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Top world’s weirdest institutions according to our essay creating and editing company

Do you think that something is wrong with your school or college? You just haven’t visited the weirdest institutions in the world. Intrigued? Check out this post on the most extraordinary colleges in the world. Their founders dared to challenge common educational traditions and go far beyond borders of common sense. The authors of our good custom writing company thoroughly investigated possible variants and selected the most entertaining of them.  

Our professional researchers and writers selected top 14 bizarre schools and colleges

  1. ALPHA School (Toronto) makes a Disobedience Day last forever. At first glance, it looks like there no rules and discipline standards here at all. No homework, strict schedule, or ratings. Pupils plan their days themselves. And what is more interesting, they take part in school governance. Meanwhile, this approach successfully develops critical thinking and individualism. Some typical schools can destroy children’s creativity The same cannot be said about ALPHA, as it provides the best conditions for inspiration and limitless imagination.
  2. Terraset (Virginia) is a unique school situated underground. It was created in 1970 in times of energetic crisis. The earth really helped to save heating. Practical benefits are not the only advantages of this building. It also brings a feeling of being in a fairy tale. Pupils often imagine themselves as hobbits or gnomes.
  3. Carpigiani Gelato University. If you ever been to Italy, you probably remember the divine taste of its ice cream. Obviously, nobody shared a recipe with you. Masters carefully keep this secret. Yet, this institution will teach you how to make various types of gelatos. You will become an expert in mixing unbelievable tastes, such as fish, cheese, or red wine, let alone traditional combinations.
  4. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the freest university in the world. Neither the government nor church influence its policy. Learning process stimulates thinking outside the box. There are no strict dogmas and limits for imaginations here. This institution is a space for awakening of minds and developing talents. It is your choice if you are brave, bold, full of creative energy, and ingenious thoughts.
  5. Grey School of Wizardry. Who would have thought that magic will be taken seriously? Sounds unbelievable, yet this school is a tale that has finally come true. Fans of Harry Potter got an opportunity to study healing, divination, alchemy, and other supernatural powers. And what if you will learn to read thoughts while studying there? Telepathy is quite a useful skill to pass exams, for instance.  
  6. The University of the Arctic is probably the coldest institution. A cool variant for those who do not mind “chill” whether and adore reindeers. Founders promise to teach you north tourism, medicine, and law. Fantastic snowy locations and northern lights are a pleasant bonus. However, the unique experience and emotions are guaranteed.
  7. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) is specialized in technological innovations. A task to create a “smart” mechanism is a common practice for its learning process. This institution implements non-standard methods of study. For instance, students have to do jigsaw puzzles in order to determine their effect on the human’s brain. The unusual “cosmic” architecture of this institution is worth special attention. Be careful walking on its green lawns, as, they mask roofs of high-tech buildings.
  8. California Institute of the Arts offers an experimental animation program. Such faculties are very rare because of their narrow specialization.  The best wizards creating the modern cartoon world study here. Thus, if you want to draw characters or invent plots, welcome to this institution.
  9. Hamburger University (Chicago). One can learn all the secrets of McDonald’s corporation here. They are not about meals only. Leadership skills and business methods are deeply studied too. Unbelievable, but less than one percent of applicants manage to become its freshmen.
  10. Deep Springs College (California) is an excellent variant for those who are tired of fuss, crowds, and a fast pace of life. It is, probably, the smallest institution of the USA. Only thirty teens live in its campus situated in the desert.  Gorgeous landscapes of Deep Springs Valley give peaceful vibes. Students work on a cattle ranch and a farm getting used to manual labor. The learning program includes Humanities, Social and Behavior Science, Mathematics, Natural and Physical Sciences, etc. Do not worry about tuition — it is not levied.
  11. Edinburgh University can teach you how to find aliens. This fantastic course tells about extraterrestrial life forms. Are humans the only creatures in the universe?  What to do if you meet guest from another planet? Get answers to your bravest questions.
  12. Maxim Gorky Literature Institute (Moscow) is the only one where you can learn to become a poet. This institution will give you much more than a degree in Philology. Its courses will develop your writing skills, improve imagination, and give practical tips. The professors share the secrets of their art at unique lessons. The best alumni become famous songwriters, novelists, screenwriters, essayists, literary critics, publishers, journalists, etc.
  13. Bowling Green University (Ohio) managed to systemize knowledge in the sphere of pop culture. Active public life is the primary assignment of its students. Attending museums, exhibitions, parties, cinemas are among compulsory points of its learning process. Students research local and international culture by watching TV and investigating social media.
  14. University of Connecticut surprises us with weird courses. Thus, puppetry seems to be a dead art form today.  Just confess, do you often watch puppet shows, something like The Muppet Show? Some authors of our company, providing all possible types of writing assistance, remember this series only from childhood.  However, you can get MA/MFA in this sphere now. Learn what is going on behind the scenes while studying technical design and scriptwriting. Lessons on Mask and Shadow Theatre are also included.

Have you found a dream college on this list? It would be logical to choose a Literature Institute for our talented practicing writers. Yet, most of our team members selected Nanyang Technological University as the most impressive high-tech institution.

The one who decides to become a game-changer must realize all the responsibility for actions. Exotics really matters when it implies a constructive approach to a particular issue. It is not about a wish to be different or show off. We hope you will be guided by this principle choosing a university and making other crucial steps in life.

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