Motivation Essay. What Drives Your Life?


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The essence of most essays on motivation is that people’s behavior is determined by their needs.  

Motivation is an engine of our life. It’s a power that pushes us towards our dreams and targets. Our acts are dedicated by external factors and inner power. But the most reliable and effective type of motivation is a self-motivation. If you don’t have enough motivation in your life check out this story. You will see that our academic writers wanted to make you think about some kind of power that drives your actions and behavior. Also, our team provides all variety of writing services online including specific types of papers.

Contemporary motivation theories essays. Have you ever wondered about them?

If you never read such stories before just try to look through at least one of them. These theories are very useful for understanding people’s behavior. They give us the theoretical background of this process explaining the nature and types of motivation. There are more than 50 main theories.

The most well-known among them is the carrot and the stick method. It is often used while animals training. This theory is supposed to be very primitive in our modern world, as it takes into account only basic instincts. You must have seen a picture with a sad donkey, sweet carrot and a stick that describes this method. Its simplified point means that a man wants to eat and not to be beaten. So it ignores other human needs like communication, relationships, need in respect, aesthetic needs, etc. But unfortunately some parents use it for kids and some employers implement it for their staff. As for our company we never use this approach. That’s why our team provides the best writing services for you, it has enough inspiration and motivation.

The most objective theory is probably Maslow’s pyramid. It covers seven types of human needs. In most cases, we rarely think about the first stage of needs. We take it for granted that we breathe and have enough food. But still, it’s very difficult to love someone or reach high results at work being always hungry or thirsty. The second stage is connected with safety. It’s obvious that we need confidence in security for today and for future. The third stage is probably the most spiritual one. It’s connected with our soul and involves such needs as love, friendship and belonging to a certain group of community. Everyone wants to feel needed, to love and to be loved, to get friends’ support. The fourth stage of this theory is about success and appreciation in society. After this stage, people want to investigate and widen their knowledge. They open new horizons of philosophy and science, become more intelligent. Do you remember Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” and his desire to systematize everything? It’s the sixth stage of the pyramid which contains aesthetic and harmony needs too. The last stage is the stage for very special people. Only 2 % of people reach the top of the pyramid and realize all their potentials.

This pyramid is only the basis of needs for motivation. And sometimes people just skip some stages on their way to the top of it. It’s very important to understand that Maslow’s pyramid is not a dogma. Its levels can change their order. For example, dedicated musicians, painters or writers can work even without any food for a whole day just to finish their masterpiece. They want to get success in their art first. Nevertheless, almost all contemporary theories are based on these two classical approaches.

Different needs grow at different speeds. Nowadays some people even put “internet” in the first place in this pyramid. Of course, it’s a joke, but this fact is still a reflection of modern trends. For example, students use global web to pass their exams. They can order some writing services online.

Why do we need knowledge about motivation? Understanding the basis of motivation and needs can help you lead any group of people.  But still, the most important thing about motivation is that it should start with your own self-motivation.

Your own self motivation essay. What would you write there?

Do you need any help to write an essay on this topic? If you already have one you can hire experienced essay editor to check your work. In this case, you will get the most literate variant. But do you have any examples from your own experience for it? Our modern world is quite cruel and self-motivation is a necessary feature for a person to get success. Everyone is responsible for his acts, deeds and the whole life. There is no sense to accuse other people, government or circumstances of your own failures. You should be self-motivated. There is a joke: “How to motivate oneself? Just do nothing and stay in that place where you are now”.

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Self-motivation is an essential condition for your personal progress. It gives you the energy to reach your goals and success in the whole life despite any external factors. Here are some tips on self-motivation.

  • Comprehend the sense and philosophy of your life. Don’t choose only one thing like wealth. Let it be a healthy happy family for example.
  • Think about the worst things that will happen if you don’t act. Imagine the darkest and the lightest pages of your life. Choose the one you want and do everything you can to reach it.
  • Take an example from people who live in harder situations and conditions than you. Many people survived wars, disasters, diseases and didn’t give up. 
  • Determine some steps on how to reach your goal. Think about different variants and back up plans. Solve priority problems first. If you don’t have enough time ask someone’s help. If you are a student, use online services to make your home tasks.
  • Act. Don’t think too much about your wishes, go ahead.
  • Get energy and inspiration. Study something new and useful for your life. Communicate with positive interesting people.

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Your request “do my essay for me” will be approved by the talented authors of our company. They will prove that a well-motivated team is a key to the successful business. Knowing wishes of each employee helps an employer manage his staff. People whose needs are not satisfied won’t do their work properly. They will quit in a long-term perspective. And on the contrary, people who are well-motivated will have enough vital force and inspiration for doing their tasks. Our authors who are writing cool academic essays for you now are a case in point. They take their place of work like an essential part of their life associating it with their wish fulfillment.

The main sense of employee motivation is to reveal workers’ needs and to give an honest opportunity to satisfy them. It’s not only about money or any material things. Some people want to become good specialists in their professional spheres or have an appropriate schedule to spend enough time with their families. 

Here are some modern perks, which are used by companies to motivate their employees:

  • free professional conferences, meetings, and workshops;
  • fresh coffee in the morning;
  • paid gym;
  • business trips abroad;
  • free food.

Self–motivation is a feature of adult independent people. Life without it looks like a car without an engine. Just compare blinding Bugatti racing on the road and overtaking other cars and a wagon just going down the mountain. Which one would you prefer? Always choose the best decision like our clients do Don’t let things slide, just pull yourself together and try your best to reach the best results. Don’t ignore motivation and don’t miss opportunities to reach success. Let your self-motivation drive your life.