nearly $9 million revenue in the first year after the legalization of gay marriage.  Such economic prospects are definitely a great benefit of gay marriage legalization. And the reality is that a great number of homosexual partners already practice the loving relationships across the United States. However, the only problem is that these couples are not protected legally, even though their way of life definitely resembles marriage. Homosexuals practice marriage in the home environment, so why not to give them a right to get married legally?
  6. It is also a fact that civil unions are different. Homosexual couples have a right to legally form the civil unions, but it is not the same as marriage. The latter gives numerous rights to married couples, and gays are deprived of these rights. Such privileges as medical, social and financial rights associated with the union of legal marriage are denied to homosexual partners. Therefore, the situation should be changed for the benefit of homosexual community.
  7. It is also widely considered that gay marriage legalization will reduce the rates of teenage suicide. It is a fact that one of the major reasons why young people commit suicide is because they face the problem of school bullying because of their sexual orientation. Therefore, it can be assumed that if same sex marriage is legalized, teenagers will become more respected and accepted at schools and will have no particular reasons to think of committing suicide. Gay marriage legalization will lead to greater equality among the young people who would not feel like they want to take their own lives just because they are not like anyone else.

It can be concluded that despite the negative sides of same sex marriage legalization, this procedure is associated with numerous benefits not only for the homosexual community, but for the society as a whole. That is why it can be assumed that there are well-grounded reasons to legalize same sex marriage and these reasons should be taken into account to arrive at a reasonable and justified decision.

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