Top 15 Most Popular DJs Of The USA


The question whether a DJ is more a vocation than a profession got stuck in my head and didn’t let me abstract away from it. I wanted to know this anyhow. I go crazy over music, which is produced by the pop DJs of our time. It is gorgeous! It is full of energy, which always helps me to be super active. I have several favorites among DJs. If you want to know who they are, don’t stop reading my article. Soon you’ll get know everything.

Every person, who is engaged in this or that field of activity, should have his eyes full of inspiration. DJs are the professionals, who are inspired while standing at their DJ boards, having large headphones on their heads, and supplying the fanatic crowd with their best tracks. Is it possible for everybody to conquer the minds of people by influencing them with sound beats or it is just a talent, which is given by God to his favorites?

Undoubtedly, DJs are the best suppliers of good mood. Who are these people, who drive others crazy and make them jump all night long as if they were run on battery power? Who give people desire to live and be active? It was decided to satisfy the curiosity of everybody, who wants to know more about the music makers, and to dedicate this post to determining of the most popular American DJs. You find this topic interesting, don’t you? Keep on reading it then!

  1. Steve Aoki. There is nothing strange that a person, who founded his personal record company at the age of 20, tops the list of the best DJs of the USA now. Aoki is adored throughout the world and hardly a party can be held without his house or electro tracks. Aoki’s style is great! Aoki’s music is fascinating! His earnings are super high because this talented musician is the world’s highest-paid DJ.
  2. Kaskade. The DJ’s career of Ryan Raddon, who is better known among the house music fans as Kaskade, was started in 2001 and is still in its active phase. Millions of fans adore the results of Kaskade’s work and their love brought this super popular DJ the second place in the top of the most influential people in music industry.
  3. Diplo. Thomas Pentz, who works under the pseudonym Diplo, is one of the most popular American DJs, who is really in colossally great demand today. Some charts show that his name is on the first positions and nobody is able to move him from this place. Diplo created his own music style – baile funk and tries to develop it. Diplo helps all the musicians, who have just started working in music industry and who need his support, to get on feet.
  4. Skrillex. The name of this young DJ is known to people all over the world. He was a leading singer of famous rock group From First to Last and took part in recording the album of legendary group Korn. In 2012 the world was shocked by the news that Skrillex was given the second place in Top 10 of the world’s highest-paid DJs. It is impossible to believe, though the young DJ outwent David Guetta himself!
  5. Claude VonStroke. This DJ works in several styles simultaneously: house, tech house, deep house, minimalism, and it is necessary to say that he succeeds in all of them. VonStroke started his career of a musician in 2006 and he holds his positions in all the American rankings rather strongly.
  6. Dillon Francis. This record producer and DJ is one among those, who discovered the new style in music – moombahton. The army of his admirers is large and their love helps this young and talented man to be in the list of Top 15 most popular American DJs.
  7. Bassnectar. Lorin Ashton, whose stage name is Bassnectar, is one of famous DJs of the USA. His favorite genres are dubstep, drum & bass, trap, glitch. Hundreds of performances are arranged by Bassnectar annually and such an active life made him super popular.
  8.  Flosstradamus. Just 10 years were needed to the American DJ Flosstradamus to shoot ahead and become among the best DJs of the USA. His tracks are adored by people not only in America but all over the world.
  9. A-Track. Alain Macklovitch, who is known under the name A-Track, got interested in music when he was 13. He tried himself as a DJ and at the age of 15 he became the youngest winner of the DMC Championship.
  10. Audien. The super young American electronic musician Nate Rathbun, or Audien, is one of the most popular and youngest record producers and DJs. He is admired, his music is loved, and his talent opens the unreal perspectives in front of him.
  11. DJ Dan. This person is a true legend of the scene, whose name is associated with dance music all over the world. He is a perfect musician, who knows how to make people dance and jump and get satisfaction.
  12. Tritonal. This American trans-band was arranged by DJs and record producers Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed. Chad and Dave became popular because of their radio show and they are still rather successful musicians. Two unknown DJs, who were dreaming of fame, achieved everything that they wanted.
  13. Moby. Rock, punk, pop, metal – Moby is such a talented person, who is perfect in all the musical styles. Moby is a brilliant music maker and it is not accidently that his name is among the most popular DJs of America. He deserves this title because he is genial.
  14. Vice. Eric Aguirre is better known as DJ Vice. Eric bought his first turntables when he was 12 and it was the day, when he understood that he had to be a musician. His audience is large, his music is unforgettable. Vice knows how to make music go right to the listeners’ heads.
  15. Porter Robinson. Young and talented DJ Porter Robinson visits every music festival. The audience likes his style. He is only 24 but he is well-known throughout the world.

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